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  1. Lightning Hunter

    The Dying End problem.

    Good to know. I'll update my copy of Zdoom. I never bothered before, because Zdoom is not my engine of choice. I pretty much use it for testing purposes only. By the way Graf, I've seen a lot of your comments on IDgames after mine. :)
  2. Lightning Hunter

    The Dying End problem.

    Something must have changed in the Zdoom engine along the way, because the version I'm using - 2.1.4 - has the same problem as the screenshot above. The bridge does not go all the way up, no matter how many times I push the switch. The version of Zdoom you used back then to test it must have behaved differently.
  3. Lightning Hunter

    The Dying End

    Definitely a legendary map, although the challenge can be unfair at times on UV skill (and I am usually the one to complain that maps are too easy). Ironically, I think the end battle is easier than the original Living End, because the Barons end up fighting with the Cyberdemon. I will give this map 5-stars despite the somewhat unfair challenge, because it is definitely full of fantastic visuals and ideas.
  4. Lightning Hunter

    The Dying End problem.

    What is supposed to happen? Is the switch supposed to make the bridge rise to the level of the two marble platforms? If so, then I might just modify the map on my end to make it compatible with Risen3d...
  5. Lightning Hunter

    The Dying End problem.

    I am trying to play through "The Dying End" by Christopher Lutz, but can't get passed the part shown in the screenshots. This is the first time I've ever gotten stuck in a user-made map, which tells me it might be a bug. The area in question has a lava pit with a bridge that is supposed to rise. There are revenants on the other side of the lava pit, and a pain elemental in front of a switch down in the pit. I noticed I can push the switch 3-4 times, but then nothing else happens. The bridge does not rise any further than shown below. Thus, I can't escape the lava pit. This happens in Risen3d, Zdoom, and PrBoom (I tested this area in all 3 ports). Am I missing something? Find the map here: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tde-lutz.zip
  6. Lightning Hunter

    What is your favorite single level wad?

    My new favorite map at the moment: Tower of Lies http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?search=1&field=title&word=tower+of+lies&sort=time&order=asc&page=1
  7. Lightning Hunter

    Tower of Lies

    I'd say this is up there with the best Hell-themed maps for Doom2. You can tell a lot of play-testing went in to it, since the game play balance is perfect with just the right challenge. The general ambience and layout is very well done. The ending was not a let down, unlike most other hell-themed maps. Last but not least, the visuals are wonderful. The only aspect of the map that could have been improved was the lighting, but everything else more than makes up for this.
  8. Lightning Hunter

    What is your favorite single level wad?

    Too difficult to choose just one single favorite level, but I can at least tell you my current favorites (which is likely to change in a few weeks): Current favorites: Ultimate Doom: High/Low 3 (highlow3.zip) Doom2: Hollow Minds (KA_HM.zip)
  9. Lightning Hunter

    Occult Library v1.0

    Surprisingly, I enjoyed this map. The game play goes against everything that is logical, but somehow, it all works. Contrary to what the previous reviewer said, I felt the Spider Mastermind trap was clever. There are a few badly designed hallways(and lighting could have been better), but some of the fresh ideas make up for this. If you are looking for something new, definitely try this one. Otherwise, look elsewhere if you want the usual "good map" formula.
  10. Lightning Hunter

    IC DooM 2003 'Yet More DooMing'

    A lot of effort obviously went in to the detailing of this map, but the experience is let down by the poor layout and game play. The entire middle section of the map consists of opening dozens of doors to symmetrical rooms, and shooting hundreds of imps. There is far too much health and ammo (I had enough ammo to take on 10 Cyberdemons by the end of this thing). The ending isn't too bad, but by that point, I kind of wanted it to be over. 3 stars for the attempt.
  11. Lightning Hunter

    Hollow Minds

    Kristian Aro is the master at creating Hell-themed levels, and this is no exception. The quality of Hollow Minds is up there with Death Tormention 3 - one of my favorite packs ever released (which also contains work by Kristian Aro). This level starts out simplistic, but quickly becomes a visual feast, with eye candy every-which direction. The game play consists of quite a few ambushes, which may or may not appeal to all. There are possibly too many secrets with ammo, but that isn't a big deal.
  12. Lightning Hunter


    I'm surprised this map doesn't have more comments! The visuals are fantastic for a map made in '99. In fact, it looks great even by today's standards. There are some very clever ideas I haven't seen anywhere else. The game play is good as well, with plenty of action to go around. My only complaint is a few copy/paste sections, but that can be forgiven with the scope work presented, as well as the originality. This map should be viewed by every mapper, if not just for a few ideas!
  13. Lightning Hunter

    Botero's Mansion

    Just a decent Paul Corfiatis map. The ammo conservation added a nice challenge in my opinion. The theme was somewhat plain, but effective enough. The ending is kind of weak, however (just a switch behind a red key door). 3 of 4 secrets are too difficult to find, unless you go clicking on every single wall; there is no hint at all, since the textures are aligned, and they are hidden on the automap.
  14. Lightning Hunter

    Not in my courtyard

    Nice remake that presents a good challenge. The visuals are nothing spectacular, but definitely get the job done. Kind of a short map, but overall worth playing.
  15. Lightning Hunter

    In A World

    This is another good Chris Hansen map, but not without a few problems. There is a complete lack of health toward the end of the map, which had me killing a Cyberdemon, Revenants, hordes of imps, shotgunners, lost souls, Arch Viles, Chaingunners, and more with only 20% health. There were also some texture alignment issues, and the blue key can be collected by skipping half the map. Despite these issues, the map looks great, plays well enough, and is definitely worth trying.