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  1. Looper

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Does someone have the demos from http://www.doomworld.com/publicdang/nomopage/nomo1224.htm ? I really like nomonster speedrunning but can't find any demos. Maybe you wanna upload some?
  2. Note by Grazza (Demos forum moderator): This is the thread to post your demos for the megawad Arch-Vile Jump (thread here). This wad is vanilla-compatible, so it is recommended to record demos in that format, using prboom-plus with -complevel 2, Chocolate-Doom or Doom2.exe itself. I propose naming demos ajXX-YYY (that is, a map01 demo in 1 minute would be aj01-100.lmp, or map20 Nightmare in fifteen seconds would be aj20n015.lmp, etc. On with the thread, and Paska's original post: ------------------------------ Arch-Vile Jump (avj.wad) Map11 UV Speed in 0:10 an11-10.zip
  3. Afaik shooting teammates is fine in pacifist demos (correct me if I am wrong), but damaging yourself sure is allowed... and voodoo doll = yourself, imo
  4. Nice list, that could be interesting for other WADs, too. To increase some competition, and to find out the smallest time/PAR maps.
  5. Looper

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    in E4M4, when you reach the final room, activate the lift, wait for lift to go up, jump to the left side, hit the switch and use wallrun to reach the exit platform. You don't need the lift for the second time.
  6. Looper

    Tips for New Doomers

    Chaingun is underrated. Its DPS almost matches the SSG in 'real world' because of its long distance tappin ability, as SSG would still be useless from that range. You can stun multiple important targets with the chaingun, for example 3 scattered chaingunners. Rocket launcher deals a lot more damage than the SSG, even more than the plasma rifle. It has actually almost identical DPS with the BFG, IF (big if) you use a source port with up/down aim, and shoot a roof above hordes of baron of hells / hell knights or such, as each rocket deals over 1000 damage to the horde.
  7. Looper

    Tips for New Doomers

    It is true, but there's even more rare event: 5-shot AV. Even with perfect aim, it is possible that 4 SSG shots do not kill the arch-vile. I ran a simulation 100M times, where the pseudoRNG index jumped randomly between consecutive shots and the result was: Out of 100 000 000 cases, number of shots needed to kill an arch-vile: 155 386 times with 3 SSG shots 99 844 409 times with 4 SSG shots 205 times with 5 SSG shots So 5 shots is 1 in 500k, while 3 shots is 1 in 644. Identifying 5 shot arch-vile kill is super problematic though, because even if it happens, one sure assumes that "I must have missed a bit!"
  8. Looper

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Good demo, but there's something strange about the video (not the demo). It looks like the player is moving on a rubberband: at times it moves faster than it should, at times slower.
  9. Looper

    Doom 1 e1m1 speedrun

    You had very slow start. You lost over a second to reach the very first door. Pay attention to that. If you fix the beginning, and get a bit cleaner acid room, you will get 10 seconds. You need better movement for 9 seconds.
  10. Looper

    Why do you all have bobbing on?

    What? :D Your aim gets worse by having a crosshair? That's the biggest lie/misunderstanding in the history of First-Person Shooter gaming history. What does "too dependedent(dependent?) even mean there? "Oh no, my weapon is too stable! I am unable to hit my opponent because the weapon bobbing is not confusing my aiming!" Sorry, but this sounds so wrong/bad that I am really curious what you meant now :D Crosshair helps to aim for sure, and I am quite confident that when you do not have a crosshair, having weapon bobbing disabled improves your aim compared to the bobbing weapon.
  11. Looper

    A new trick discovery: zero press!

    I modified doom2 map07 by extending the exit switch/block by 16 to every direction, so that the center of the player is exactly 64 units away from the exit linedef(s), assuming the player is as close as possible to the exit block. This allowed you to: 1. Hit the exit switch while facing west, in similar fashion as the normal map07 Ń–mpse glide 2. Hit the exit switch while facing north, in similar fashion as the normal map07 zero press 3. Hit the exit switch while facing east, in similar fashion as the normal map07 switch trick But those angles felt a lot more precise (in position) than the usual map07 phantom press, still a tiny increase to the 'use' distance. I also tried to long switch the exit by using long tics while sliding to the _right_, but couldn't do them, except from the usual angles. I also tried to activate the exit by using short tics, but placing barrels into the map, forcing the slide to go to the _right_ instead to the left, but no success. (So the difference is that you don't use longtics to get the wrong slide incase shorttics makes some calculations go bad.) It seems like you can fool the game only when sliding to the left, unless there's some strange angles in around 180 degrees _away_ from the exit switch with the wrong slide.
  12. Angle is locked, every other key is still needed to be pressed, assuming the movement, use and fire keys work from the first tic. If not, lock those too. If angle != 0, then S50 is not allowed.
  13. Let's say you are going for Doom 1 E1M1 nomonsters record. The map is quite simple on nomonsters, and most of the restarts come from the very start of the level. Why? Because the angle to be super fast to reach the first door at 1.89 seconds requires you to pretty much have two of the possible 256 different angles. The angles are shown in the link https://i.imgur.com/F1i0hKt.jpg . From left to right: Doom guy does no quick start. Doom guy gets the wanted angle. Doom guy gets the other wanted angle. This means you gotta get TR46 or TR47 turn command out of the 256 possbilities. You can get quite consistent with the angles, something like +-5 tics (TR41-TR50) from the wanted perfect angles in this case. This means you have roughly 2/11 = 20 % chance to get the correct angle, OR it means you restart the game immediately 8 out of 10 times before you have actually even played the map. Your attempt can be ruined before the wipescreen effect. Is this fun? Not really. (Check the picture what kind of spamming of attempts it is. Not cherry picked: https://i.imgur.com/2FdGvIy.jpg .) Now as a speedrunner, I've figured that I must reduce the amount of meaningless attempts as much as possible. How can I do this? There are couple ways: 1. Practice: Now this is obvious, but at the same time it is quite obvious that you get a lot of practice quite fast. After just 60 minutes, on average you have around 1000 attempts. Problem is that it starts to hammer your hand because of the same repetitive movement. 2. Use some kind of 'tools' that are(?) allowed: I could use some kind of mechanical blocks to physically block my mouse while using perfect DPI settings (to adjust mouse sensitivity). Just move from the very left to the very right to get the perfect angle every time. Or Maybe I could use a joystick calibrated perfectly, so that if I hold it to the very right, it will turn perfectly TR46 or TR47 to the wanted angle. Or maybe I just hold 'turn right' key down certain amount of time to get it correct. Now how do I time this perfectly? Simple, just increase the black screen time accordingly, introduced in CNDoom. OR maybe a spring of a some kind that has a consistent push to move your mouse identically to the right every time to get TR46 or TR47. 3. Just 'remove' the whole quick start by introducing a new feature into the source ports: There could be a feature, where: you start the game, but the game won't run before youy press a certain 'start run' key. Again in Doom1 E1M1 the Doom guy would be standing still and the game wouldn't move anywhere (except for 1st frame so that it draws something). Now all you have to do is to turn to the perfect angle at TR46 or TR47. The timer is not moving in this situation. The source port would remember this angle. This would lock the angle for the first frame, so you don't have to move the mouse every time you start a new attempt. 2. and 3. points could significantly reduce the amount of useless attempts, in my opinion. I feel like the solution provided by the point 2. is a bit annoying and would make the playing field unfair. To me, the only reasonable solution is to introduce some kind of feature into the source ports that remove this annoying quick start completely, which has a lot of other annoying uncertaintities and unfair advantages between different source ports and hardware. The only problem here is that it is somewhat unfair in certain maps (like E1M1) to compare it to the older runs... or is it? Who knows, maybe old school speedrunners used similar technique in the past. In any case, they had the opportunity to use tools/setups presented in point 2, but they probably didn't. They weren't as hardcore back then :-D Personal ridiculous experience with the current quick start system from 2020: I played a lot of Doom in 2020 summer. I noticed that a lot of quick starting started to irritate my hand as the mouse movement is so monotonic, hence I had to limit myself to around 5-6 hours / day (of speedrunning), so I could speedrun 5-6 hours every day. Otherwise the pain would start to creep over the pain tolerance. However, start of August 2020 I knew I am going to a LAN party, so I knew I am not gonna speedrun Doom for a couple days. This meant that I could overload my hand quite a bit as it would be fully recovered after the LAN party anyway. And that's what I did. I 'pumped' some extra attempts in, hand was quite sore, but the plan worked out. I just think this kind of planning is stupid and not part of the gameplay :D
  14. Looper

    Doom II: Entryway UV (5 second run) DEMO

    The demo desyncs with the original doom.
  15. Took a video to show, how the quick start spamming looks like. The run is over before the melt screen most of the time. In this 'session', I played it casually but serious. Otherwise all of those runs, except one, would have been too slow to the first door.
  16. Yeah, I get that there's something 'not exactly right' about it, but at the same time there's something "not exactly right" about the quick start itself, too. I've seen plenty of new players come to Discord and show their E1M1 runs. Most of the time loss in a bit more refined runs comes from the very start of the level, instead of actually playing the game. Removing the quick start completely would solve many silly issues, and make the playfield a lot more even as you are not forced to know some hardware/sourceport issues that say: "Hey, did you know your source ports sucks, so you lost 1-7 frames in 90% of the attempts for no reason." If there was a feature like in point #3, it would be so obviously out there that you cannot miss it even as a new player. Currently, there is way too much random noise / (dis)advantage from a quick start to compare runs of different source ports in heavily competed maps. Another problem, though I am not sure if it is a fair point, is that a feature like this may be accepted in the future anyways. The reasoning is that the quick start is far from fun. I know not everything has to be fun in speedrunning. There has to be something annoying in speedrunning to enjoy the end result(s), new starts and tricks, but this particular annoyance from the quick start is not annoying in a 'traditional' sense. It is annoying because it has nothing to do with the gameplay.
  17. Looper

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Doom 2 Map25 nomo in 37.94 no253794.zip
  18. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    D2ALL UV-Speed in 17:29 30uv1729.zip
  19. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    D2ALL UV-Speed in 17:36 30uv1736.zip
  20. Looper

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    I moved 5.10.0 crispy-doom.exe into my 5.8.0 folder, over my 5.8.0 EXE, and it works good. I did no other changes.
  21. Looper

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Something wrong with the latest 5.10.0 version, I think. The uncapped FPS looks very bad compared to the previous versions. For example 5.8.0 and 5.9.2(?) has a lot smoother uncapped FPS and sharper mouse feeling. (It is not just me experiencing this.)
  22. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    I don't know.
  23. Looper

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    D2ALL UV-Speed in 17:44 30uv1744.zip