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  1. lol, yeah actually is no that thing, just copy / pasted sectors with some other things modified...
  2. Ok, i played your revision of my map @HexenMapper, and unluckily with a fixed bleed, also the walkable line effect has gone... i'm going to fix it if possible, otherwise use the @BeeWen version for my fixed map if it's possible... going to fix it to myself too... EDIT: Final fix, probably. Now the fake sectors doesn't bleed around, and works perfectly! Thanks again to Beewen for the help!
  3. Sorry all. (cl 9) I was bored and i made... this. Is a jokewad of sorts where i tried to put the more secrets sectors in a map. Beware of the ear rape moments in zdoom ports! Build time: 20 minutes New Graphic: Doom episode 2 recolored sky New Music: Banana Bandana by Jimmy (30 in 30 2)
  4. looks cool! downloaded!
  5. Thank you very much, i was going to do the same thing (as BeeWen did) but now looks pointless, maybe... Anyway You can use that new version for the map, thanks! Also, yesterday i've played the last two new maps by philnemba and fraggle maps, they're both pretty cool! @fraggle I liked your map, it could be a good opener / early episode map, I like the graveyard / catacombs style and the theme \ texturing is quite solid, even if pretty unfinished... But you wrote this problem with the map too. Finish this map, it have quite a good potential! No major bugs founded expect a pair of little slime trials... @Philnembayour map reminded me some simplified heretic version of plutonia's level "hunted", but with malotaurs instead of Arch Viles, it could be a perfect final boss map! The only thing is add more ammo for the final battle room... Also, we have already levels for 2 episodes? Cool!
    It's a ok map, just a short story of the legendary doom fist.... That uses his fist only one time.
    Classy jokewad, pretty meh.
  6. There's the Black Metal Chainsaw wad that is strongly inspired from Synthwave and it's retro-future aesthetics, even if still a WIP project.
  7. Sorry, but i can't fix that damn sector bleed, even modified the yellow door sector linedefs to one side as BeeWen noted, but the problem is still here. Crap. Anyway here it is with some quartz flask removed:
  8. Sure my map was a blast there. I laughed watching the gameplay of it.
  9. I was asking to myself the same question....
  10. Oh, I get it now! Thanks a lot, I was even thinking of a nodebuilder problem... i'll check that later when I am at my pc... Also About the the skies, I don't have any preference for my map, expect the blue skies that I don't think they could work on it...
  11. testing some dehacked stuff (spectre cyberdemon is a modified dead lost soul thing, and actually works!) and finding a old picture of a super deformed version of heretic title in my heretic folder:
  12. looks cool!