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  1. I expect the problem is more paralysis of choice - the sort of thing that you get when you own tons of video games, but don't particularly feel like playing any of them. In this case, you're offered nearly unlimited potential, to the point that a newbie won't decide what to focus on and the end results will be a "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" scenario, or perhaps they'll feature creep their map to hell and back and it never gets completed. I dunno how true it is, TBH, but I expect that's where the Boom-format people are coming from - with a far more limited feature set, it forces the newbie mappers to focus a lot more narrowly on the basics. As far as my cart in the race, I like both formats a lot. Granted, I like being able to script in ACS a lot more than voodoo doll trickery, and I also really like that UDMF lets me shift around flats, or define different offsets for different parts of a sidedef - but by and large, I can work just fine in Boom as well.
  2. For what it's worth, I'm still chugging away at a WAD that supports UMAPINFO! I know that you're mostly talking about engine support, but still, it's something! I do kinda wish that had caught on more; it's turning out to be quite handy.
  3. I know this was a rhetorical question, but to answer it anyway: MAP01 of Ancient Aliens.
  4. Palmtree Panic Past?
  5. There presumably isn't one. ZDoom (and any derivative) lets you summon monsters, weapons or pretty much anything in DECORATE/ZScript via a console command, but that's the only example I can think of, and it still isn't summoning a random monster (let alone 20 at once) unless you have a mod loaded that has a new Thing defined that spawns one (or 20) randomly-chosen monster from a set. Vanilla does not offer this feature at all, nor do most non-ZDoom source ports that I've used.
  6. Timely that this thread came up, as over the weekend I was dabbling with a fusion between E1M1 and MAP01. Redrew what I could from memory, then referenced the actual map data to tweak a few things (mostly heights/texture usage). I'm not sure I'm actually gonna use it for the project I'm making, though; while I can see some merit to having a familiar introductory level to help sell the point of the map set I'm making, having such a blatant riff on well-tread maps probably also isn't putting my best foot forward. (Potentially barring myself from /idgames is also pretty strong disincentive.)
  7. 32-in-24 17: "It's actually 32-in-25..."
  8. So it's a Guy Fawkes-themed session this year?
  9. I'm probably not gonna be buying this right away, but not for any political stance or anything - more that I'm broke, and hell, I never played The New Order despite buying it on sale, so I might as well do that first.
  10. This question is a year old, for the record. (But then, I'm replying to a reply from Saturday, so I suppose I'm not helping.)
  11. In general, caustics are bright spots on surfaces that result when light goes through a substance that refracts it (e.g.: glass, water). Wikipedia has a decent illustration of it here. Water caustics, then, is obviously caustics specifically caused by water. It's sort of a ripply effect, constantly moving as the water surface itself ripples, and can be visible on surfaces both underwater and, in some circumstances, above it.
  12. He's on here, yes.
  13. Nice caustics. Not something you see often in Doom maps, if ever.
  14. It's this eyebrow-raise emoji from Emoji 5.0. I'm using it a bit prematurely, but most vendors are rolling out support for it around about now (Microsoft apparently putting it out as part of today's Win 10 Fall Update, Twitter and Google supporting it for a while, Apple rolling out support with iOS 11.1 sometime soon-ish...), so it'll possibly be not-square soon enough.
  15. Fair enough, then - mostly was just curious.