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  1. Walter confetti

    Anyone interested in making maps for a Doom clone?

    I had Unity in my pc and i was going to learn it but i've deleted it because it takes really too much memory and takes out some efficiency on my machine performance... Also, I didn't even know what pro builder is, i've seen a little info on Google right now and looks cool... Anyway, i'd liked this idea but I don't think I will return to Unity again... is just that takes too much space in my pc for almost nothing... Also, can we have some pictures of your works just for seeing how this looks?
  2. You're such a man of culture...

    I appreciate the ahegao avatar and folder picĀ 

  3. Sure, go ahead. And Saint_Guy map looks awesome!
  4. Great to know about it! So, how's everyone going with their maps? @NeedHealth @Liberation @Roofi @Crunchynut44 @danielhday @Spectre01 @Saint_Guy I freed @Catpho from E2M9 slot as her (iirc is a girl, right?) wish, now it's all in @riderr3 hands!
  5. Walter confetti

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    wa-lostsoul.zip - moved the berserk at chainsaw places, the chainsaw now is only available at hard skills - changed the rocket launcher with a SSG, changed rockets with ammo box and a backpack - modified a pair of sectors like the starting area of the canyon isn't marked with GATE5 anymore, is just a part of the canyon now and the GATE5 is used at the ending room after blue key door. Also, the same place have a little modifications like exitdoor instead of sw1wood and exitsin is hadded. - recorded a new UV-Max demo, is in the zip-file. - also added name tag (wa) on the files
  6. Walter confetti


    looks amazing for a first effort map! downloading
  7. Walter confetti

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Eh, I had the same idea of yours from quite long time...
  8. Walter confetti

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    No problem...
  9. Walter confetti

    REKKR - V1.11

    Wow. Congratulations everyone involved in this project for finally finishing this tc! Also congratulations me for not make anything expect a unreleased level room for this...
  10. Walter confetti

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    Ok... But the berserk is good as it is set (only on easy skills) or I have to implement it for all the skills? Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Walter confetti

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    map name: Swamps of the obscured presence Most inspired by: Slough of despair Build time: 4 hours... divided in 4 days lol Music: from skulltag (Descent 2?) Coop support: full but untested DM support: no, just one spawning point Description: A short map inspired from Slough of Despair, with a twist. What twist? Play and you'll see it! This map is nothing really hard, even kinda of easy-ish imo level and casual Demo: lostsoul.zip Feedback is highly accepted!
  12. Walter confetti

    What are you listening to?

  13. Walter confetti

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    started a map, slough of despair style: yeah, it uses the e1 sky, i'll change to e3 sky soon (need to change them at the texture source...)
  14. Walter confetti

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    Ok, get it!