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  1. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #017

    BARTHEX3.WAD by Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman - Hexen, 1995, Played with Zandronum 3.1 beta and bots This random pck from idgames of tonight is... a thing that you really don't see everyday (and also one of the few, if not the first, times that a map from this game comes to the andventures thread): a Hexen map and a Deathmatch map, nothing a little less! But is this a bless or a curse? The level itself is nothing of special, just a big square-y arena with lots of guns scattered around the arena around all the map, at least there's some order and height variations between the various buildings that works as some some of towers. Texture choices is kinda weird. Been unlucky during the random class taken (i've got the Fighter meele homeboy, N I C E, while the bots got better classes like cleric and mage) but nonetheless i've enjoyed the play, even if i've been wasted by the bots. Overall, a ok map.
  2. Walter confetti

    The Fuzzy Thread!

    Fuzzy Enough?
  3. Cool! Sure from that shot looks gritty... I'll add to the map list. I'm making my map and for now is just the first part, more will come in these days. EDIT: Played your map, have a very abstract and 90s fell in it, but it's not really bad... Reminded me of a old 1994 map called cement. What about "Concrete Terror" for the map title? Or "Sewers"? Found the following bugs during my play (crispy doom 5.10.1): This switch (linedef 98) uses a unknown type format 169 You've get stuck in this stairs, i thinks needs some changes on how the stair is builded... Maybe truning them to a more classic type of stairs?
  4. Walter confetti

    List of every Western/Wild West Mod

    I was going to write timelord, but you wrote it first. Great list btw! Another mapset with a western map in it: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/deathmatch/skulltag/dynamite maybe MAP04 and 6? https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/tlr-ii MAP01 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/124285-in-dev-the-ultimate-twango-a-deathmatch-megawad-for-the-ultimate-doom/ E3M9 is inspired by far west settings, but with a hellish twist
  5. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #017

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 by TimeOfDeath and the mystery gang - Vanilla or Limit-Removing (DMP2018CL2) or Boom (DMP2018CL9), 2018, played with prboom+ 2.6.1um fork and complevel 9 3rd and last part of the DMP 2018 review, if i can stand anymore to maps that requires more than a hour without cheating to finish. I've also added the day i've played the maps while writing the review. (11/10) MAP04: (Untitled) by DAZZER A cool map with pretty nice details and design, works as a little breather map from the previous entry. But even with it's short of monsters, this map is kinda tought and challenging. I really liked the new sections of the maps that appears when you hit or shot a switch. Cool little map. MAP05: Heart of Monstrocity by riderr3 I know already this author for his Deadly Standards series maps and other projects, i like his maps... expect this one, sorry. I see that the author take a lot of time in making this map, it's a very large and adventouros Petersen-ish city map with lots of toxic liquids and lots of platforming, the gameplay is pretty nice for the monster usage, giving you little groups of enemies to fight, as well as some puzzles... idk if i made a mistake during the play but i found myself stuck after reaching the bloodfalls switch "maze" (felt a little irritated because FUCKING MAZES) and the noclipped trought the map and cheated all around, but then i just give up and finished the map at his half cheating. Intersting concept and design, but too tedious for me. Midi is pretty neat. MAP06: timelord by JadingTsunami Another kinda breather map from the previous one, is a really interesting map that uses the stock resources with a time travel involving story that make start our Doomguy in a far west village at the start (and i'll want to say that i always love to see this theme more in Doom maps!), then goes in a Rocket-centric (both for guns and enemies) map sets in a medieval fortress, then you go in the future of techbases and futuristic plasma guns and arachnotrons and at last you enter into a void dimension where a giant flesh island lies in the middle of it with a boss fight against the spider mastermind and a way too fast lift puzzle that includes a little switch hunt as well. Noclipped again because i'm too slow to solve the lift puzzle, overall a very cool map with a really unique theme! (12/10) MAP07: Carnage by DanielAlexander Another "Micro Slaughter" style map that can be easily finished in 3 minutes, really. Gameplay is revolved upon two major guns, the rocket launcher and the bfg, wth the SSG as a optional gun if you don't want to waste the other guns ammo. Pretty neat detaling, clever usage of monster hordes and arch-vile traps. Nothing else to say, plain and simple fun map. MAP08: Things go wrong for Doomguy when he goes out for a nice quiet game of snooker (?) by Scotty Third "Micro Slaughter" map by Scotty, a Slaughtermap author that makes pretty tought maps, but this one is more on joke-y and "light" side, i don't have any idea of what kind of game snooker is, but the map was quirk and fun! MAP09: Cavern Complex by NetherStorm A dark cavernous map that despite having a shorter number of monsters and they are almost pretty much cannon fodder, mostly zombiemen and lost souls, with more slightly harder counterpart in the... what is this, a brown techbase? Some sort of temple? Anyway, that place that looks made by sentient things. What i was talking about? Ah yes, play time was much more longer despite the slighty light counterpart to battle, overall a pretty nice map but i'm not a fun of blocking hanging corpses in the caves. MAP10: The STUCC by Pinchy Pretty cool and fun map that is... a zombiemen slaughtermap of sorts? Anyway, that enemy is used here in masses. Thematically the map is pretty strong, looks like something that comes straight out from Jimmy or to be a level used in Alfonzone. Very cool stuff, i would liked to reach the outdoor area at the exit instead of walking over the exit line and finish the level. Oh well, still a good time. Only issue i found is stuck monsters in some parts. MAP11: Flaccid Beginnings by TimeOfDeath Now, how the fuck can a strong puzzle oriented map that uses misaligned BLACKWAL almost everywhere and popping archviles every then and now that also have the considerable amount of 999 monsters be somehow very fun to play? Put a BFG, a lots of cell packs, a reasonable horde of monsters in tight spaces and a man can be happy. At the start it was kinda annoyng with small group of monsters and arch-viles that comes out after you kill them, plus the cluncky puzzles and some stuff that needs speedrun trickery to be passed but at the second half of the map things get fun and juicy. I've noclipped in some parts since some puzzles doesn't seem to have worked, somehow. Anyway, very fun map that give me small "adrenaline rushes" when the BFG carnage starts. Very fun stuff that i didn't care if i passed half hour on this. MAP12: Day of the Rope by Scype2k (WARNING: HEAVY IMAGE SPOILER) WOW, THIS MAP IS WONDERFUL! It's been a very long time i've played something so unique and fun, everytime there was some boom trick that leaved me astonished by it's genius. Sure, big part of them are pretty cluncky and it shows (especialy the mechanical arm that takes you up the sewers and the "walkable" ladder, but it's still a really impressive of Boom features and trickery i have seen. Scype2k, if "3 is a crowd" is at this levels or even higher, i should play it! I never played it so far. But i want to say this is your Magnum Opus of your mapping carrier. Anyway, this a epic adventure map that uses one of the most "ugly" themes in Doom 2, Wolfestein maps. But instead of the usual rectangular affair that everybody thinks, is a story-driven map where the nazis helps the demons with their invasion in this death camp / lab / palace where marines are condemned to die, become zombies, become corpses and repeating this cycle for "eternity", until the day you find a switch that destroy the death trap and put you in the sewers and then to a infiltration mission where your aim is survive and escape this nightmare. The usage of boom special effects in this map is top notch, making this a build-like map with also a lot of cure for detail, layout and doomcute works. It makes you forgive that you played this map for almost a hour! Really, the best map in all the megawad, hands down. (13/10) MAP13: Master Procrastination by Ninehills42 A pretty populated but kinda basic brown structure that is a sort of church\techbase\flesh arena with a classic slaughtermap and the major points being in the details and the pipe organ doomcute structure for me.The layout is good and interconnected, so it's a good map but with nothing extraordinary in it. (14/10) MAP14: Doomed District by Jjp (WARNING: ANOTHER SPOILER HEAVY PICTURES) A huge beast with 1616 monsters inspired by a mix of Odissey of Noises and Industrial Zone, mostly populated by hordes of angry zombies. Conceptually this looks like a epic adventure, but for me it was a epic chore mostly on the weapon choices of having only the shotgun and chaingun for the majority of time (c'mon, i have to go around this city for 30 minutes for just having a SSG?) and some obtuse puzzles like the one in the brown brick building. I felt most of the time to leave the map, but my completionist part of me is stronger today, so thank that for finishing this map! Interesting concept but boring play in reality. And with this, i've finished Doomworld megawad project 2018 maps review! Yay! Go me! Go fuck yourself, Doom 2! I think that for a day or more after this map, i don't want to see a demon sprite or i'll think i'm going to puke. Overall, a pretty good megawad with no real downers or ugly maps in theme and quality, but with a pair of maps that are boring for me (MAP05 and MAP14). Best Maps: 1) Day of the Rope by Scypek2 2) Brutana by Pcorf 3) Azazel Installation by JudgeDeadd 4) timelord by JadingTsunami 5) The STUCC by Pinchy Hardest/Longest maps that make me want to quit this damn game: 1) Messy Bedroom by Roofi 2) Doomed District by Jjp 3) Underhalls by Memory by killer5
  6. Walter confetti

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Supplice demo deserves some attention. Even if to me looks like a re-skinned Doom with slightly different mechanics, is a great reskin.
  7. Walter confetti

    [ARTISTS NEEDED!] Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Ok, here's a zip with various akyes for episode 3: hell RSKY3 candidates (plums, plutonia, chaine,other).zip And here's what you need to do with multiple sky patches, you just need to add the second (or more) sky texture near the main sky texture: But first, you have to change the x image size in slade from 256 to 512 (if your sky have 2 patches) or to 1024 (if your sky have 4 patches, like the skies in TNT)
  8. Walter confetti

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Fixed my part with changing the blue key door to a yellow one, so the yellow key have a use, finally. Also added more little details here and there. Now the only thing is to change the yellow keycard to a yellow skull key? AngryQuilt2v26.7z
  9. Walter confetti

    [ARTISTS NEEDED!] Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Actually looks more the one from Plutonia... I have to check the wad in Slade If you wish, i can give you some help with the source wad, as i said before...
  10. Walter confetti

    [ARTISTS NEEDED!] Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Cool to see that there's more map open, let me think about the map... maybe something for episode 3, but i still need to think about it. Downloaed the sources wad btw. EDIT: Yeah, sign me for MAP22... any kind of map size and difficulty are accepted, right? Also, the sky for 3rd episode is misaligned.
  11. Walter confetti

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    There's a switch (SW1HOT) right at the left of the exit building, push it and it will lower the blue key! EDIT: Oh no, just look like the switch is tagged wrong and doesn't make lower the pillar! If possible, i want to fix this little bug...
  12. Walter confetti

    Random Video Thread

  13. Walter confetti

    Happy Birthday DOOM 2!