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  1. Pasted from the ZDoom Thread Regretfully, it's to my heartache to report that we've lost a former veteran of the ZDoom community, Kate Fox (Also known as SnowKate709, and Pink Silver), in the early morning of December 19th. Kate was a brilliant programmer, and has been known to produce some great, interesting content, such as her solo initiatives A_RandomMod, Pokemon DOOM: Titanium, Krazy Kate, and Error: DOOM. She's been known to dabble in source code modding as well, going so far as attempting the ambitious task of rewriting Doom in Python, and has also been a major contributor to Kyle873's DoomRPG. She was not only friendly and helpful to everyone she's been around, but also had a very fun sense of humor, often playing off fellow community veterans. She was also very supportive of a number of our own during their darkest times, and for that we can't thank her enough. At 3:30AM, the building she was sleeping in caught on fire overnight. Alongside her were numerous computers, forms, paintings and files being stored there. By the time her house mates learned of the situation, she had already passed. As of this time (9:30PM EST), nobody knows what started the fire, but based on existing information, her loved ones believe she has passed peacefully. This is not the end of it. Kate was living with another fellow ZDoom community member, BouncyTEM. The residence was his family's home- and he has lost more than just everything. Bouncy has been severely traumatized with the horror that has befallen his family, on top of the loss of his best friend. Service and donation fundraiser details are currently pending, if any. Rest in peace, Kaitlyn Fox.
  2. Excellent at finding sources of Classic Doom's assets..

    Unfortunately, not as good at finding a place that will permanently host images.


    Almost all of the images in his posts have been lost to time.


    Here's hoping someone managed to save them all

    1. Blackmantis


      I'll do another post soon with more photos! Indeed, I suck with keeping stuff up permanently, but I'll look into rehosting all the original images + more in a thread soon. My original goal was to also get ahold of the Eager Beaver and other doom weapons and get some high quality photos of them in their 'original' poses, and try to match the lighting, FOV as much as possible.

    2. Untamed64


      Oh man

      You are doing god's work.


      Could you upload a zip of all your findings to /idgames/historical or something?

    3. Blackmantis


      I've just picked up something new today.




      Rest assured, I'm working on something big for everyone to enjoy ;)

    4. Untamed64
  3. What could you possibly find annoying in RoTT?
  4. You should do what Encrapment did and mess up the sounds too. They seem a little out of place with their high quality and everything :P
  5. One thing I've always wondered and have been too afraid to ask, What is the source of this old Post Hell theme?
  6. I cant find the random button on /idgames
  7. For those who miss Post Hell
  8. I suppose it isn't that bad.. Can the old layout at least be emulated for those that prefer it?
  9. Don't think of it as glorification, think of it as showing new users what kind of behavior isn't tolerated. #SavePostHell2017 Also, I don't like this new website layout at all. It looks like an april fools joke gone too far. I'm sorry.
  10. Please, Don't mind me. The link to this TC is broken so I made a new one https://mega.nz/#!l91gmajZ!9wWmB-rCqer1--93mtJmWdnNIW_teLoki5TOSpVCpeU If bumping a thread with an updated link is frowned upon, please provide me with an alternative solution.
  11. Will you be making the first DoomRPG game too? The old one for the Java Cellphones?
  12. Are the end times closing in? Hold me, I'm legitimately scared
  13. I wonder if it works with HDoom. Sounds more logical than Brutal Doom compatibility
  14. I'm nominating Trump Doom and I'll nominate Total Chaos for a cacoward and a Mordeth award if its eligible
    One way leads to death, the other way leads to progression. Good concept, shitty execution