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Everything posted by PhillHS

  1. PhillHS

    XWE Source code

    Hi all, Does anyone happen to have a link for the XWE source code, the one on the XWE homepage seems to be dead. Or alternately if you have the file and can post it. Cheers. Phill.
  2. PhillHS

    XWE Source code

    Cheers guys, much appreciated :) Phill.
  3. PhillHS

    Poor performance in gzdoom

    Hi all, I'm suffering really low framrates in gzdoom at some points, it's particularly noticeable in nuts, but also in some of the megawads I've been playing (map 27 of Slaughterfest 2012 for example, which has over 10K monsters). The odd thing is for most levels I don't seem to have a problem. System specs : AMD FX-8120, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD6850, Windows 7 64 bit. The think is it used to run on my old system (also an AMD CPU, but with an Nvidia 8800GT graphics, though that was 32bit XP). Cheers. Phill.
  4. PhillHS

    The Bad Castle

    Contains a Terry trap, Ok up until that point.
  5. PhillHS

    Doomlauncher broken....

    Hi, Doomlauncher seems not to be working for me, when trying to check the ID archive I get "There was an error retrieving data from ID games" I'm getting this on my home machine, and have also tried today at work and am getting the same thing. Problem started a few days ago so I presume something has changed at the server end..... Is there an updated version to fix this? (currently on Cheers. Phill.
  6. PhillHS

    Slight choppyness in GZDoom

    Hi All, I just upgraded my main machine from GZDoom 1.8.x to 2.2.0 I simply extracted the new version in the same directory overwriting the files that where already there. Anyway it seems to work mostly either from DoomLauncher, from my own custom doom manager, or just by running GZDoom. However it does seem somewhat choppier in places, seems to expecially be when turning in an area you have not visited before. I did play with some of the GL settings which does seem to have improved things a little. Does anyone have any tips for smoothing things out again? My machine is an AMD FX-8370, 8G RAM, Win 7 64 bit, NVidia GeForce 970 GTX, so should be capable of running this....... Cheers. Phill.
    Humm seems to crash after about 20 seconds of play, goes **VERY** slow and have to end-task gzdoom.exe to get out. Using GZDoom 2.2.0, Win7-64, 970GTX. Also is the status bar meant to be those weird colours it looks corrupt.
  7. PhillHS

    Joey's World Tour, THE WAD!

    GZDoom bombs : Script error, "joeywrld.wad:DECORA TE" line 30: SpawnID must be in the range [0,255]
  8. Couple of suggestions for the idgames / download list: Would be useful to have a column detailing game mode DM/SP/COOP Would be useful to have a column with the number of maps in the wad Cheers. Phill.
  9. PhillHS

    Looking for a WAD I played....

    Hi all, I found the one I was looking for MAP29 of Dark Tartus. Cheers. Phill.
  10. PhillHS

    Looking for a WAD I played....

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a megawad I once played, what I can remember about it is, that there was a good level near the end (25-29) that took place mostly high up on a building. I seem to remember the level being mostly a large L or U shape. I also vaguely remember if having modified wall textures (but I may be wrong). The level in question did have a pretty nice background music track tho. Does anyone have any idea what level it could be and from what megawad. Cheers. Phill.
  11. PhillHS

    NDCP2 Map 22

    Ok so I have the red and yellow keys and have found the blue key, but when I pick it up some doors close, and a switch is revealed, flipping the switch opens one of the doors. But then there's an area with a load of barrels and the switch to proceed behind it. If I shoot the barrels all the Archviles teleport in and I'm toast.....how do I proceed without getting killed (apart from cheating of course !). Cheers. Phill.
  12. PhillHS

    Good WADs of 2009

    Do you happen to have links to these, or at least the names of the zip files to search for, as I have tried finding them and had no luck apart from Plutonia 2 which I have just completed.... Cheers. Phill.