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  1. Hey everyone, I have been trying to get this to work properly for a few days now and I have researched the issue using the ACS wiki for long hours. I cant seem to figure this one out, but it seems like a simple problem. I have the enemies actions set to activate a certain script. The script gives the player +2 xp when you kill the monster. However, I am using the skulltag engine and I have the flags set to respawn monsters. When they respawn, they no longer have the action set to activate the script. Is there any way around this, im trying to make it where the monsters will infinite respawn and still have the actions set to activate the script that will give the player +2 xp. Another method I was trying was to use DECORATE to edit the enemies and sutomatically activate the script upon killing the enemy, so that you would not have to use the actions flags on the monster properties. I could not get that to work either. What I tried: --------- zombieman decorate death sequence ------ XDeath: POSS M 5 ACS_Execute(201, 0, 0, 0, 0) POSS N 5 A_XScream POSS O 5 A_NoBlocking POSS PQRST 5 POSS U -1 Stop I was trying something along these lines to activate script 201. So that I could simply place the zombieman on the maps and upon killing any zombieman the player would gain +2 xp. I really dont care what method works as long as it does work. Does anyone have any ideas? I really appreciate the help from anyone.
  2. Dee

    ZDoom RPG script

    Hey everyone, in case your unfamiliar this is the original script: http://zdoom.org/wiki/RPG_script I'm not much of a scripter myself, but I know the basic structure of how this one works. The way this script works is, you have to attach the flag to each enemy on the map as you place them in order to activate the gain xp script. But is there any way to code this so that it will automatically work with the enemies without having to flag them? For example if they are randomly spawned on the maps. Or, perhaps a way to re-code this in a way that instead of using flags it will make it where when killing the specific monster, it activates the xp flag for that monster?
  3. Dee

    Boom computer

    now we just need a self sustaining Doom OS. An open source ZDoom operating system where applications can be converted into ZDoom format and loaded from inside the OS. Just like all the mini games you see in wads, and like Donkey Kong Doom and Mortal kombat Doom, you could port applications like Open Office and Firefox to run inside ZDoom. You can check your email, surf the web, and create office documents, all with the click of your... err... trigger!! haha. And when you get a virus attack from looking up porn, they will appear in the form of demons that you have to search through your harddrive and kill lol. yep that would be badass.
  4. But technically, that was IDs original direction in the game, but due to software limitation, Doom is what you see today as The Ultimate Doom. As a matter of fact, the idea you are pushing here is actually the same idea that influenced the KDIZD project. It was created as "What would doom have looked like then if there was no software limitations." so you got KDIZD. Although, I understand completely what your trying to do here, but personally, i'm only concerned with the Alpha maps and graphics being finished and remade into a project. Whether it be zdoom or chocolate doom. However, in the eyes of Romero and Carmack, im sure it would have been pushed much further if not for hardware and software limitations of that time period. like "TheSpazztikOne" and "Cyanosis" said in earlier posts, these are all things that ID originally had planned for the game. It would be interesting to see a project try to bring to life the original vibe and influences of Doom the way it was meant to be. But if your dead set on chocolate doom, then thats what you need to do! Like I said, i'm only concerned with seeing the levels completed and the project fully playable. It certainly is a blast from the past.
  5. that sounds badass. could take advantage of the zdoom engine and make it happen like that.
  6. I believe that that would be a good idea to keep it like that.
  7. I want to know the deal behind the rocket launcher? Is this something you just came up with cuz it doesnt work in game properly and I never imagined this being the original rocket launcher created by ID
  8. Evil Unleashed was the original title of Doom alpha. Doom: Evil Unleashed
  9. I really enjoyed this. Comes off as what I originally thought doom should have looked more like. This looks like it makes more sense and has a much more down to earth look to it, as opposed to the final release of Doom. The architecture here makes more sense. Most of the levels in Doom look almost abstract, and for some reason the alpha was more structured, story line based game play. Playing cards, Shower rooms, Lockers, corridors, Crates, computers, etc. Just strange how the final Doom came off so much differently than the alpha.
  10. Dee

    Epic Fanpic

    No prob :D
  11. Dee

    Epic Fanpic

    I am not the artist, but I thought I would share my find, some of you have probably already seen this! Original Link: http://agentscarlet.deviantart.com/art/Doom-Tribute-208815626?fullview=1 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. Dee

    Monster Maniac Project

    this looks pretty damn cool. im gonna try it out when i get on my home computer!
  13. Dee

    Epic Fanpic

    click the original link to go to the deviant art page. it has high res version
  14. Dee

    Epic Fanpic

    yeah but i think its so badass regardless. honestly this would make a really badass titlescreen for a zdoom project Ultimate Doom 3! or something lol
  15. Dee

    20 Years of Doom

    this looks... sexy. :D
  16. Dee

    zdoom RPG script

    well great. apparently someone took it upon themselves to go into the wiki and update the code. unfortunatly, although the code compiles correctly now, the scrip doesnt work properly at all. // INITIAL VARIABLES // xp = Player experience, lv = Player level, // nextlv = Next level, hp = Player health, // ar = Player armor, xp2lv = number of xp // required for each level int xp = 0, lv = 1, nextlv = 2, hp = 100, ar = 0; str gained = ""; int xp2lv[10] = {50, 125, 250, 450, 675, 900, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500}; this script shows that for level 1 the xp should be 50, lvl 2 125, and so on. However, when you start the game, you start with lvl.1 and it says xp 0/250 which makes no sense whatsoever. secondly, when you kill enemies, it doesnt give you any experience at all. and when you reach 250, it doesnt give you a new level it just makes you keep getting xp over 250. like xp 300/250
  17. Dee

    zdoom RPG script

    http://zdoom.org/wiki/RPG_script I dont know a lot about acs, but ive tried to attach this script to a wad I was messing with in db2 and the acc will not compile the script, but I dont see any error with the script. matter of fact, ive used this script in a previous wad using db1 and it worked just fine. I've updated the acc and it still wont compile. Anyone got any suggestions???
  18. Dee

    zdoom RPG script

    thanks a lot! Helps me a lot!
  19. Dee

    hosting .pk3 in skulltag

    I knew it was something like that and i googled for 3 hours last night and tried tons of different things it said to do and had no luck. windows 7 has this thing called "compatibility files" if you go to a folder that has a .zip file in it, you have to click compatibility files before the actually file will even show up! you would never know its there. My personal computer still has windows xp pro because it is the ONLY good windows version! I HATE this crap! hell, windows xp was DONE RIGHT. so why the f*** would you change something that was good to begin with! hell, its completely unnecessary some of the stupid crap they have done with windows 7! and little things like this are extremely complicated just because some nerds had to change the system around so much, from a system that was good to begin with! ugh.... ranting... **
  20. I have server access now and im trying to host a skulltag server, but i'm operating on windows 7, and when the file leaves my windows xp computer its a .pk3 skulltag file, and when i send it to the server computer it only shows up as a zip. when i try to load it in skulltag on windows 7 it wont even show up in the directory to select it. i've tried renaming it as .pk3 and all it does is change the name... like "wad.pk3.zip". wtf is up with this windows 7? Its one problem after another. I've been working for days to host a skulltag server, and if I could just add the .pk3 then my troubles would be over. I even tried unzipping the .pk3 into my skulltag directory, and adding all the wads individual, but when i do that, i try to connect to the server from another computer and it says to make sure I have the EXACT wads thats on the server, which were unzipped from the pk3 on that computer also, and they are the exact wads, but it wont allow doom to run.
  21. Dee

    Skulltag Server Hosting

    Hey I wasnt sure where to post this at, but this forum seems appropriate. I am using an open wireless network as well as my friend. Of course open wireless doesnt use a static IP and I cannot host a server on skulltag. We are trying to play a specific wad. Can someone please tell me my options here or any way that we can get someone to perhaps host it for us? Thanks in advance
  22. Dee

    Skulltag Server Hosting

    i know this is probably an obvious questions, but can zdaemon play skulltag designed levels? What about gzdoom designed levels?.... Oblacek will only allow you to host custom zdaemon servers and I just want to play a specific wad with a friend of mine. we have been trying for days and have had no luck... my options here are very limited but surely there is SOME way that we can get this wad hosted on a server to play together.
  23. Its been a while since ive used doombuilder, but im trying to find the download and the website is apparently down or something... Any ideas whats going on? I'm looking for doom builder 2 the latest version. Thanks!
  24. Dee

    Skulltag Server Hosting

    thank you! :D