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  1. Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I got bored last night while adding loop points to a MIDI I was gonna use in a project.
  2. "UMAPINFO" discussion

    Belated response, but yeah, it looks like it's the curly-brace syntax that was settled upon. Graf's SVN has a listing of all the tags that are implemented, as far as I know.
  3. "UMAPINFO" discussion

    I know that stable releases of [G/Q]ZDoom have had it in place for a while now. I'm not sure if anything else has implemented it; people aren't really using it yet, though I'm not sure if it's because they don't care, or if they're waiting for broader support from Boom-format engines (who are probably waiting for maps that require it to force their hand, creating a bit of a Catch-22).
  4. Any cool mods?

    No. There are absolutely no cool mods for Doom. None whatsoever. (But really go check out Samsara or ww-cola or Reelism or something I dunno)
  5. Wavy Water

    Also, you could put the water on a 3D floor, and then use Ceiling_Waggle on the 3D floor's control sector to have it bob up/down. Almost certainly not what you were asking for, but it's an extra thing ya can do if ya want. Could even make it swimmable while you're at it.
  6. In which case, we only need to make 77.44 maps in order to reach 1.21 gigawads. Great Scott!
  7. Obviously, given we're using SI notation, we need to start using it correctly. Ergo, a WAD can only be called a MegaWAD if it contains 1,000,000 maps. If it contains 1,000,000,000, it is a GigaWAD. 1,000,000,000,000 is a TeraWAD. For map counts that are more likely to be seen in reality, 1,000 is a KiloWAD, 100 is a HectoWAD, and 10 is a DecaWAD, with 32-map WADS being just over three DecaWADs large.
  8. Brutal Doom v19

    Well, you could start with why on Earth you're posting Brutal Doom v19 when I'm not aware of anyone asking for it.
  9. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Still not quite ready to properly announce that UMAPINFO thing I'm working on, but I can at least show off a few shots of what I've made so far: One of these maps isn't even properly finishable at the moment; haven't yet put in the Exit line. You'll just have to guess which one~ (Also, I should probably ask a proper artist for some custom Mancubus/Arachnotron MARBFACEs... and fix up the columns in that level shown in the last screenshot, while I'm at it.)
  10. I don't know that this panned out quite the way I wanted it to, but nevertheless, the map's pretty much done. Here's a screenshot indicative of what to expect: Here's the download. I know the OP asked for a .WAD file, but considering you're going to be compiling everything into a .PK3 file anyway, I decided to just keep my submission in .PK3 format to begin with - so you only need to copy/paste things into the final compilation, more or less.
  11. Best custom music in a Doom wad?

    Oh, hey, it's some music from The Hybrid Front: Great soundtrack. No idea about the game itself (strategy game that only came out in Japan, sooo), but the music is excellent.
  12. Couldn't say, in all honesty, but Quake's sound is more like this.
  13. None, because they would all see my setup for a seafood dinner, promptly ignore it and move directly to brutally murdering me.
  14. Funny, I thought it fit Keen 4 just fine, but was crazy overused in Catacomb 3D given it's basically the game's only music track (or if it isn't, I didn't get far enough into the game for it to change - and I put like an hour into that thing!).