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  1. Oh, hey, it's some music from The Hybrid Front: Great soundtrack. No idea about the game itself (strategy game that only came out in Japan, sooo), but the music is excellent.
  2. Couldn't say, in all honesty, but Quake's sound is more like this.
  3. None, because they would all see my setup for a seafood dinner, promptly ignore it and move directly to brutally murdering me.
  4. Funny, I thought it fit Keen 4 just fine, but was crazy overused in Catacomb 3D given it's basically the game's only music track (or if it isn't, I didn't get far enough into the game for it to change - and I put like an hour into that thing!).
  5. Those work, though I wonder if pairing Dark with Bright is the best idea when it's Doom that Dark is paired with. Suppose I'm overthinking that.
  6. Ah, there's the deadline. I confess I haven't really touched my map since January - kinda don't really like the direction it's going, might scrap the map part of it, reuse the assets I'd made for a simpler take, I dunno - but I'll still see what can be done by March.
  7. The problem I see with some of these is that they suffer from the same ambiguity that the current names do. Going from "Standard" to "Basic" still doesn't really describe what it's doing, why it's doing it, or why you'd want it or another lighting choice over another. Not to mention, "Modernized" isn't at all what's really going on with "Doom" and "Dark" - they were attempts to replicate the software diminishing lighting, which is kind of inherently the opposite (and stuck around even when "Software" came along and did what they were attempting to do much better than they did). There's a happy medium somewhere in here, I'm sure of it...
  8. I'm under the impression that the time for more-descriptive names was sufficiently long enough ago that we're sorely overdue for them. Going by the names in the poll and the descriptions on the wiki, something like this would be good: Standard -> "Use a standard GL formula" Bright -> "Keep sectors relatively bright" Doom -> "Old vanilla approximation" Dark -> "Old vanilla approximation, no nearby brightening" or: Dark -> "Old vanilla approximation, no GLSL" Legacy ->"Emulate Doom Legacy 1.42 GL lighting" Software -> "New vanilla implementation (req. GLSL)" Though I'm unsure how long the names can get before they start getting cut off by the screen's edge. I also think we're getting to the point where Software can be the default option, though at the same time I'm just wary enough of old hardware still being in use to be truly confident about it.
  9. Ah, nah, don't sweat it. Health comes first!
  10. Sorry to be pushy, but since it's been well over a week - how's this coming along?
  11. I feel like "vastly" is overselling the differences a bit here. The SC-55 is better if you want absolutely no compromises, to be sure, but I still found SCVA to be a worthwhile investment, if only for the ability to use the extra instruments the SC-88/-88Pro/-8820 used (which, I should stress, is more for listening to random MIDI files that I know for a fact use them and absolutely not for DOS gaming, since pretty much no DOS game does use them). The synth strings sounding different didn't really bother me enough. (That said, I also have a physical CM-500 to cover my need for an authentic SC-55 should I absolutely need one...)
  12. Pay $1 to find out if you get a 5★ weapon to take on your foes! If you only get a 1★ weapon, though, then give us more money, you'll get your 5★ eventually, honest!
  13. On that note, I had wanted to see how well your engine could take my Walken, but attempting to load up the relevant map (MAP23 of 32in24-14.wad) appears to be one of those "fails to build a level properly" situations. idclev23 will do the map fusion bug reported above consistently. Warping directly to the map from the console gives you a black screen.
  14. My only question is whether or not this source port factors into the whole "enhanced Boom format" discussion from last year at all.