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  1. Shadow Hog

    Duke It Out With Your Pals

    Probably so we would all immediately go "yup, that's Kinsie's test map" like we are currently all doing.
  2. Presumably an oversight. Not like it really hurts the game in the long run, though.
  3. Shadow Hog

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Well it's not nearly as impressive a credit as Jimmy's, but this is still surreal to see.
  4. Shadow Hog

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    FUD or not, this is why I tend to keep my old retro computers off of the Internet outright. There's a lot of value to having them run old OSes - software compatibility, the ability to use older obsoleted hardware or standards like Voodoo cards or A3D - but none of that necessitates connecting up to the 'net, when a sneakernet file transfer is sufficient.
  5. Shadow Hog

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    I'm pretty sure I had Windows 10 running on an Bloomfield (specifically the i7-930), which predates Sandy Bridge, and didn't notice much in the way of performance penalties. Course, I'm running Win10 on a Kaby Lake processor build now (i7-7700K), and if I ever go back to that old build for retro purposes (IDK why, since Win10 seems to run Win7 era games just fine and I already have a few XP builds, but [shrug]), I'd be putting Win 7 on it again (it just feels right, y'know?), but tossing this anecdote out there anyway.
  6. Shadow Hog

    Source port with mouselook for Windows 98?

    I mean, it's a TSR for MS-DOS, is it not? I think you'll find it works just fine if you reboot into MS-DOS mode, provided you don't have another mouse driver setup in autoexec.cfg (and you probably do).
  7. Shadow Hog

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    A lot of them have switched to HDMI-only, frustratingly (but understandably).
  8. Shadow Hog

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    Yeah, this probably should get hashed out sooner than later. I'll note it's also probably behind this still-open GZDoom bug report, because I was expecting the text screen's music to change but not the level stat screen's music. In PrBoom+/UM, that's exactly what I get, but in GZDoom, either it changes both or the level stat music will play over the text screen.
  9. Shadow Hog

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    On that note, it might be nice if we could extend "endbunny" to support arbitrary images and/or directions. I assume, as it stands, it literally only offers the ability to use "PFUB1" and "PFUB2", starting on the former and scrolling left to reveal the latter, as per the end of Episode 3 of Doom.
  10. I always found the MIDI conversion more convincing if you change the piano instrument to a sine wave one (if the MIDI synth supports GS instruments, anyway; Ocarina would have to suffice if it only has GM). Then it just sounds like a stupidly-low-bitrate MP3 or something. Yes.
  11. Shadow Hog

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    Given this is a ZDoom project, you could just use ZMAPINFO to change the map's sky. I don't know that a bunch of disparate maps with only the number of Hell Knights and Megaspheres in common is going to have much in the way of sensible map progression, anyway, so the sky being different in one map probably won't matter too much.
  12. Shadow Hog

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    I should note that "the system is using distorted sprites instead of using quads" is kind of erroneous thinking - the distorted sprites are the quads. I don't think any other means of rendering 3D geometry was used on the system (barring using the Mode 7-like effect one of the VDPs could do to a background layer - the Panzer Dragoon series used that one a lot to create vast expanses of things). Also all of those graphics are typically paletted to my understanding, too; I'm guessing, but don't hold me to this, that there wasn't enough room in the Saturn's palette RAM to define all the colored lighting tints, so they just didn't bother. That said, perhaps I should poke at palette RAM and see what's actually loaded in there before I commit to this theory.
  13. Shadow Hog

    A Doom Collab?

    UMAPINFO also fills this use case, assuming you want to keep things as otherwise-vanilla as possible. It still requires use of a port that supports it, however, which means PrBoom+/UMAPINFO at the minimum (GZDoom also supports it and I believe Eternity will at some point), but that'd probably be a bit less limiting in the end, even still.
  14. Yup, after some finagling that worked perfectly. Since I wanted that fixed ASAP, I've gone ahead and pushed a revision that should be way, way more compatible with mods. I've tried several - Guncaster as per above, but also BDLite, Smooth Doom, Cola3, and even abort_m for a laugh, and they all work as expected (even the ones listed here that don't replace the enemies - actions aren't fired twice or anything). Also some tweaks to level design here and there after watching the video above. Seems I mostly did pretty good about indicating the way forward, but there were a few kinks that needed ironing out, so I did.
  15. Yeah, on that note, I've been thinking... is there a way in ACS to easily determine if a specific enemy class has been replaced by a modified one? I kind of want to redo the script to be automatic instead of requiring manual input from the user, but I also don't want it to fire the BossAction events twice in the event that the monsters are purely vanilla (as the DeHackEd changes will execute properly in that case).