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  1. Untamed64

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    I've been playing Final Neodoom v1.5, it's got some neat features in it, some carried over from the original Neodoom and there's some new things I don't think I've seen elsewhere.
  2. Untamed64

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Oh, I love that sort of thing. That and sector furniture are so aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Untamed64

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Rider's right, you'll still get your map featured in the UDINO expansion pack, heck, it'll be front and center since it's in the E1M1 slot Also, first time I've heard the term DoomCute.. what's that mean?
  4. Untamed64

    Torm's apology for the Doom community

  5. Nue, Did you even read Torm's response? It was a one time mistake
  6. Honest mistake really, If I was a mapper and had his set up, I bet I'd eventually make the same mistake too
  7. Forgive my ignorance, but isn't that in the text files by default? I guess not
  8. One probably has to wonder how much of it, if any, is homages or tributes that have been taken out of context.
  9. What a coincidence, we recently caught on to some map plagiarism in the Wolf3D community too. The one who did it owned up to having done it, saying they did it back when they were young and inexperienced. Honestly, we were more proud of him that he quickly owned up to what he did when he did, than angry that he had done it in the first place. Sadly, I don't think I can see the same happening here, given Torm's reputation prior to this being found out. Regardless, Tormentor needs to apologize and make an effort to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  10. Untamed64

    what makes a map comfy?

    I wonder how comfy a doom map one could make if it were set in a mall that's mostly dominated by sector furniture and decorations, or perhaps a multi-story 5 star hotel with each room that's suitably comfy enough for one to want to live in
  11. Untamed64

    what makes a map comfy?

    I've got no examples for Doom maps, but I love sector furniture, decorations and other small things, sofas, chairs, pepsi cans, that sort of thing. I like urban maps that feature hotels and such, things like the DukeRoch series of maps on Duke Nukem 3D. That's my kind of aesthetic.
  12. Untamed64

    Mars 3D Re-Release

    Me too, would be good for Steam or GOG
  13. Untamed64

    Mars 3D Re-Release

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but what the heck. Mars 3D is getting an unofficial, translated, with no stolen assets re-release by mail order Here Obligatory "Kissu My Ass"
  14. Untamed64

    Old shovelware CD: "Gaminator"

    Okay I have a hunch about where I could find it. Edit: Found it :3
  15. Untamed64

    Old shovelware CD: "Gaminator"

    Shouldn't be hard to search for Doom.wad and Doom2.wad on there.. unless they're under a different name, in which case you'd have to open each of them up in slade. I could do that for you if you'd like.