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  1. Really? That was one of the greatest 1994 maps, still awesome at this time... If we're talking of the same wad... Anyway, how about the wooo series?
  2. here we go: Title: Boxy layouts are unbeatable Themes: No doors, < 10 tags Build time: 1 hour and half, including removing the first layout draft and rebooting 2 times my laptop because the keyboard started acting weirdly after testing it. New Music: Rise of the triad by Lee Jackson New Textures: Yes, from here (malice textures) Test this thing better than i can do, enjoy and feedback is highly appreciated, have fun!
    A pretty cool new graphics for the imps death
  3. Breezeep takes out from the project, so a slot is free! I started nothing as usual and @Fonze slowly working on his map... If I still made nothing for my map in the next time, i'll see to free my slot too...
  4. What is with this trend with in these years of having idols like babymetal in these years, not only with real people but also in idol anime presentations? Because this kind of characterization sells better, maybe? I must admire the mosh-pit part with the girl eating that cake with fucked up montage rom 2:27 to 2:49 Also, a highly appreciated live show with "totally-part-of-her-fans-not-girls-from-the-agency-she-works" started to headbanging with their skirts and bloomers in full view to a perfectly synchronized public of some 50 years old and lot of fat otakus headbanging and making other crazy shit like even combat dance. Also, is the same idol (her name is Shiina "Pikarin" Hikari) like 5 years ago making "supah kawaii sugoi deshou?" techno-pop song (i don't remember the specific name of this type of music, but who cares) about "girls forbidden love", she's also have a youtube make-up show... my idea of this drastical change is just people can sell her better, i think.
    Really good for a first map!
  5. thinking that today is the guy fawkes day, i made this thing: also, i've removed this thing after making this screenshot, so no level
  6. this idea sounds interesting...
  7. awesome work, seen this on facebook doomyard page (ex-doomworld, not related from this ite)
  8. I have a idea about making a wad (a episode for doom) in the style of 1994 maps compilations like wadpak series or heroes.wad with a twist: i'll made all the maps from scratch, but highly inspired from the levels of the time, doing the same work of "the way Id did" by studying every map author in detail and making a map resembling his style... probably a dumb idea, since i've also have to do lots of maps for cps and even by myself, but probably I will do that, depends on how much I feel to take this idea seriously...

    1. Memfis


      I've dreamed of making my own heroes.wad too. :D

    2. Gothic


      There needs at least 1 map that uses Das Boot as level song.

    3. Memfis


      And CHRIS3.MID, and Industrial Revolution Overture, and Michael Jackson...

    4. Gothic


      You mean that shitty Smooth Criminal midi?

    5. Memfis


      I was thinking about Bad from Heroes or Beat It from Infinity. :)

  9. Yeah, it is. Yesterday people dies like a million times in that map. Fun play overall.
  10. At first glance that guy looking like ZUN, the creator of touhou series.
  11. They're also in doom2, as a switches texture placeholder...
  12. Holy shit, really? That's... Pretty disturbing. Anyway, yes, when there's real money in the game people go nuts. Also, what do you guys think about clash royale community? Never played that game, but from what i've seen is highly toxic.