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  1. Well, anyway, I sort of doubt I'm gonna somehow figure out how to render a new status bar in ZScript in a way that doesn't break mod compatibility for something that's only used in a single map, so here's my latest revision of my map with an ACS status bar instead. It jumps when you cross portals, but it's still handy to have.
  2. Is there a latest build somewhere? I should've brought this up sooner, but the image for my map's portal looks like it's using an older version where the spotlights are broken as of GZDoom introducing Spotlight actors of its own, and I wanna be sure it's not out-of-date. Besides that, I made a radar to point out where the switches are, but it's not portal-aware, and apparently making a portal-aware one would involve making it in ZScript, and I haven't got a god damn clue where to even begin with that.
  3. Shadow Hog

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    I never once got the sense that the Doom artwork was washed-out. AFAIK monitors still generally use the same gamma that they always have*, 2.2. The biggest exception I can think of was Mac pre-OSX 10.6, where it's 1.8; even they switched to 2.2 of late, though. If anything, I always thought modern stuff, with their frequent desaturation and tint filters (though we're getting better about it), looked more washed-out than Doom does, with its bold, saturated reds, blues and greens spattered about. (*Or, at least, were supposed to; obviously there was some variance if people genuinely found themselves having to use the gamma settings in various games.)
  4. Shadow Hog

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    I'll just say Lampenpam's sample Imgur GIF looks incredible and I'd love to see a Doom map that actually looks like that.
  5. Maybe just make one like the DUMP series. Just a bunch of rooms with giant pictures of each stage sprinkled throughout, each with a teleporter in front that takes you there. Coming back to the hub map afterward shuts off access to that teleporter. Once enough teleporters are shut off, a final stage opens.
  6. Shadow Hog

    Why Was MS Synth Removed?

    FWIW, MIDIs intended for MSGS still tend to sound fine on an SC-55 (or higher, but in SC-55 emulation mode), if not better (because proper reverb, chorus, actual GS instruments which haven't been in MSGS for several OSes now, etc), but yeah, there are absolutely exceptions. Take "Trapeze" from Ancient Aliens, for instance; it has a bit where a taiko drum is the lead, but MSGS implements the pitch range of the taiko instrument incorrectly, such that going up a full octave in it goes up a full octave in pitch instead of, like, half an octave or so. The result is that it sounds fine in MSGS (as it should, being the target synth), but like garbage on SC-55. Have a recording to hear what I mean; first is on MSGS, second is on Roland Sound Canvas VA in SC-55mkII mode, third is Yamaha S-YXG50 in GS mode. Despite the latter two being much more capable synths (and much sharper-sounding at that, with a higher bitrate or something), only the first one sounds right.
  7. Shadow Hog

    gz doom how to load .deh files

    I'm not a fan of finding only "nvm fixed it" when I'm searching for answers on the Internet on technical questions, so I'll answer the question anyway - in case this somehow shows up in a search result of its own and would otherwise leave the searcher confused: You drag the DEH file onto gzdoom.exe at the same time you drag the WAD file. That's it. That's all you have to do. Heck, you might not even have to do that much with more-recent WADs too, since they likely include the DEH file as an internal lump (usually "DEHACKED"), which is automatically loaded by most source ports.
  8. Shadow Hog

    [GZDoom] Can't get sector portals to work

    Well, technically you can do the latter case... if you're willing to break it up into yet more portals. Discovered that quirk while making my 150 Hell Knight map. Breaking it into only two chunks wouldn't suffice, it has to be at least three to avoid the infinite recursion problem. A quick, obvious way to break it up would be to have the north and south passageways be separate sectors connected to the west and east rooms by a portal each (so, two passageways connecting to two rooms each resulting in four more portals total). EDIT: For the helluvit, have a sample WAD - for posterity, if nothing else. ThreeTunnelsButOneIsShorter.7z
  9. (I have no idea how y'all are doing those name highlights.) Watching MegaBlast's first stream made me suddenly realize the smaller spotlights in my map were completely non-functional. I'm somewhat impressed you were still able to navigate that mess with half the lights that were supposed to navigate you not being present! It turns out that the name of my decoration, "Spotlight", is now reserved for an actual built-in GZDoom object, when that hadn't been the case when I made the map. Whoops. Well, better we find that out now than later, so I can more readily fix it! Basically, whoever it is that's in charge of compilation at this point is gonna need to change the end of the DECORATE file from to I've also updated the PK3 on my Dropbox, if you'd rather copy it from that. Same URL as before, but here it is again anyway.
  10. The mapset's designed for GZDoom, though.
  11. Shadow Hog

    Glitched skies in prboom

    I'm pretty sure you can use a texture of any size for the Replace Sky linedef special...
  12. Shadow Hog

    Glitched skies in prboom

    Looks to me like you might be using patches greater than 255 pixels tall? At least, I vaguely recall tutti-frutti appearing when I cross over to anything 256 pixels or taller. Gotta break it up into multiple patches of 128 pixels tall in that case. Of course, I'm not 100% sure if that's the case for the latter image, which I think is just a stock Plutonia sky. Not entirely sure what went wrong there; I'd guess that it was >256 pixels wide (another barrier for patch size, though unlike height, 256 pixels is non-inclusive for causing the bug and is, in fact, the recommended maximum width), but I don't believe that texture is wider than 256 pixels? (I don't have Plutonia on-hand to check it, I'm at work.)
  13. Which my map does, so good luck with Zandronum. It might still be completable; I forget if I put any switches behind portals. I kinda suspect I did, though, in which case you can't win without noclip.
  14. I always just figured it'd stick with the original thread title, 150 Hell Knights and a Megasphere. Sort of like how Snakes on a Plane stuck with that title.
  15. Shadow Hog

    Neural nets sort of generate Doom maps but not really

    Don't forget nuts.wad, gotta have it learn that more monsters = better monsters