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  1. One of the great things about Classic Doom is the infighting and its strategic use by the player. Good luck finishing some maps without it! Now, OK, I'm still feeling my way about Doom Eternal but one of the letdowns for me was the toothless infighting. I guess you can say that it distracts the monsters even if it doesn't hurt them but it really pales besides the awesome scrapping between monsters of Classic Doom. So what gives? Am I missing something? Is there a switch somewhere that will restore real infighting?
  2. I seem to recall when Doom first came out there was no option to keep Run on. Is this because it was meant to be played at walking speed, just running occasionally when circumstances warranted? It would certainly make the game more difficult, Doomguy's speed is his greatest asset. Has anyone ever completed Doom without using Run at all?
  3. aldiboronti

    Decino getting scammed AGAIN!

    When a human being does this unassisted in pacifist mode, then we'll talk about decino being scammed.
  4. aldiboronti

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'm feeling like a total idiot. I've been playing Doom for years but I've just discovered something I should have known long ago. Whenever I had the megaarmor and it was depleted, say to around 70 or 80, if I saw a green armor I'd pick it up and swap to that. 100 has to be better than 70, right? Totally wrong, of course. Megaarmor, however depleted, is still soaking up half of your damage until it runs out, whereas green armor, even at 100, only absorbs a third of your damage. I can't believe I didn't figure that out until recently! As I said, total idiot.
  5. The only difference with the original as far as the BFG secret is concerned is that there was no helpful hint imprinted on the floor. I spent ages years ago trying to get that damned BFG, never realizing the way that door operated.
  6. aldiboronti

    Unkillable imps in Hell to Pay. WTF?

    Many thanks, guys. Rocket splash damage does indeed do the trick, although it's damnably difficult to pull off without mortally wounding oneself into the bargain. Still, these things are sent to try us and at least I now know what's going on and how to fight it.
  7. I'm playing Hell to Pay for the first time and it's not bad at all. So I get to level 14 and what do I find? The modified imps which I've been happily blasting away previously now have a ghostly cousin. These partially invisible imps pass through all walls and doors and seem impervious to all weapons, perhaps even the BFG, although I haven't acquired that yet. How in the name of all that's holy are you supposed to fight them? Actually I've run across this before. I can't recall which megawad but on one level there were ghostly stormtroopers who pursued you the whole damn time through all obstacles and were equally unstoppable. I had to switch into God mode to get through that time and I think I abandoned the megawad in disgust at such unsportsmanlike modding. So, has anybody run into this? Is there a way of dealing with them that I'm missing or are you seriously expected to get through the map with these infuriating spawn of a demented mind at your heels?
  8. The simplest way is to put a shortcut to gzdoom (that's the gzdoom.exe file in your gzdoom folder) on to your desktop then drag and drop any pwad that you want to play on to the shortcut. Gzdoom will ask which iwad you wish to use, eg Ultimate Doom or Doom 2. Select the correct one for the map or wad you wish to play and off you go.
  9. aldiboronti


    I just want to thank all you guys for this wonderful megawad. I've just finished map 06 (valkiriforce, awe and respect - that was one of the most enjoyable maps I've played in years). This megawad has classic and cacoward written all over it - I'm assuming of course that the high standard of the first 6 maps is maintained throughout and I have a feeling that's a safe assumption. Ya did good!
  10. No, it's perfectly possible to reach and get through the final red door in SP. You have to get there pretty damn quickly after pushing the second red switch but it is doable. Or do you mean the second red switch wont work for you? I use GZDoom and there's no problems with that source port.
  11. aldiboronti


    What a wonderful map! A real joy to play. Still hunting down that elusive red key and enjoying every minute. Ha! Just finished it, with a little ammo to spare. Found 4 of the 5 secrets, I'll definitely be making a return visit in a few days to see if I can get a clean sweep. Excellent map and great fun to play. More please!
  12. aldiboronti


    Damn, this looks amazing but I just tried to play it and my onboard graphics just can't cope, I can't get an acceptable framerate and that's even before any monsters appear. It seems incredible that I need to update my graphics capabilities to play an almost 20 year old game but I guess that's a tribute to Doom and the ingenuity of its modern mappers!
  13. Well, I for one would love to see some YouTube walkthroughs up of the levels, especially Map 20 (Silures). As I use GZDoom I'm never able to watch .lmp demos(don't you need PRBoom or something, why is that?) so the TNT files aren't much use unless I start fiddling about with another source port, which I don't want to do).
  14. aldiboronti

    What are you playing now?

    Just completed The Darkening on UV and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. OK, this isn't Hell Revealed but it's certainly no stroll in the park either. Facing down 3 Archviles surrounded by a horde of demons in a confined area is about as frustrating as it gets, especially when ammo shortages mean you're confined to your DB shotgun. After more deaths than I care to remember I finally cracked it though (tactical positioning proved the best solution). Great wad, although I expected more of a challenge from the final level, which turned out to be far easier than some of the preceding maps as it's child's play to get yourself into a position where your rockets can hit the Cyberdemon but his can't touch you. That's bad design.
  15. Odd, isn't it? Show as many tortured men as you like and it's never degrading to men. But show a woman and it's instantly degrading to women. Can't you see that you're perpetuating a Victorian stereotype when women were thought of as delicate flowers to be protected by the men? If you want to find torture degrading then fine, but talk of it as being degrading to humans. The gender has nothing to do with it.