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  1. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #051

    Walter|6 wads|4 maps|5 utilities Total=13 wads|32 maps|5 utilities nuts.zip by Anonymous Author - Vanilla Heretic, SP, 1995, played with Zandronum 3.1 and bots At first i thought this was a map for Deathmatch, despite having wrote in the small text file accompanying it that is made for single player and single player only, unless you want to see bots or people instagibbing wildly on coop. This is a very short and basic map that gives us the magic of having a door made of web mid-textures, i would like to see how such things appears on vanilla engine. Square layout, slightly challenging map due to monster placement, with 2 or 3 deaths you can easily beat this. Typical shovelware filler wad, imagine finding this on Maximum Death or H-ZONE! Got Trippy Skrill, a wad I've found in one of the previous Adventures, it's a bizarre map with a funny title. The Art of the Shotgun - Level 3 by Blazer - Vanilla Doom 2, DM, 1997, played with Zandronum 3.1 and bots Conceptually a nice map ruined by old-school fashion of putting type 1 DR doors (the one that opens and closes when you push them, sorry for the wacky mappers lingo here, non-mappers readers) for dividing the different map areas, this small arena is pretty frenetic and with fast-action gameplay as promised in the text file but i think it will be more fun with real people because bots just run into the SSG very small center area, the level got some lovely detailing works and good sense of verticality in maps, despite the cramped layouts of this place. WADCOMP.EXE and EXTRACT.EXE (also includes LIST.EXE) by Serge Sminrov - WAD Utilities, Doom (and possibly also Doom 2 and Heretic?), 1995, checked in DosBox 0.74-3 A small patch of WAD patches that can be easily replaced with other stuff like DeuTex, NWT and WAD Concatenator (or even better for you 2000 kids is using Slade3) that is less complicated to use, the only thing that these programs is to create IWAD packs out of your stuff (is a option from WADCOMP), neat thing that i didn't tested. Also, there's a small graphic patch that switches former trooper and sergeants sprites lol. Interesting but feels old even in the times it was made. The Facility by Jason Benson - Vanilla Doom 2, SP, 2004, played with Eternity "forseti" 4.0.2 Another simple and basic map that looks was made 10 years before, including the music choice... why using the Axel F theme in 2004? Ah, shit, now i remember why Anyway, this is a nice small first effort map by Jason Benson bro here, is a little too dark for my tastes and feels very old-school, it's a "fun" map with the best looking part into a pretty hidden secret, reminds me of E1M1 meets MAP02, not bad overall. The Traphouse by @DukeNukem4ever - Limit Removing, Doom 2, SP, 2018, played with Eternity "forseti" 4.0.2 A very tricky map based upon classic Doom traps sets in this TNT-like map, check every corner and hit every switch to find the way for escaping the base, but be very careful while roaming around! Fun map, got some interesting concepts that i like to use in future maps! Pretty interesting stuff. Also, I've just material worth of entire Doom 2 megwad in something less than a week! Woo-hoo!
  2. Walter confetti


    I like this theme!
  3. Walter confetti

    Music for mods

    Don't use copyrighted music in MP3 or OGG format like this: But music from copyright it's much better to use! First track coming used as example: If it's a midi version of a copyrighted music you don't almost have any problem with that. You can use tracker tunes as well, but they don't work for all source ports. Zdoom compatible ports nowadays can play as well music taken from old consoles like NSF and VGM format
  4. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #051

    Eh, i get closer at the end with the interpretation.
  5. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #051

    Tuna will K YOU? K what? Kill you? However, having said things happening by a person nicknamed Tuna is really something completely else that happens in a lifetime lmao
  6. Walter confetti

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Discovered this thing while making a map for Limit Buffet, based upon 1 sector limitation. Explosive barrels acts as monster count and they make all the monsters not attacking, also they don't do chain explosions when a group of barrels are shotted, as well as giving damage. Weird. 1sbarrel.zip - Demo wad, complevel 2. MAP01 is the 1 sector map, MAP02 have 2 sectors and acts normally.
  7. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #051

    Walter|2 wads|2 maps Total=7 wads|27 maps JAX03.WAD by Glenn Jackson - Vanilla Doom 2, SP, 1996, played with Eternity "forseti" 4.0.2 A ancient example of a small arena slaughtermap with lots of revenants and cyberdemons as well as some arch-viles to burning down the night afternoon, lets say it's a ancient version of micro slaughter concept since the map can be easily beaten in 6/7 minutes on HMP being counter-balanced from the strong generosity in the ammo\health placement. Feels like a amateurish, rejected map from the Master Levels. The text file description is.. pretty bizarre, is this a psychologist that goes hard on been high on psych pharms? What the shit is going on here? Overall, a basic effort, kinda fun. Ultimate Torment & Torture Invasion by Daniel @Tormentor667 Gimmer - Skulltag, Doom 2, SP, 2007, played with zandronum 3.1 + skulltag_data.pk3 3.0 I'm kinda disappointed by this mapset since Torm (with all the troubles and "scandals" he's involved in the community) is a pretty talented mapper, but this mapset is HORRIBLE, it's been so long that i didn't played such a boring mapset! Yeah, it's that bad for me. It's based upon a gameplay modification that never completely got me (invasion mode, it's a wave based series of slaughtermaps that start extremely easily and then slowly turns harder and harder) but it's overall a interesting gameplay gimmick and it's rare to see this kind of maps. MAP01 is a neat level sets in a canyon place where more of the canyon appears wave after wave, fun stuuf but after the 8th wave i get bored and jumped to MAP02 and... Oh sweet child Jesus, what is this thing? Is this really the same author of the previous map? The map is set in this rusty, foggy and genuinely ugly looking steel processing place where everything is just slopes, cages and room-to-room most boring fights i'd had the displeasure to get into. After 4 waves i just think "Fuck this" and exited the wad. Avoid this.
  8. Walter confetti

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    Fun little map, maybe a little bit more of monsters more it will not hurt to the map gameplay... Also, see to align better this wall section, it breaks me up see this!
  9. Walter confetti

    Superfast Mapping: Deathmatch Edition

    Found this again thanks to Er\IWA, it's a overall good and fun deathmatch mapset made of speedmaps by various users from Zandronum forums, the mapset have it's high and lows and really shows them (looking with disappointment at MAP21) and lots of maps are inspired by the great classics (Greenwar, Memento Mori, even Eternal Doom -or is better say Eternal DM?) and with some weird fetish for pyramid structures in the main arena. Fun megawad overall.
  10. Walter confetti

    Spectre Deathmatch Levels

    Found this thanks to Er\IWA, incredible that this mapset is being so unknown that I've come in knowledge of this only by random picking! It's worth of staying with the classic like Greenwar or Exec, no joking! Sure there's some problems like multiple spawning points in one point, a weird weapons progression and all that 90s wackiness, but despite this is a fun, frenetic and very enjoyable ride with good map layouts and fun gameplay. Worth checking!
  11. Walter confetti

    Treasure Chest Series, Vol. 1 (RC1) (cl-9 UMAPINFO)

    Oh, this is a nice and unexpected surprise! Didn't even expected that this mapset got a public release!
  12. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #051

    Walter|2 Wad|9 maps Total= 4 wads|25 maps Spectre Deathmatch Levels by fUnKyMoNk; aka Steve Noonan - Vanilla Doom 2, DM, 1997, played with zandronum 3.1 and bots I really wonder why this mapset is not that famous as Exec or Brit series and i knew about it only finding it randomly today, is aseries of small\medium maps with frenetic gameplay, fun layout and with a much more modern look and feel than the year it was made, but it's not all golden what you see, because it have some questionable choices like spawn slightly far from weapon, weird sounds replacement and multiple player spawns inside one (or the lack of them?), but despite this it's still a pretty fun experience even with bots, i wonder how this will be with real players! Short summary of all maps, over the one by the author in description (very kind from the author): MAP01: A medium sized, kinda Dwango\Greenwar-ish in style, lots of areas that can be easily reachable trough the various corridors and shortcuts in the map, pretty fun! I liked the secret BFG "trap", that if you're not fast enough to take it, you'll be locked into a damaging floor prison of sorts. I used a similar trick of having a damaging "no exit" situation also in one my maps, The Ultimate TWANGO E3M9 road to the BFG spawn. MAP02: Pretty small, boxy arena with spammy guns and frenetic gameplay. Blast and be blasted by SSGs and BFG here! Layout reminded me of some other map I've played some time ago, Deathmatch Revival maybe? I wonder what is the music track used here, it gives a fast, frenetic feel to the map! MAP03: A weird level with some interesting choices like a cheesy Megadeth midi, invisible floor, some more verticality in it and a fun layout overall, despite feeling a little slow sometimes. Liked also the hybrid nature of the map theme here, including wolfestein, wooden and techbase areas. MAP04: Another small fast-paced and frenetic map here, with a better and more diverse layout that adds more verticality than MAP02, this level it could be great dun with real players! The best map in the pack. MAP05: Another weirdo with four rooms with strange sector art in it all connected by rocky tunnels and with a center area with another sector art and a SSG in the center of all. 'kay. MAP06: A map with good visuals (especially the window arches) but not a stellar gameplay, unluckily. MAP07: Another small, frenetic map with the weird decision of putting a SSG and a rocket over switched lowering pillars, but the more spammy gun (BFG) is put as a normal gun that is even more easily reachable than the shotgun that is literally UP the BFG. Ok... sure 90s are wild times, aren't them? MAP08: Last map, even bots doesn't want to navigate in this place because they literally lock in place in the middle of corridors wide enough for 30000000000 players! Ok, the corridor aren't THAT wide, but this is a weird bug. However, this is a map with a interesting theme of... whatever theme is this, let's put as the author wrote in description "a very blue level". No, it's not really that blue, but let's accept this description... Yeah, i was saying this map have a pretty interesting and instant floor raising\lowering effects that is pretty cool, too bad that in reality this is pretty clunky in map navigability as well as a dead lift, why it's here? What is the meaning of this? However, a nice map with a neat theme. Twilight Descends by Samuel Villareal @Kaiser and Midway, Inc. - Limit removing ports, Doom 2, SP, 2002, played with eternity "forseti" 4.0.2 A recreation of the PSX exclusive Doom map with the same title, is a map that will fits perfectly also with the original Doom 2 map rooster, maybe inside of the city maps or one of the early maps in Hell episode, imagine playing this instead of, let's say, MAP12 or MAP21 in original Doom 2... sure things will be more different than what we've got in 1994, isn't? Also, the crate "maze" section feels pretty Doom 64-ish design wise, i liked it! I have to check the wiki to see who made this map... Anyway, this a charming looking space station invaded by hellish fortress surrounded by nuclear waste and imposing canyons surrounding it, shoots lots of monsters, solve puzzles, find keys in this pretty enjoyable map! Includes as well some kind semi-realistic mine made of... wood panels? What? Also, this section contains one of the part i liked the least, a trippy lights wooden cavern with some obscure American MCGee activable secret that lowers some lifts some lift somewhere... where specifically it's unknown. But, again, a very good and fun map that makes Midway going to "The Way ID Did" route before it was even mainstream.
  13. Walter confetti

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Claimed by @LGmaire already
  14. Walter confetti

    Hell Yeah! (RC1) (61 cl-9 Maps) (UMAPINFO)

    No, it's actually referencing that Ancient Aliens! Never saw the history channel documentary where this meme thing born. Also the room in the screenshot is inspired by a corridor section in MAP09 (the north-west area).
  15. Walter confetti

    An random generated level

    Oh yeah, it's classical "generated map using slige\oblige" moment. Very classy. Anyway, thanks for being honest about saying that you used Oblige (or better said, the ObHack version) instead of saying you did it. Also, why there's two zipped archive in one? It's pretty rare seeing these type of stuff around...
  16. Walter confetti

    Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Paviljon

    Got this wad while browsing randomly a Doom shovelware cd i own at home. Conceptually is a lovely map based a brutalist style architecture and simple, open layout, gameplay is pretty easy and messy, just a bunch of monsters small groups (like a group of shotgunners surrounding the building, lost souls in close rooms). Bleeding sectors and a exit hidden in a dark border area it's the cherry pie to all.
  17. Walter confetti

    WolfenSmek 3D

    Looks cute!
  18. Walter confetti

    Deadnail is dead.

    Rest in Peace
  19. Walter confetti


    How did you that? Is a game hack or something else?
  20. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #051

    Walter|3 wads|9 maps Total= 3 wads|17 maps Superfast Mapping: Deathmatch Edition by Combinebobnt and Argentum - Boom compatible ports, DM. 2014, played with zandronum 3.1 and bots Final run of this megawad, some of the most interesting maps are present in this section imo MAP29: Leaved by the first impresiĆ³n of a ugly map yesterday, it's not that bad as i tough at first. The timed teleport lift that gives you the juicy stuff (plasma gun) is a pretty neat thing as well as the music choice, but for the other things is just a pretty standard stuff sets in a monochromatic large brown cave. Acceptable. MAP30: A map with a pretty interesting gimmick of having a icon of sin spawning monsters into a locked room in the center of the arena, push a switch and unleash the horde, having the battle between other players (or bots in my case) and monsters, pretty challenging stuff! I liked this one despite it's over-used theme of Entryway remake Dwango5 style MAP31: I remember to have played this map before! It's a level that is restricted to Doom item usage (no SSG in short) and it's strongly based upon Containment Area theme-wise. A fun map, overall. MAP32: A very fun map with a wacky theme (Pinball) that i saw used in another map but not this good! Very funny map with a very neat usage of Doomcute and... Wall alphabet? Sector art? How do you call this? Overall, very fun stuff. MAP33: A greenwar-style arena that was originally in MAP15 slot, it's a cool map. MAP34: A kind of bland map that is made with Team DM in mind, i guess? But works perfectly with original DM as well. MAP35: Final map of the megawad is a map with a weird, "ugly" texture scheme and a well interconnected layout with lots of verticality in it. Fun stuff overall. Overall, it was a fun nice ride with some up and downs, but the good stuff is really good imo. Fun DM megawad! CASTLE OF WIZARDRY by Simon Manton - Vanilla Doom, SP, 1996 but uploaded in 2019, played with Eternity "forseti" 4.0.2 A medium sized open map sets in a castle structure that tries to use some sort of "realism" in making it but didn't succeeded at it completely, however the map is cute and the light slaughtermap style with the defending force of 148 monsters in HMP that are just low tier enemies going obliterate from their virtual world in matter of minutes, the best parts are inside the main castle building with some stairs and rooms with a charming simple design, the little maze was cool with a intriguing concept based upon verticality, caged rooms and lifts connecting the maze parts. A pretty basic but cute map,just don't expect to find Castle of Evil here. Catacombs of Knoa by Yupa - Vanilla Doom 2, SP, 2004, played with Eternity "forseti" 4.0.2 Last map for today, is a small but pretty detailed map made by this unknown connational author nicknamed Yupa, in it's first and onlymapping effort, the level is sets in a small dungeon structure underground where you are imprisoned in, escape from the place while progressing upwards to the surface and the freedom, the map is short but fun and challenging in some areas, the best parts are some great lighting and little detailing work, including arches and oval small windows, as well as some really good sense of room construction and progression. The only low points are some stuck monsters and the stock "Running from evil" track that doesn't really fit with the map theme. Just do IDMUS 18 and it's much better. Overall, a pretty good map that could be remain unknown until found it randomly today, fun stuff. Stopping here for today, bye!
  21. Fixed blue key softlock: d2md-wa2a.zip
  22. Walter confetti

    Fastest Shovels 3

    So, the gang made it again. It's time for Doom 64 speedmapping, baby! 8 maps made by the Shovelware Society each in 64 minutes, all in a span of a week. What horrors unleashed the depths of hell and the obsession to shovelware wads? Click the link below and you'll find out! FS3_Remaster (1).zip (For Remaster and 64EX+ ports) Map list: MAP01: Gibbon MAP02: @United VirusX MAP03: @taufan99 MAP04: United Virusx MAP05: United Virusx MAP06: Walter Confetti MAP07: Giraffe Man MAP08: @Immorpher
  23. Walter confetti

    Fastest Shovels 3

    Fixed the download link with a newer version made by Immorpher, fixing up some stuff.
  24. Walter confetti

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    Didn't start anything yet due to the... nebulous nature of this project. What is the preferred source port for the project, for example? It is Limit removing, Boom compatibile, what?