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Everything posted by KoiKitsune2006

  1. KoiKitsune2006

    Marathon, Hexen

    Funny considering Marathon is Bungie's first made FPS. Even the story in Marathon is the same exact concept of Halo. Although Halo isn't a bad game, it's the people who play it.
  2. I was at my mothers job and her bosses kids were playing Doom in the back. They were playing dial up Coop matches. I was able to play some games and got addicted. But more or less, it was a cock tease. Since I was poor and couldn't afford a computer back in 1995. So I had the SNES, has the SNES port. Piece of shit, but everyone knows that. Then half a year later, I got the PSX port which was excellent for the time. Actually still is. Thats my story.
  3. KoiKitsune2006

    Doom 4 to be in the classic Doom style?

    I'm still going to play Doom 4 though. If Serious Sam was good, Id Software could do better. Well, thats what I am hoping.
  4. KoiKitsune2006

    Marathon, Hexen

    Whoops! Dammit, I was close. >.>
  5. KoiKitsune2006

    Doom 4 to be in the classic Doom style?

    Today, everything is about 1080p graphics and intense shaders. It's not going to be as fast as the original Doom or more balls to the walls, get the fuck outta my way, type gameplay the original Doom offers. Doom 3 was not even a sequal or beginning for Doom 1 or 2 either to begin with. So if Id Software is going to try and bring back the classic, mindless shooter. Their not gonna create a product that replicates the feeling we all shared back in 1994. The one thing they lack, is John Romero. Without one of the reason starters of the Doom series, it's not going to be the same.
  6. KoiKitsune2006

    Marathon, Hexen

    Ugh... Marathon is available to download through a program called AlphaOne. Works on all PCs. Even Vista, surprisingly. However, I don't, like everyone else here, care much for the Marathon games. It's slow, you float rather then fall, no med kits when you need them, confusing level design, and reptitious enemies. The XBLA version, sucks. Nuff said.
  7. KoiKitsune2006

    Have you seen the Doom movie?

    The reason why I came to that conclusion is because Doom is a video game. When its a Video Game, people tend to bitch more. So if its a movie based on a video game, people tend to whine more.
  8. KoiKitsune2006

    Doom 1 *Ultimate Doom* no longer on XBLA?

    Yeah its accurate. But the PC version that we all play is just better. I only sought to get all the achievments instead. lol
  9. KoiKitsune2006

    Have you seen the Doom movie?

    My own guess would be because of hard-core christian followers probably protested against a movie being strictly about hell. Doom has always been, even today, shoves the fires of hell into your face, and forces you to fight. So it probably has alot to do with religious beliefs. I'm guessing they didn't want any problems with those nut cases. Which I think is bullshit, but I could be wrong. Reason why I am thinking that, long ago, religious idiots bitched in 1994 that Doom was about hell. I remember that vaguely though.
  10. KoiKitsune2006

    Have you seen the Doom movie?

    I own the movie. It's not horrible, but it doesn't stay with the original doom story. Instead of the monsters being from hell, they throw in some bullshit that it all has to do with genetics. "Oh yeah! They have the 13th chromosome! It makes them into super human beings or monsters! lawl!" Thats the movie, pretty much, in a nutshell.
  11. KoiKitsune2006


    Revenants are funny. Especially the punching sounds they make.
  12. KoiKitsune2006

    Doom 1 *Ultimate Doom* no longer on XBLA?

    Doom sucks on XBLA. Its just better on the PC, even the PSX and Saturn port is better. I dunno, I just didn't like the XBLA version.
  13. KoiKitsune2006

    Just curious - Pistol

    I use the pistol when I am low on ammo and I already dealt with the much tougher demons. I was dumb enough to fight a cyberdemon with just a pistol. It actually didn't take as long as I though, but, when you're bored time just slips by.
  14. KoiKitsune2006

    What Music Do You Listen To While Playing Doom?

    S.S.H. Try them. Their music kicks ass.
  15. KoiKitsune2006

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    LOL SNES Doom.
  16. KoiKitsune2006

    Doom on PSN?

    I bought the XBLA Doom for fun since it was only 400 MP's. But I would rather play the PC version or the Playstation version of Doom or Final Doom but most prefer the PC version.
  17. KoiKitsune2006

    Rare Doom level pack? Check this out.

    Looking it at, it was released under the radar and Id never found out about it. But I wonder what kind of maps are on that thing.
  18. KoiKitsune2006

    Need some help starting off

    For more help on Doom Builder 2 check out this guy http://www.youtube.com/user/Chubzdoomer He has video tutorials of both doom builder 1 & 2 if you're having difficulty learning a certain action in DB.
  19. I still own my Doom Collectors Edition box set. It's 8 years old now and the CD is still in mint condition. I wondered how the hell its still mint! **
  20. KoiKitsune2006

    Doom in 3D

    Nope, I can't see anything crossing my eyes. lol