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    most certainly i made a map for the community project you playin

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  1. No, i'm actually out from this project from a long time!
  2. Walter confetti

    What do you think is Doomguy's favorite wad is?

    He don't have time for wads!
  3. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #068

    WWF DOOM (Version 2) by The Kreator - Vanilla Doom 2, SP, 1 map, 2001, played with DSDA-Doom 0.26.0 Got some time to waste and i'll play some random wads, starting with this mod that genuinely interested me due of being such a oddball in the modding scene of this game! The level sets in this abstract Wrestling arena, the 80s age Wrestlemania nonetheless! The only thing i know based upon Wrestling is this insipid marble space and similarly to that thing, in the year 2001 this Kreator guy made a very late 90s thing with new sprites, new textures and... no exit and a broken floor (at least in DSDA Doom)? What the hell is happening? Oh, anyway you can find in semi-hidden areas the wrestlers The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker based upon some... action figures, i think? All resized really badly, as well for some textures. The arena actually looks decent, too bad the floor is awfully broken for some strange reason. A very odd map replacement in the world of odd maps and that's saying a lot, unluckily not that good to be memorable. gsxr_13.wad by Alyssa Colby aka Lisa - Vanilla Doom 2, DM, 1 map, 1996, played with zandronum 3.1 and bots A unknown but very good with a great flow small deathmatch arena located on MAP13 slot for some strange reason made by this biker lady named Alyssa in 1996 and you wouldn't believe this map was done back then, due to it's modernity in design! The silly SP can be literaly punished by toxic waste, showing you in the hard way that this map can be only played in DM, leading you to a fast action battle in this simple but yet very effective arena, as i wrote above the flow is good and battling bots here is fun. I downloaded as well the other maps from the series from idgames for see if it's any good like this one!
  4. Walter confetti

    Fun times in Maniac Central Station(1)

    Practically a Single player campaign sets in a very dark maze of corridors and ventilation tunnels (reminded me of Aliens TC), conceptually is not a bad map but in reality the broken and cryptic progression made me dislike this, as well as the blocked exit room by a impassible line. Too large for DM too imo. Wasted occasion for something decent.
  5. Walter confetti


    A pretty wacky and funny gun replacements, as Stupid Bunny said long time ago. Fun stuff.
  6. Walter confetti

    [cl9] Mercurial Dregs RC3

    Another one? Looks pretty neat btw
  7. Walter confetti

    Amalgoom - A potential Doom 2 Community project.

    Maybe. If i can find time.
  8. Walter confetti

    American Monsters Episode One

    Neat title screen
  9. Walter confetti

    Amalgoom - A potential Doom 2 Community project.

    Looks pretty neat, i like this idea! Also, aren't originally also Final Doom and Doom 64 iirc? Anyway, the map is fun despite not being perfect in some of the visual parts but who cares. Good luck with your project!
  10. Walter confetti

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    A swimming pool and a swaggy marine. Coming soon.
  11. Walter confetti

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    I completed a first playable version of my E3M5! 95-wa-v1.zip Title: Profane Masoleum Author: Walter Slot: E3M5 Difficulty settings: Yes Multiplayer: Coop starts only, untested Tested with: CRL 1.5/1.6, doom.exe v1.9 with DosBox Description: More Sigil-like than it's original inspirator (oh well, actually that map can be considered a Sigil prototype, with all those satanic scribbles on walls), is a cavernous hell outpost with a sort of maze-y progression and lots of creepy scribbles, also it's more cramped than original. Hope everything will be ok there, have fun and i wait to read your feedback about this, it's good, bad, i have to stop mapping once and for all? let me know and have fun! I didn't added a new music track, i found that goes perfectly with the stock one.
  12. Walter confetti

    Looking for Halloween/Fall Themed Mods

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dbp_29 Morbid Autunm
  13. Walter confetti

    What are you?

    Classy Everything Else thread. If post hell still existed, this one surely was sended there...
  14. Walter confetti

    Saturnia Final RC (-complevel 4)

    Charming palette!
  15. Walter confetti

    Very Small Level.

    Small and fun map indeed, some neat stuff despite the year it was done.