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  1. Forge315

    what do you want to see in DooM III?

    I’d like to see realistic gore like in SOF, and satanic stuff.
  2. Forge315

    New Screens

    No -- the one with Carmack; it's funny.
  3. Forge315

    New Screens

    Go to this post, there's a cool edited pic by a guy named iCeT. http://forums.3drealms.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=005735;p=2
  4. Forge315

    doom poster for download - king size :)

    Hellishly great dude!
  5. Forge315

    Demon Poster

    Email it to me and I'll host it, but I only get 6gigs of bandwidth every month, so I hope this doesn’t like become a popular download. Couldn't it be uploaded to fileplanet? (The evil server!) forge315@commanderkeen.net
  6. Forge315

    Demon Poster

    Sounds good. Are you into graphics and stuff?
  7. Forge315

    Demon Poster

    I guess that'd work, so long as it's highres; for quality printing.
  8. Forge315

    Demon Poster

    So basically you can’t get it, guess I’ll ask "id" about it then; with a little luck maybe they’ll say yeah we don’t make that anymore, and we’ll say "Bummer". Be back when I get a reply. Or you can get this little image: http://www.newdoom.com/hosted/doomencyclo/fichiers/doom_wp01.jpg Other than Todd, I’m going to email Grinsekatze, "grinsekatze@newdoom.com" since the webpage identifies him as being in charge of the websites content; maybe he has the rest of it. Lets work on this together guys, we would all love to have it right? We’d fight for it wouldn’t we! Heh.
  9. Forge315

    LMP Movies

    I dislike being bored, and I really dislike being as bored as you are right now; but it passes and you get back into the grove. But I got a tip for you, when your that bored -- so bored that everything is boring, do something that you’d normally dislike but since your bored it makes no difference. The general idea is that being bored dulls the senses of likes and dislikes because you dislike everything; and when it’s bad it don’t get no worse. Another example would be when your going to die: Because when you are in your last few seconds you wont care about keeping all the evil secrets you’ve been keeping; it’s a time of no fear because your facing the greatest of fears, so when it happens jump off that cliff you’ve been fearing. What have you got to lose?
  10. Forge315

    The Keen replacement

    Well you could use the DopeFish or Osama bin Laden.
  11. Forge315

    Demon Poster

    I can't find this poster, where can I buy it?