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    most certainly i made a map for the community project you playin

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  1. About that PCDOOM.WAD info, here's where that page leads:Β https://web.archive.org/web/20130407060714/http://rome.ro/lee_killough/articles/doomconf.shtmlΒ It's a transcript of an online Doom conference by CGW withΒ Shawn Green and American McGee and they discuss Doom IIΒ which wasn't released yet. It took place in September of '94. It mentions the guy who made PCDOOM.WAD (and some of his other WADs) at the beginning and a few other places as well.Β 


    Example: "[Note: PCDOOM.ZIP is also available here. Both are modeled on Ziff-Davis HQ bldg at 1 Park Avee, New York. PARKDO.ZIP is the 11th floor, where Computer Shopper and Windows Sources make their home, and PCDOOM.ZIP is the 4th floor, home of PC Magazine and PC Labs. Both are excellent creations of Steve Baldwin, an editor for Computer Shopper. --RL, sysop]"


    I guess he was an editor for Computer Shopper which was a magazine.