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  1. Xzyl

    Mysticism + Doom 3 = ?

    Yes it does boil down to semantics when you can substitue one for the other and not have it have any signifigant change in the story. Most people now a days do not belive in the demons however most people do belive in aliens. What is the counter argument given when somone goes on TV and says that thet have been kidnaped by aliens, they bring out a shrink that says that they were just having the same types of nightmares that people have had had for centries except that they have sustituted the demons for aliens. Thats why most horror stories in the last few years tend to favor aliens as the source of monsters. Since Demon Knight was released how many theatrical films about demons have there been. In 1972's Horror Express http://www.esplatter.com/reviewshton/horrorexpress.htm you could have sustited a demon for the bodyless alien that kept jumping bodies and producing an army of zombies. In demon knight you could have sustituted aliens for the demons and it would have had no signigant change in the story. Now is this an absolute, of course not. There are horror stories about demons and aliens were you could not substitue one for the other, but for most of them you could and it would not change anything. Buy the way its not imersion that you are arguing its personal taste. I personaly dont like the idea of cybernetic demons and felt that id should have left the cybernetics in the quake universe and kept the doom universe one of strait horror. But of course it is not going to happen because it, will that stop me from enjoying the game. No.
  2. Xzyl

    Mysticism + Doom 3 = ?

    In the movie Event Horizon the ship returned from a place of pure evil. Was it hell or was it was it an alien universe of pure evil? It didnt matter if it were evil spirts or aliens causing death and destruction it was an absolute evil and in the end no one cared if it came from the depth of hell or from beyond the stars. If id were to go with the idea that our mythology about demons and hell are based on aliens and their universe it would not change gameplay at all compared to having them be demons from hell. In the end it does not matter if demon shooting a fireball or an alien shooting plasma at you. The diffences boil down to semantics. If somone helps a demon take over the world they are called a follower or worshiper of that demon, if somone helps an alien take over the world they would be called a traitor or colaberator. If a demon takes over somones body its called posession, if an alien takes over somones body it is called ocupying or infecting someone. When a demon uses an energy attack they give it a supernatural or mystical name, when an alien uses an energy attack they give it a technobable name. In the end the only thing that matter is gameplay. Hellspawn or alien?
  3. Xzyl

    Damage system

    Given that in a lot of shows and movies the undead are portrayed having super human strength I dont find it that odd. Speaking of movies what would you think of somthing like the ghost from Darkness Falls. Here is a link to the trailer if you have not scene it: http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/darknessfalls/previews.html
  4. Xzyl

    The Lost Souls that could have been

    Well of course it would have to be tweaked. The skull would have to be white or grey with some translucency and make the flame normal fire color. Although a red skull could be interesting.
  5. I have been noticing the a comercial for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and notice tht one of the characters has a ghostly flaming skull attack. Here are some pic and a 2.3MB 15 sec movie: http://www.midway.com/futuretense_cs/flash/mkda/screenshots/img_ss37_xlrg.jpg http://www.midway.com/futuretense_cs/flash/mkda/screenshots/img_ss32_xlrg.jpg http://www.midway.com/futuretense_cs/flash/mkda/videos/mkda_cinematic_spot_320.mpg Up to now I had not had an issue with the cyber heads, then I saw the comercial above and thougt why could they have not gone and done it that way except of course for the green color.
  6. Xzyl

    A handful of bullets and low on gas...

    Would you like to use a gas powered chainsaw in an enclosed air tight environment? It will be an electric that sound like gas powered one.
  7. Xzyl

    Hellspawn and Weapon Dee-Lees...

    I can think of another valid reason having reloading on the gatling could be for weapon balancing between it and the assault rifle. Example, Assault rifle: Shoots at a rapid rate (600rpm?), holds a moderate amount of ammo (50rds?), reloads very quickly (1.5 sec, guessing), and can carry several reloads (3 or 4 spare mags, guessing). Gatling Gun: Shoots at an extremly high rate (1200rpm?), holds a large amount ammo (600rds, guessing), reloads very slowly (3-5 sec, guessing), can only carry one reaload (guessing). Basicly giving you a reason not to dump the assault rifle once you have the gatling. Of course they could also use accuracy differentiate them, but I am hoping for more.
  8. Xzyl

    New shot

    Who said thay can shoot strait, even the one with the gatling gun missed.
  9. Xzyl

    Hellspawn and Weapon Dee-Lees...

    I have been rewatching the "I smell fear!" scene to get better view of the gatling guns in action. From what I have scene it looks like the ammo just hangs off the gun dragging on the floor. I looks nice not practical in real life and not frame rate efficant but it does keep in line with previous gatlings of the earlier dooms. I would have prefered an ammo backpack like in Predator or detachable ammo boxs like in americas army operations. Considering that they went through the work to model the ammo belt I dont see why they would not include a reloading animation, unless they inteded to make it a disposable weapon.
  10. Xzyl

    Ammo capacity

    So you want rockets that are just slighly larger than shotgun shells? Something like this 70mm modle would be more reasonable. If the rocket launcher magazine were designed like a 3X3 matrix of 9 rockets, and the mag was the top half of the launcher it could make for an ok balance. 9 shots would make for a decent volly of rockets between reloads. Of course if you want the classic look you could always go with one of these
  11. Xzyl

    Interesting New Preview of Doom 3

    I woundered what happened to it. Oh well DSM's Wolfenstien mod idea sounds good too.
  12. Xzyl

    Marine training

    As to why they have their base gaurded there are several practical reasons: To prevent theft of equipment or projects by rival nations/powers, terroists, pirates, any form of organized crime. We dont know that the base is the only settlement on or near mars (if somthing offical has been mentioned to the contray just ignor where I am taking this). Other games besides half-life also have traing levels. Did I get half-life flashbacks when playing Deus Ex's traing level. PS if you realy hate traing levels that bad just skip them.
  13. Xzyl

    Interesting New Preview of Doom 3

    "My current work on Doom is designed around what was made possible on the original GeForce, and reaches an optimal implementation on NVIDIA's next-generation GPU. My next generation of work will be designed around what is made possible on NVIDIA's next-generation GPU. - John Carmack, id Software" http://www.nvidia.com/content/areyouready/twimtbp.html
  14. Xzyl

    Interesting New Preview of Doom 3

    This is the only Geforce FX stat I care about.
  15. Xzyl

    Interesting New Preview of Doom 3

    Id like to see somone pull off a decent Starcraft Mod. Playing as a human or Protoss infiltrating a Zerg hive where anything could be crawling out of the walls or erupting from the ground. I can just imagine the beautifull real time rendered carnage that would crush the prerendered movies in starcraft.