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  1. Walter confetti

    Oops! All Techbase - Final Release! NOW ON IDGAMES!

    There's already Infernew that is in development limbo for quite some time with the same premises you wrote above....
  2. At first i thought that you're talking about this map: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/j-l/lookout
  3. Walter confetti

    Tiny Monster's "Catalog" in a Map

    Really charming stuff!
  4. Hello everyone and welcome to the 4th iteration of Deadly Standards! And now things get a weird direction after you passed Phobos, Deimos and the Void dimensions... now the lords of hell wants you to play with their game, and the game is... bureaucratic hell? What the hell is this madness now? This time things have been pretty changed from the previous episodes, with new textures (from Alpha Doom, Freedoom, unreleased Doom 2 beta textures from the Romero dump, Ghostbusters Doom and Earth Ends) plus a new version of spider mastermind, more tougher and stronger! As well with two brand new monsters! Anything you need to know about this thing is down below, if there's anything you want to change or you don't understand, please let me know and i'll change or add it! - Only up to 2 maps from one person. - Everyone is eligible, preferably newer mappers but literally anyone will do. You can even do a collab thing with another mapper, if you want! - You can use also some of your old unreleased / unfinished projects as a base, if you like. - It has to be limit-removing format, no fancy ZDoom stuff or Boom actions please. It could be preferable to test your map in crispy Doom and above, since i have some problems that i didn't get why it happens on chocolate Doom (at least in chocorenderlimits fork) - You can provide a MIDI with your map if you do not want to use the default E4 track. - I would prefer a more classic and easier style to your maps, it doesn't necessarily have to be extremely polished/detailed to make the cut and I'd prefer not to have a slaughter map. - Like in the previous chapter, i'll make to you a little source wad that includes some new textures, sprites and even a modified version of the spider mastermind and two new monsters (you can see it in action in ds4-test [slot is E1M1], the authors are listed in the INFO lump in the wad. But over this pack, don't add new sounds, sprites, texture, etc. : ds4-source.zip With the expection of the textures called YOURPC (51x70 max size) and YOURTEXT (128x128 max size), if you want to add a signature texture or any other type of useful hint that leads to a certain section of the map, fell free to use these textures in a somewhat secret section of the map (or anyway you want to put it), plus remember to give me the picture you made and then i'll add to the main wad when it will be compiled. - New dehacked monsters are these two guys: Beam zombie (thing 116): A former human soldier armed with a powerful beam weapon that shoots repeatedly. It have 40 HP. Good in groups. Mini mastermind(thing 120): A smaller version of the Spider mastermind, acts like the beta version of the arachnotron. - E4M2 must contain a secret exit - Add a tag 666 door for E4M6 (it opens when you kill all the cyberdemons in your map) and for a raised floor in E4M8 (that lowers when you kill all the spider masterminds in your map) that leads to the exit or whatever else you have in mind. - E4M9 now have the Romero Speedmap treatment, this means that you have 6 hours to make a map for this slot! Hurry up! - Theme is some sort of Earth-like place, it could have cities but also other places like castles, gardens, etc. Anything it comes in your mind with such a theme! Imagine this a some sort of parallel universe Doom 2 shareware episode... Another important thing is to make the exit building (or location) in some sort of office or other corporate-like building, also near and inside these places (or near techbases / other corporate buildings that are not the exit) usage of the former human monsters is strongly suggested! - Just for don't turn this mapset into a hitscanners fest, you can always try out (if you wish) new gameplay ways over the original gameplay style like tyson map, maps with telefragging monsters, maps with puzzles and platforming... anything you want! - Not troll maps or obviously low effort garbage, whilst I'm not looking for a magnum opus I'd rather not make WOOO 4. - When you release your map, give a little list that will go the final maplist at the release, like this: Title: Description: Build time: New music (if any): Tested with: - Final Deadline: 31st of January, 2022 Enjoy your stay here and have fun! Yeah, there's been a lot of changes from the previous episodes, especially for the strict deadline, but i just don't want to drag these kind of project for way too long like in the previous episodes... i hope to see really good stuff with this crazy theme, will Roofi make another Magnus Opus that breaks the precedent maps for this series? Will new mappers appears over the usual suspects? Will this be a success or something to forget? Let's discovered it in these months where sometimes i'll tag you asking for updates and then return to my cave called "the kb challenge" or whatever other community i wanted to get involved! Stay tuned!
  5. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #024

    Stronghold by Steve Vilotii (Bytor) - Vanilla Doom, 1994 but uploaded in 2010, played with Eternity forseti 4.0.2 At first i thought it was the map by the same by tormentor667, but after seeing the ftp directory and the file size, i see that it's not the case. But overall is a neat medium length map with a very interesting layout work and theme execution (maybe someone of you will found this map even a good candidate for a wadarcheology map, who knows?) and somehow feels like a TNT map, is not that bad! There's also some room design that are really neat for 1994! I also think to have played already this map long, long ago... don't remember where now. Gameplay is pretty standard with 100+ monsters and quite some places to explore but not being really hard, but nonetheless fun to play. A decent and fun map. Ponte by Renato Pinheiro - Vanilla Doom 2, 199x but uploaded in 2004, played with Eternity forseti 4.0.2 A medium sized, raw, dirty looking (literally, i felt dusty playing this map) proto slaughtermap made by Renato's friend, Rodrigo, and uploaded for some historical reason unknown to all but them in the archives, is a bland and unfunny map with many monsters (140 in HMP) that can be skipped away easily, a weird teleport system and overall a un-exciting experience where nothing memorable or funny (involuntarily or not) happens trough the map. A some sort of "troll map" with a deciding file size having a big amount of monsters.
  6. More open hallways and rooms to navigate in E2M9, i hope: dm-thing (v4).zip
  7. Ok, played your maps this evening, here's some demo (a first attempt for cannonball and a second attempt for needhealth map, both recorded with prboom+ um 2.6.1, complevel 3): demopack-e4m2-m5.7z Both are really great maps, they catch the city theme very well, one with a more natural \ abandoned structure (needhealth) and a more futuristic \ brutalist approach (cannonball), but i found a trouble in the needhealth map: is it possible to get the blue key without cheating? I didn't find a way to get it, did i miss something? Also, more minor bugs found: - Mostly some misalignments around the map - Sector 900/1141 needs a light change of 127/129, or the MIDVINE texture will bleed in the floor - Sector 539 needs another light change of 176 unit, otherwise it will make the people think that it's a secret door (like a did) - Sector 337/388 doesn't open even if tagged (this happens in prboom+, not sure on other ports if this works) - Sector 735 it could be cool if it's tagged as a secret Again, really great map, looks like a evolved version of The Star Child from Deadly Standards 2, sharing the same usage of BROWNHUG for outdoor structures. Loved the overgrown fell of the map as well. Didn't find any bug in cannonball map.
  8. Walter confetti

    Random Video Thread

    A interesting video the new NFT craze... Just heard of them on radio at work like a month ago and now looking at them i don't get why people get so much into this... Not only making it, but also buying it.
  9. Walter confetti

    New Official Grabbag MIDIs Online!

    Amazing, i love Grabbag. One of the best opening track \ theme in a videogame, after Megaman 2 / 3.
  10. Wow, you've completed this map really fast! Adding to the list.
  11. Looks like the sky from Xeno11, is that one?
  12. A short DeathMatch episode for Ultimate Doom, inspired by the random seed map generator choices in Doom Builder X. IDGAMES DL Screenshots in spolier: Info: IWAD: Doom.wad Slot: E1M1 - E1M4, E1M9 Port: Vanilla Doom Tested with: chocorenderlimits, vanilla doom exe on dosbox (for the first two maps), zandronum 3.1 alpha New graphics: Title screen, title lumps and new sky graphic by @Chainie New music: Yes Known bugs: E1M9 have a massive DRAWSEGS bug on chocorenderlimits, but it's playable in vanilla doom. Preferably play this map with a limit removing source port for better experience. Also the midi in E1M4 is a little buggy. I need to know if these wads have the best performance for DM play with human players (if possible) or just ironing out eventual bugs and errors. If nothing will be found, all Level list in spoiler: Music used in spoiler: Have fun! Hope you like it!
  13. Walter confetti

    [NaNoWADMo] Seeds, a Doom DM mapset made in a week

    Bump, this mapset is finally on idgames! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/deathmatch/s-u/seeds Swapped the midi files to mus for better vanilla compatibility, also changed a little E1M2 to make the flesh tunnels slightly larger and more navigable...
  14. Sorry to read this @Omniarch i free your slot, if anyone wants to make a map for this be my guest, otherwise, I'll see to try some Speedmapping thing for this.
  15. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #024

    DOOM 2 -Flashback to Hell by @Vordakk - Boom, 2014, played with Eternity forseti 4.0.2 Probably one of rare moments i play a cacoward winner map and (at least at the first episode) one of the rarest moments i don't get why this mapset got a cacoward. Sure, PRIMEVAL and Jimmy soundtracks are top notch, but the mapset from MAP01 to MAP11, is a (really good) series of remake / remix / re-imagination of the first original 11 maps from Doom 2 with some new changes in map flow and difficulty and lots of great detailing, with MAP09 being the top of the bunch followed by MAP10 and the "worst" offender been MAP07, but the i reached the hell maps and... that's the real deal, we're not joking around anymore. 3 maps sets in a burning red rocks surrounded by lava, dark menacing fortresses and hard-ish but fairly challenging gameplay for all the maps. I've completed all this mapset in a evening *cough* with che-*cough* *cough*ats *cough* *cough* Ah, what a bad case of simulated wrote coughing! I'll better end this review fast! Too bad the hell maps are so less (only 3, from MAP12 to MAP14), but overall, this a very, very good mapset that deserved to be played once, or maybe more times! Worth it's cacoward winning overall, great mapset.
  16. Walter confetti

    After the eclipse

    It's a cute first mapset by FractalXX, a mapper mostly known to be the project leader of Gridlock 64 and some other maps for other projects. The wad is strongly reminiscent of 90s mapsets and have quite good attention to detail, as well of lots of "bright colors" in the textures usage that is rare to see in Doom maps. All maps are pretty short (the one that take me most of the time it was 10 minutes of play) and this mapset can be finished in a half hour. Best map in the pack is MAP09, but overall a ok episode for pass the time.
  17. Walter confetti

    Help Screen Templates!

    This looks useful!
  18. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #024

    Long Days by Alexander "Eternal" S. - Prboom+, 2009, played with Eternity 4.0.2 forseti A really epic nuts clone made by the legendary mapper Eternal (where this guy go?) sets in this weird, abstract desertic temple with ancient gods statues, the map is actually pretty easy as Eternal wrote, not a walk in the park but with cheating is beatable, maybe some of you guys can beat this without cheats, maybe if you are zero master or decino or whatever. Also this map uses a original song from the band Nomeansno, Long Days. Really neat song, is the most doomer song i've heard so far and it's a mistery for everyone how this map been accepted even using the original song, here in OGG format. Overall, a beautiful nuts clone, 8888 monsters but still a great fun map!
  19. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #024

    New Order by Moniac - Boom compatible (?), 2006, played with Eternity 4.0.2 forseti I will be going to do searching on the wiki if there's any article, but is the author of this wad is russian? I see lots of that school of thinking in this wad: dark, gritty map with strong usage of brown textures, Hexen tree sprites, lots of detailing, some sort of searching for realism, clever puzzles that needs quite some thinking to be solved and with big emphasis on exploration... the "signs" from that part of the world mapping community is all here! I read somebody talking about black people in London in another map by this author (gibberish and weird) review, so he's english? If anybody from 2006 that knows this guy please let me know about him! Anyway, this is a pretty good map (if there was from two years prior, it will be another map for Wadarcheology) that uses New Order (the band, not the conspiracy theory) "Blue Monday" as track for the map. Funny that i've played a map titled Blue Monday some time ago! The level is set in this kinda abstract structure that feels like a forgotten TNT map made by Ty Haldermann but heavily modernized, a pretty long (it takes me a half hour with killing 68% of monsters the completion of this map!) adventure in this rusty harbor where puzzles and very fancy boom trickery involved during all the map, culminating in a big city emerging from the sky and the best looking maze i've seen so far in Doom. But is till a maze in Doom so for me is garbage, sorry. But it also have some downer (over the already mentioned maze structure) like a sadistic puzzles similar somehow to something i saw in original Doom E4M2 but here involving small catwalks and faith leaps into some rooms, weird texturing in some parts (especially the maze) unshootable monsters at the city section and some visible texture misalignments... Monster usage is used with single monster and small groups to fight, with a big battle against a big group of medium\high monsters teleporting before you get the blue key, a cyberdemon and a spider mastermind, made more easier by the "secret" invulnerability spheres hidden around the map. The level progress by parts of the map revealed by the player passage, showing the place piece by piece. Overall, this is a good and fun big map with pretty enjoyable design choices and lots of fun even if with some little mistakes! MORBDEATH 2 by CHTULU - Vanilla Doom 2, 1995, played with Zandronum 3.1 and bots A weird random find got hitting the random file button: a Deathmatch map with no reviews, a little descriptive read me text saying this map is a remake of remake of map called moribund by the same author and a weird file organization in the zip folder, having the wad hidden two sub folders taken from the Doom Construction Kit editor folder. The map itself is not bad for a 1995 DM map, maybe too overpowered and with some choices in the layout that in these days will be questionable, but overall a pretty fun map. Death Field by Adam Holz - Vanilla Doom, 1994 but uploaded in 2005, played with Eternity 4.0.2 forseti A final small map before going to sleep, is a arena style circular map with weird texturing and broken sectors in the middle, making the map glitching even in freaking Eternity and more effort in the ascii art for the title in the text file than for the map, wonderful. Also, the author advertise this as a very hard map, but it's not. Actually is really, really easy! Some monsters are scattered around as well of the guns (is this some sort of DM map too? I don't want to discover it) and the hardest enemy is a baron of hell. Total monsters: 19. One of those maps that you found hidden into some shovelware CD and you see from the start that is crap. You know, i think to have played already this map in one shovelware Doom WADS cd i have at home! A pretty bad map.
  20. Walter confetti

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Still made nothing, sorry...
  21. Music lumps for episode 4: E4M1: D_E3M4 E4M2: D_E3M2 E4M3: D_E3M3 E4M4: D_E1M5 E4M5: D_E2M7 E4M6: D_E2M6 E4M7: (i don't remember) E4M8: D_E2M5 E4M9: D_E1M9
  22. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #024

    Gave a review of Trilogy on Wadarcheology thread since i found it a pretty interesting map to be played by more people... And, as a bonus, i give you this review of a random file got hitting the random button: Tab25 Level by Michael Contorno - Vanilla Doom 2, 1997, played with Eternity 4.0.2 forseti Another level from the Tab series, as like the other maps played for this series, this is a pretty competent made map with a fun layout (even if a little bit too squarish, but it's not a bad thing! Makes me think of McGee layout style in some way) matched with a fun gameplay and strange touches, like bloodfalls on nukage? What? Overall, a pretty good map sets in a castle surrounded by canyons and lava, interconnected layout and fun gameplay and make this a good map worth of a play!
  23. Found this on this week Er\IWA interaction, i'm thinking to review and show you in this space instead. Yeah, is that good for me! Trilogy by Chris Spain (Doom, E1M1 to E1M3, 1995, played with Eternity forseti 4.0.2 DOWNLOAD LINK A surprisingly good and unknown (even if i think to have read this title before in some wad recommendation) small mapset made by mr Chris Spain, sets in the city of Paris starting your adventure at Duroc metro station (that actually exist, and now i get the "joke" with hot girls pictures...) and the raid the town searching for demons that have invaded it, including various places like a hospital, shops, raw apartments, sewers and hidden hellish temple with a graveyard and a last bastion into a small castle-like place, all divided in 3 levels parts. Even if not been a groundbreaking map in form of detailing, the clever usage of layout formation, little doomcute and sector detailing, new graphic works including new animated textures, fun gameplay (maybe too easy for though challenge lovers, but still etertenaing) and a strong dose of semi-realism making feel "real" this little section of Paris occupied by demonic forces makes this a pretty good map for a short play with a neat mapset!
  24. Walter confetti

    [Hexen][ERLBA demo map] Sunrise Citadel

    A Hexen map is a pretty unique thing! Looks also pretty cool!