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  1. About "The Last Joke!" I could just say that is a sort of achievement of mine: making a (boring and filled with grey textured maps) megawad in something like... 2 weeks? A month? I don't even remember now... But it was fun to do, expect at the last levels where I even used two oblige generated maps to fill the missing map slots... And Music choices are cool imo and the level description is pretty funny. Also i'll never understood where the fuck goes my MAP01 from that thing. Not that you lost anything awesome, it was just a large (gray) room filled with barrels, monsters and a huge pit, from what I can remember... About the other megawads, they're all pretty cool and the one I remember the most was the Herian series, garrulismo, fragport, marswarv, Venegance i recall a little and it was really cool, other megawads like deth and loki i've played only few maps... of loki only... e3m1, i think. That map with lots of stairs and flashing lights...
  2. What do you mean with UAC wads? Generic tech bases or level that uses a lot of UAC textures (like BIGDOOR1, SHAWN1, SHAWN3, crates and computer textures on the stock textures)? Not mine but is the first thing everybody thinks about UAC wads:
  3. What, again? Poor Joe, he must collect ban from doomworld like collecting old money until now... I remember to made a little joke about his situation even in my DMP 2015 map...
  4. I watched Kanashimi no Belladonna this afternoon, an artsy and highly psychedelic 1973 Japanese anime movie, it was a pretty great experience and a interesting movie to watch...
  5. Moral of the story: don't drink and drive. And winners don't use drugs. I think the secondary attack must be a badly animated molotov bomb made with beer...
  6. Ok. I felt (not) sorry for the greatest love live and anime avatar revolution in 2016 forum history lol Anyway my fav avatars are the one from axdoomer, lupinx-Kassman, the old grazza, numetalmaniak and essel avatars... And Also fishes and 999cop avatar are pretty cool and classy
  7. At first I think that you're talking about finishing all doom using only the pistol... That could be an achviement for sure!
  8. That's unfortunate that this project is closed, but this was maybe too big as a first CP from this guy...
  9. Really sorry for bump this thread, but I was wondering about how to start a multiplayer game on prboom-plus server... Is maybe similar to chocodoom server?
  10. Put all your skies together with a little demo wad for boom, enjoy
  11. So, i saw a recent upgrade for Doom Retro (i had a old version from... 2016 in my laptop) and i decided to do an upgrade for that port.


    Result: the software crashed, so for the sake of testing and experimenting i've tried QZDoom or whatever is called, black screen on software and just crashes on OpenGL reendering, so i used prboom + and works perfectly, crashes with opengl port (as usual)... yay!


    Pointless post is pointless.

  12. I made something... Still a WIP, but still here
    A fun pack of VERY different maps from from any type of authors!
  13. Really interesting project, good luck with it!