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  1. No, thanks! Is perfect the way it is. Maybe put the "confetti" as a nickname...
  2. Yeah, is just the player stuck in such little space and pushing the walls beyond you to exit.
  3. Messing around with DCK and DEU 5.21 back in the 1998, then I started doing stuff using doom builder after quite long a time... Anyway like the other people said, on tries, trails and errors. Also looking at maps in a editor is a good thing, and watching / reading tutorials and most importantly experiment a lot in your maps is a great thing. I think this is the best way to learn on mapping...
  4. I see this thing on zdoom forum yesterday!
  5. Fun fact, actually i'm making a vanilla mapset based upon weird size restrictions (at the moment I have a 4x4, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 and yesterday I did 192x192 map)... My aim is going until a 5012x5012 map, if I still have interest for this thing... Anyway, good luck with the project!
  6. There's also "Quag Team" for quit game anagram, i was thinking this noon... Rad Heist! option is quite aweosme.
  7. This map is for that Joe-Ilya's project?
  8. Just for fun, I made some anagrams of doom episodes and title names using a online anagram maker. Episode 1: The deadened pee ink (name courtesy of Jimmy) E1M1: Harang (name courtesy of spectra) E1M2: Culpa Lantern E1M3: Next fry ice, or I... (Other title: Onyx Certifier) E1M4: Malt condom corn E1M5: Blab Hoops E1M6: Nice cop stranglers E1M7: Truncates imp too (Other title: Prostitute cam? No!) E1M8: Hobos loamy nap E1M9: I am barely sit! Episode 2: Horseflesh hotel E2M1: Someday, oilman E2M2: Emanation Trance E2M3: Yen Firer E2M4: Limbo sade E2M5: Dolt common narc E2M6: Shafted hell nomad E2M7: Vans want pigs E2M8: Bob ate flower E2M9: Forestry semi-frost Episode 3: Fir Neon E3M1: Help Leek E3M2: A flophouses grid E3M3: On unmade imp E3M4: A fine shoo up E3M5: Chorally Haunted E3M6: Bum Trees E3M7: Gable to omit E3M8: ids (I made this, since the program found no anagram) E3M9: Warn res Episode 4: Hot fuss lynched me E4M1: Heathen Bell E4M2: Padre Rec Theft E4M3: Wretched Wee Ski E4M4: Vile Unruly E4M5: Teen Hyper Twill E4M6: A Encased Key Twilight E4M7: Woodland Elf Hell E4M8: Truculent Hoe E4M9: Fare
  9. I don't get the confetti odours, of what doom level is the anagram this one?
  10. Thanks for finding map vertex bugs, i think that now it's all fixed (also fixed some map bugs):
  11. Hey, this port actually looks awesome! I wonder if this works on dosbox...
  12. Doom: E2M4 and the shores of hell in general Doom 2: Map20
  13. Heh, is not crappy for me. The original E2M9, i mean. Looks pretty cool to me, i like the question mark open hallway in the big red rock cave section! Talking about that section, could you make it less rectangular shaped and adding more variety to it? Like this thing: You can do this adding more vertex to your room or doing it with the curve lindefs editing, like this:
  14. Added new deathmatch arena Changed music with "Back on eagles" by Jimmy from 30 in 30 pack