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  1. Whoops, i missed it! Added! Also, your map have a title?
  2. Doomguy best jojo amirite?

  3. I started a thing using the 2 textures and 2 flats limit for this map, but i'll see if I will keep that theme...
  4. Ok @riderr3, you can have E1M9!
  5. looks nice, but why this isn't on the dmp 2018 thread?
  6. All right, so i'll free your slot since you posted the unfinished version of the map in this thread too over to my PM... Played a little and is a pretty hard and good looking map!
  7. Wow, that was fast! Waiting to see something from your map!
  8. I think we can wait for having all the maps before taking a new level list order, but i'm ok with this new order, e1m1 is pretty hard for being a e1m1 map...
  9. The last resort was a very funny wad
  10. I want to play VRChat, if only I had a powerful enough pc... It must be a experience, for sure...
  11. Looks nice from the shots...
  12. Did the visit today and the doctor doesn't found any problem in my sight, it even found i have 11/10 of sight! That's pretty amazing!
  13. Some theme ideas: 2 textures x 2 flats A map made with a map theme generator (if the one by jmickle or the older one from wads in progress, it's your choice) A map made only with curved lines