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  1. I mean, I'm pretty sure even Holy Hell has its brief moments of downtime.
  2. I respect what they're going for, but I'm not really one for difficult maps all that often, and slaughtermaps frequently hew that direction. I'm certainly fine with them existing for the people whose niche it fits, however! I think my annoyance is more playing a mapset full of relatively normal maps and then getting thrown into a slaughter-ish map - it's a rather huge difficulty spike when that happens. That's usually more common in community mapsets that didn't fine-tune the difficulty curve to build up to that sort of intensity, really. Then again, I remember suggesting Ancient Aliens was a slaughter mapset around when that came out, and understandably getting flak for that suggestion when the average monster count is closer to your average not-"Go 2 It" Plutonia level (a couple hundred) than actual slaughtermaps (several hundred, frequently thousands). It just made intelligent use of what monsters were used where and when, achieving an intense level of crossfire and area-denial at any given moment despite its low monster count - something there doesn't really seem to be a term for in the community, or at least, none that I know of. Slaughtermaps inherently have that same crossfire/area-denial situation by virtue of having so many monsters at once on all sides of the player, but again, AA was nowhere near that level of monsters at a given time, so...
  3. Well, a better approach would be to make a completely separate WAD, put your music replacements in that, and then load both it and the mod you want to replace the music for at the same time (mod going earlier, music WAD going later), but regardless, yeah, there's ways around lackluster music choices if you really gotta replace 'em.
  4. For some reason, all I can think of is "doom = human body allegory" Not quite as off-the-wall wacky, but similarly befuddling.
  5. I'm really impressed with the descending water gimmick in MAP02, I gotta say. Had to pop open the map to see how that was pulled off, and even armed with the knowledge that it involved the Donut line specials, I'm still kinda clueless.
  6. Well, that's not entirely true - it's a 3D game, and it's hard (I assume).
  7. Been toying with the new lump for a few days, since, hell, why not, somebody might as well do so. Just a few questions: Did I miss a build of Graf's PrBoom+ fork that has the curly brace syntax? The one on the Github page seems to still be using INI syntax. I mean, I'm fine developing against that syntax for now, it's more or less just a RegEx find/replace to go from one to the other; just curious. (I did try compiling my own build, but was having include/linker issues, with a file or two asserting SDL.h couldn't be found, even when the most-up-to-date versions of SDL2, SDL2_mixer, SDL2_image and SDL2_net are put into the proper places in the Include Directories and Linker Directories in the project properties for both projects in the solution - I don't even know...) Though I see there's a way to skip the level stats screen entirely (a la Ultimate Doom), is there a way to skip the "entering [level]" part of said screen? It's present even when it's transitioning to an end-state (whether that's "EndGame = true", "EndCast = true" or what-have-you). I suspect it has to do with how "Next" is still defined for the map slot I'm using, even though the UMAPINFO doesn't explicitly define one, but I wouldn't know how to clear that - with intermissions, that'd be "Intermission = clear", but "Next = clear" just throws a "string expected at line n" error, so obviously it's not that. On that note, that "clear" keyword seems to be case-sensitive, even when the rest isn't. "Intermission = Clear" doesn't parse. I'm assuming it's intentional that BossAction only works for Things that call A_BossDeath? Not that it's a huge hardship, it's easy enough to make a BEX file to work around that for any Thing that I want to use that property on.
  8. Well, I more meant taking the most-recent version intended for use directly with GZDoom, and then attempting to use it with Zandronum verbatim, not attempting to use any Zandronum-specific build. Zan 3.0 was able to take that punch fairly well, with only a few client crashes and the occasional inability to move anywhere on a map change (usually back to the lobby).
  9. It is beyond my ability/available time to produce a comprehensive list as of writing, but I believe Reelism is one such WAD that didn't work in 2.1.2 but works (well, generally works) in 3.0.
  10. Tim Follin didn't have anything to do with the original Ghosts'n Goblins. Original music was composed by Ayako Mori, and the NES version depicted credits both them and Harumi Fujita. Follin's only relation to the series are the C64 and Amiga versions of Ghouls'n Ghosts, but that's the sequel, not Ghosts'n Goblins itself; Mark Cooksey did the music for the C64 and Amiga ports of that one.
  11. You might note those are all just ZDoom derivatives (except Eternity, but I expect support is limited there), and the OP stated they were trying to expand beyond ZDoom. ...Well, beyond GZDoom, specifically, but I suspect they meant support for things like PrBoom+ and such; unless you were using fairly-new features or hardware-renderer-specific features, odds are your GZDoom map was already supported by many of those ZDoom derivatives.
  12. If you're trying to target more than one source port, right now Boom format's pretty much your most-advanced choice. There's an effort to expand that feature set going on in the Source Ports subforum, though (in the Boom+ format/UMAPINFO threads).
  13. Yep, definitely recall that being a thing - though IIRC it was more of a shout-out to the original Sonic games having a similar mode when you entered in certain codes. I never found it that useful, myself, since if I wanted to test the functionality of an object, I'd probably already made a small test map specifically for it. (And as far as testing, say, DECORATE objects in ZDoom goes, it already has the "summon" and "summonfriend" CCMDs.) The idea of having an in-engine Visual Mode where you could rapidly change Thing placements and sector properties (maybe sidedef properties too, I dunno) would be interesting I suppose, but also sort of outside the scope of this thread, innit? That's hardly scripting. Besides which, it'd be more of a feature for an engine maker to do at their leisure than anything especially useful.
  14. You probably want to put that in the dedicated scripting thread at this point...
  15. If I had one, then sure, gladly! But I don't. I guess I used to work on SRB2, but that's not really a Boom-compatible source port anyway. (And they already support their own variant of MAPINFO, so...)