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  1. Reptile

    Need help remembering this city level...

    Wouldn't happen to be one of the many levels of Neo Doom? As that semi-fits the description you stated. And yes the city/street stages in that are LARGE.
  2. This is looking promising. Maybe for an alt attacks: For fists could swing the right arm? Chainsaw quick slashes or something? With Dual pistols one button shoots one gun, whilst altattack shoots the other? I don't know, probably bad ideas but meh. Again, this is looking really good, keep it up, can't wait for the beta.
  3. I think I just set the "CyberDemon & Friends" image as my background. Flipping hilarious, good work.
  4. Reptile

    Blackrock castle WIP

    Wow, that is looking awesome. Wouldn't mind to have a crack at this when its done. Although, the last image, with the gravestones, those don't look crash hot (Sprites?) possibly just to create them in 3D or such. Other than that, it looks great.
  5. Reptile

    Playtest anyone?

    Just played through the levels at HMP, loved it, even though that health and ammo was sparse, died a few times by chaingunner traps and them revenant traps, but other than that, was an excellent thrill ride with great architecture. Only found a few secrets lmao, one by sheer luck, 8% health and found that berserk on the ?Second? stage after a trap scared the living daylights out of me. Would like to see this finished.
  6. Reptile


    Quite a nice design, though there was an issue with the ?Last? Mancubus that was close to the 2 Aracnotrons, as it was stuck in the light/torch decorations, it couldn't attack me/move. (Near the end if you can't decode my illiterate piece) Some of the large open areas were a tad bit bland, could use some decorations out there, but thats just my opinion. Other than that, it was a excellent stage to travel through, even though I was "BloodyFace" most of the time scavenging for ammo. Good work.