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  1. I have a idea about making a wad (a episode for doom) in the style of 1994 maps compilations like wadpak series or heroes.wad with a twist: i'll made all the maps from scratch, but highly inspired from the levels of the time, doing the same work of "the way Id did" by studying every map author in detail and making a map resembling his style... probably a dumb idea, since i've also have to do lots of maps for cps and even by myself, but probably I will do that, depends on how much I feel to take this idea seriously...

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    2. Memfis


      And CHRIS3.MID, and Industrial Revolution Overture, and Michael Jackson...

    3. Gothic


      You mean that shitty Smooth Criminal midi?

    4. Memfis


      I was thinking about Bad from Heroes or Beat It from Infinity. :)