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  1. Walter confetti

    What are you listening to?

    A friend of mine on facebook talking about the loss of awesome and artsy stuff on pop music even from back 30 years ago linked up this song: Also i see you people discovered lolicore, eh?
  2. Hello all! I am proud to announce you the sequel of Deadly Standards Community Project... (Eh, i didn't have any other title in mind, sorry for the pun) This is a ultimate doom 9 levels episode with maps made by you, the doomworld community! Always if you want to join this... anyway, how can you participate in this thing? it's easy! Just claim a map slot and you're in the game! But first, there are some rules: - Only up to 2 maps from one person. - Everyone is eligible, preferably newer mappers but literally anyone will do. - It has to be limit-removing format, no fancy ZDoom stuff or Boom actions please. - You can provide a MIDI with your map if you do not want to use the default E2 or a Primeval track. - I would prefer a more classic and easier style to your maps, it doesn't necessarily have to be extremely polished/detailed to make the cut and I'd prefer not to have a slaughter map. - No custom textures please. - E2M5 must have a secret exit. - E2M9 should be a mini-boss map in terms of gameplay / fell, theme is indifferent, just any type of map you have in mind. For a miniboss map, imagine a level like original E2M9 and E3M9 from Doom or MAP07, MAP20 and MAP32 from Doom 2 for miniboss map examples. - Just for don't turn this mapset into a hitscanners fest, you can always try out (if you wish) new gameplay ways over the original gameplay style like tyson map, maps with telefragging monsters, maps with puzzles and platforming... anything you want! - Not troll maps or obviously low effort garbage, whilst I'm not looking for a magnum opus I'd rather not make WOOO 4. When you release your map, give a little list that will go the final maplist at the release, like this: Title: Description: Build time: New music (if any): Tested with: Every now and then, i will ask you about your map progress via PM... If you want to leave if you lost , just write it here or send me a PM The maplist: E2M1: libdse2m1d.wad (no title) by Liberation and Crunchynut44 E2M2: Vulpine by Capellan E2M3: Ore Refinery by The_Slovinator E2M4: Underground Prison by Walter Confetti E2M5: NeedHealth E2M6: Dynamo Hum by Steve D E2M7: Lost by Roofi E2M8: Roofi E2M9: Soul converting center by riderr3 Interested mappers/contributors: PRIMEVAL (music) Spectre01 Liberation CapertolA The_Slovinator Walter Confetti Crunchynut44 Saint_guy Catpho danielhday riderr3 Steve D The_Slovinator Screenshots: Deadline: when everbody finish their maps! That's it, have fun!
  3. MAP10: ... what a lame final boss map, expecting something more epic, like another MAP08 in style... Is a large open greenfield with a giant turd hill with a cyberdemon, some monsters and the red keycard. Get the red key, go to the brown tower, get lost in the darkest hallway you ever seen in the story of darkest hallways that is also a "fake" eternal stair that leads you to the beginning of the stair (for watch where you have to go, i'd used the idbehold l cheat. Yeah, i cheated quite a lot in this episode), get the blue key, go to the gray tower, reach some guy (or yours?) apartment (with a amazing animated pendulum clock texture, i must say i really liked this) and exit from this, also having a secret megasphere if you want to ... and that's all. The end. Meh. Overall, some nice vanilla doom trickery, few good maps, but overall it wasn't that great as i remembered, but it have it's epic moments and a great work on graphical department... a cool mapset. And tommorow, it will be time for classic!
  4. Walter confetti

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    Oh, I see... that's a great idea!
  5. Walter confetti

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    CRATOP2 flat used as a... terrain flat? Now this is something i never see!
  6. MAP09: It's another ok map, good little detailing work, decent health / enemies balance and decent usage of teleport monsters. It was a ok map, i don't have many things to say about it. I found weird the blue key placement like @Capellan did, nothing that make me scratch my head but... it was an strange place to put it. I don't recognize the song used in this map, over the fact that sounds like 60s/70s british pop or whaever. Going for the next and final (?) map!
  7. MAP08: A really enjoyable and epic level and finally a understandable cave maze, since is been showed on automap! Yay! Sure, every now and then i've walking around the caves with the automap on, but is for the other parts of the level is really, really cool! The cave work is pretty amazing, it reminds of Karst Caverns, also the new texture works and effects are pretty good, overall i really enjoyed this map! Also this time monster / health balacement is better done this time... Anyway, the only problem i've got is that i killed the viles and all the monsters first in the ammo pit, so i find myself at the half of the map without any ammo, luckily there was some more to take over and to finish the level with some ammo, at least. Also find this bug on the tower invisible lift, is also pretty hard to understand that you have to push the lift "door" to lower it again. At fisrt i've had to idclip to pass that part, since i had only the red key with me... Overall pretty enjoyable map! Also, enjoyed the 1492 music theme used here, gives more epicness to the level imo.
  8. Walter confetti

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    Looks pretty good indeed! It gives me some creepy vibes, enjoying the usage of water in the 2nd shot... is this somehow inspired by Spectre01? Asking this mostly on architecture design on 2nd shot again...
  9. Walter confetti

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 44 - A warm ass is a happy ass!

    asses high.zip Title: Bubblegum Crisis Build time: 1 hour and 35 minutes, plus 10 minutes for bugfixing and finding a upbeat midi Theme: Traversing room via teleport Music: Limp Blizkit - My Generation (Dial-up for murder midi remix)
  10. Walter confetti

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 44 - A warm ass is a happy ass!

    Ok thanks! My map is coming out pretty nice, i think...
  11. Walter confetti

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 44 - A warm ass is a happy ass!

    raising or lowering floor is acceptable if i use rule 2?
  12. Walter confetti

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 44 - A warm ass is a happy ass!

    1, 4 and 10 are my favorites. Other choices for themes are pretty interesting, especially 3, 7 and 9...
  13. Walter confetti

    "A Brief History of Doom Mapping" by Matt Hrodey

    Really good article!
  14. Walter confetti

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    All right, i'll give the slot to Roofi then. Also waiting for @NeedHealth map to be released for a possible collab, if he want to. Otherwise, i'll gonna free it.
  15. MAP07: A short filler map that leads you a emerald tower (like the one from... wizard of oz? I remember that right? Or is it LOTR again, like for "mines of moria"?), your mission is to reach said tower, defeat a arena filled of pinkies and then a last stand of mancubi, reach the upper section of the tower with the lift and exit. It's another ok map, only memorable thing is the tower, that you can seen always from every sides of the map, in a way similar to the first draft of hadephobia MAP16 i did (that actually shows a green tech tower in the level before you reach it)...
  16. Walter confetti

    Custom power-ups

    Ok, made a little test room for testing this thing out... now i have a question: Is this thing made something useful over nice effects? Tried out for seeing what it can do on gzdoom 3.7.2 and zandronum 3.0 and... nothing really happened at all. What is the purpose of this thing?
  17. Walter confetti

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Just a testing map for testing out thing that are been made in these forums
  18. Dante's series by Dr Sleep tried to do this, unluckily it wasn't finished at all after 1994...
  19. MAP05: A pretty cool map that finally makes a good use of dark caves and rooms in this atmospheric tech base revolted by demonic presences, loved that lift that opens to the dark hell cave and general mood of the map, even health / monsters are kind of decent this time, pretty enjoyed this map! Only thing i didn't fully enjoyed is that the monster are all undeaf and ready to crush you like ants in matter of minutes... MAP06: Another tech base surrounded by charming outdoor views, some neat deep water effects and some nice little touches like building shadows and a destroyed ceiling part that leads to a shotgun. You have to take lifts, go up until you find a exploitable romero head exit if you use freelook (i didn't try to see if that worked) on yellow key pillar room, after walking around tech rooms, dark tunnels (and a secret rectangular shaped dark cave tunnels lol) and other places, gameplay is good here too, even that backtrack section after you get the yellow key it was handled well, expect fighting damn revenants on a cliffside that leads to your death in the chasm near you, yeah that's nice from you Roger. Also adding a little few more health wasn't a bad idea. Just a extra medikit, nothing much. Also i found this funny bug of... deep water floor in that annoying computer tunnels with rave lights, not a huge fan of that part. Anyway both of these have a pretty linear progression (find a key near you, open the locked door, repeat) but again, it was put in a interesting way, at least for me. Enjoyed both of them!
  20. Walter confetti

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    If that was made without 3d floors, now it's fucking awesome!
  21. Walter confetti

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    Sorry to hear that, but that's your decision... Thanks for giving the map you working! Also, if I don't have Spectre01 map until the end of the week, i'll give E2M8 slot to Roofi...
  22. Walter confetti

    Custom power-ups

    Cool! Any screenshots? More info of what this power-ups did? Some hint to spawn them on zdoom?
  23. MAP04 (pistol start, HMP, played with la tailor girl mos for spicing the things up... and not in the way you think ^_-): Oh, this was one of the map that was in my mind from the first time i've played this mapset, mostly for the music (Self Control midi is so 90s!) and for the 3d bridge (at first, i remember it was like in scythe 2, but then is this bridge thing made duplicating the 2 sectors under an over the bridge,clever simple trick, that can be crushed when you don't kill all the monsters at sector below the bridge, like i did), as the people wrote above pretty straightforward but not that ugly as other people see, at me at least it liked, expect for the same problem that was in MAP01, a bad balacament of monsters / health at the sector the below the bridge when all the monsters teleport in the arena... Overall, it was a nice walk. Next.
  24. Lol yeah. But is this even our earth? https://giphy.com/gifs/kKdgdeuO2M08M Also I take a look at the text file and the name of this place is some sort of nickname for this place, like you call the mall near you "The Death Star"... Pretty Weird, I think...
  25. MAP02: Basic map sets into a pyramid (a pyramid? In what i think it's Europe?), get into the pyramid, find the keys, solves the puzzles and get to exit. Pretty easy. I enjoyed also the teleport monsters trick this time (after jump on that light pillars, like in Doom 2 MAP01 for reaching the RL secret) and parts of the level that appears after you push switches, pretty neat trick even i can't find the lower all the walls and did some no clipping for reaching the said rooms. I've expected in the blue skull key room a epic battle of sorts, like fighting a cyberdemon or something similar... it's ok, not good like MAP01 but it's ok. MAP03: Ok, now i'm geographically confused about the location where this wad is taking places, first time it looked like Northern Europe, but then we've got a Pyramid and now we reached... LOTR mines of Moria? What? Also this level have the most sadistic way to piss off people: not 1000 archviles, not 100000 reverants but the worst enemy of all, not shown on automap mazes progression! In almost dark environment! AAARRRGGGHH!!! Overall with some luck (and IDDT-ing like i did for reaching the yellow skull, set as secret for some weird reason) you can reach the most important rooms and juicy health that will help you during the play and finding pretty charming places in the caves, like broken floor pits filled with lava, giving you an ominous fell of a great dangers around, didn't find the dwarfs king room but i found a inescapable pit at the blue skull position (i didn't had the time to hump every wall like Capellan did, sorry) and did some noclip for pass that part, a hilarious monster meeting in a dead end area due to a "bad" (i guees it was a mistake, maybe, maybe not?) teleport spawn spot location and the fact that the mines of Moria was the icon of sin all this time (or it is supposed to be balrog... outside the mines? Oh, it is supposed to be the part when he comes out after falling in the abyss battling with Gandalf and somehow reach the summit of the mountain where the mines are, ok now i see), in the same section where the exit is located. having mixed feelings of lkie and hate this map, it was ok again. Next.