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  1. Thanks for the feedback Marcaek, but i'm not sure if I can work on my maps, since these weeks will be pretty busy for me IRL... EDIT: found some time for doing stuff, so i fixed (i think) the bugs you found, added also some stairs and teleporting pipes for avoiding inespicable pits in the map:
  2. Looks nice
  3. To win the game you must play as me, John Romero!
  4. Checked out one of the useful tutorials from old doomworld (that i'm using extensively in these days for vanilla mapping tricks) and fixed the problem, now the bridge works fine!
  5. A set of limit-size maps, from the littlest to the biggest i'm working on these days: and a little bug i've got for another map i'm working, it's a fake 3d bridges that can be seen on two sides of a room:
    Really cool map
  6. stand.wad is actually a remake of another map by the same author, headlong.wad, so my assumptions could be correct! also i found a map that was released one day before stand.wad, not sure about the creation date checked the file inside the zip and it was made on 3 october 1994, so stand still be the first wad for doom 2:
    Pretty charming map for it's age, and for the fact that this is one of the earliest doom 2 maps...
  7. Or it could be a doom level re-textured with Doom 2 textures... Also, the 1.666 version isn't the bundle iwad version? If you're not confusing with this:
  8. it's ok, maybe too short and easy. I like the tekwall texturing!
  9. According to wiki, Doom 2 was released on 30/09/94, so i was browsing for searching the earliest map after that day, and we probably have a winner! also, a pretty weird fact: the zip info on /idgames says it was released on 10/10/94 (European date release!), but the wad itself it was done in 22/09/94, 8 days before the official release! What is this witchcraft?
    What the hell is this thing?
  10. I have maps and other stuff for doom and other idtech 1 games to play from 2011 to this day in my computer...