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  1. This looks insanely impressive!
  2. Arch vile jump
  3. A pair of layout i started for mayhem 2017 A SMB1 bowser castle of sorts, it will have a slaughtermap basic design in my mind... ...and a SMB2 island / caves settings, not sure of the gameplay final route...
  4. exit of "mutant squirrels" etc. etc. is fixed, hopefully.
  5. This retro-futuristic cityscape i've found on a Facebook group about Synthwave and retro style I follow...
  6. Some day ago I dreamed of a red (city?) maze made of SP_HOT1 without any monster, I remember it was pretty intricate with passages that goes above and below... It was a fast dream, then I dreamed of something else...
  7. Looks awesome from the pics!
  8. Fixed the lift with a perpetual up and low instead of a single action one and the chaingunner trick in Mycrosystems: Plus i made another map, this is a much more jokewad-y one than my previous map... Title: Mutant Squirrels ate my nuts! Port: Boom-compatible Description: Two rooms filled with monsters and weird texture choices. Or a nuts.wad remake in 256x256 grid, for short. Build time: 2/3 hours in two days New midi: a fastened version of Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
  9. Looks pretty cool!
  10. This is the reason why i'm so lazy these days:

    Hi, i'm Gioia

    I have a dog. Yay.

    1. Albertoni


      omg pet and scratch that fluffball until your hand falls off

    2. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      All right! 

    3. Doomkid


      oh my lord that's an adorable pup

  11. Looks awesome!
  12. I don't know why, but that texturing made me think of a fanmade version of Five Nights at Freddy's somehow...
  13. Thanks!
  14. Hi, i made a thing yesterday: Title: Microsystems Description: is a "remake" in 256 grid size of TNT's MAP01 System Control Port: Boom compatible Build time: 40 minutes, more than less
  15. A really interesting article, thanks for sharing!