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  1. Pieruskwurje

    Winter's Fury

    I'm surprised Winter's Fury even works with so many gameplay mods stacked on top. Since it's not designed for any of them, you'll be bound to run into script errors in some levels but I don't think any of them will soft-lock you. I hope. Glad you're enjoying it.
  2. Pieruskwurje

    S.U.P.E.R Natural: Demo

    Ah, this only recently got bumped on ZDoom forums as well. What's going on right now, did the search term supernatural go up in popularity or something? That aside, the mod unfortunately had some problems around 2016/7 where the GZDoom engine started making some big changes I'd never thought we'd see. The mod still works, but a lot of the code in it is really hacky and was only bound to get worse as the mod increased in size. The introduction of ZScript inspired a big rewrite of many of the features along with other new additions such as eternity style portals. This takes a long time. It's still being worked on, but I will be honest and tell you to not hold your breath for the time being. I've been working on another project that's nearly finished lately so I hope that can tide over the eternal wait for this. I'm glad you all enjoyed the demo. I really hope you all get to play the final version one day.
  3. Great to see this released standalone. I really enjoyed Paradise with these gameplay changes so I'll definitely enjoy testing these out elsewhere!
  4. Pieruskwurje

    Winter's Fury

    Thank you, this does mean a lot to me. I'm happy to know many more people will get the chance to have fun playing it. I did see this, I was contacted by the author of the article before he posted it. He also asked me to answer some brief questions about the mod in an interview format which I agreed to. I imagine this will come up as another article soon. Supposedly the Bethesda Twitch channel will be streaming a bit of gameplay from the mod too, which I will likely be asleep for... I look forward to seeing what other mods they've chosen to look at; Winter's Fury is nearly 7 years old now so that gives me faith they are capable of looking back in time to find a classic or two to talk about alongside more recent stuff.
  5. Pieruskwurje

    Most visually creative/beautiful megawads?

    Jumping and crouching are enabled in Winter's Fury. You'll need both of them on to get past the first area. Mouselook is pretty much required too, unless you're a god with auto aim. Edit: Also worth noting that Winter's Fury is not usually considered a megawad; it only has 12 playable maps.
  6. Pieruskwurje

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Yep. It's not done yet, but the project has a similar structure to Winter's Fury, since I enjoy making these kinds of things so much. I hope you'll enjoy it.
  7. Pieruskwurje

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Nice. Something about dynamic lights in low resolution looks so satisfying.
  8. Pieruskwurje

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Well done to everyone involved in this list. You've done fantastic work. Thank you for taking the time to write this and/or make maps that have appeared here. While going through the list from 100 to 1, I was wondering to myself which maps I would put on a memorable top 100 list. While I'd probably never create one, I'm happy to see so many of my own choices here like Void, Dead.Wire, the final map of Equinox, and the Mancubian Candidate. And those are just the few I can remember off the top of my head. Of course, I quietly hoped to myself that my favourite map I've ever made and would never forget would end up on this list, and I was overjoyed that it did. @Demon of the Well, and anybody else involved, thank you so much. I intend to make a map that offers an even more striking cinematic crescendo, and I'll keep this in the back of my head the entire time. EDIT: Just realized in all the confusion I posted this in the wrong thread, but same congratulations apply to the cacoward winners!
  9. Don't have a screenshot on-hand, but: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/69837-super-natural-demo/?tab=comments#comment-1298850 If you enjoy pitch-black walking simulators, you can play the 4 year old tech demo. 4LAKE is the map lump name of that particular map if you just want to warp to it. It's not nearly as impressive as the screenshot makes it look, which is part of what made it such a nightmare. So much effort for very little payoff.
  10. I'm never touching this map ever again.
  11. Pieruskwurje

    Interesting maps/wads made by young people

    Winter's Fury was started when I was 13, and finished when I was 17. In contrast to the thread's expectations, I think it's fairly common to see some of the best projects made at around 16~, due to having a large pool of creativity and lots of free time to bring it to reality. This at least applied to me, but probably isn't the case for everyone. All the good ideas I think of now I have to write down/draw up, otherwise I'll forget them by the time I get the chance to make them...
  12. Pieruskwurje

    Maelstrom's Heretic Element Storm and Fulgurite Edition

    The original version of this mod was under development in 2008, almost 10 years ago. The code must have definitely shown its old age, so great work cleaning it up. I remarkably could remember the colours of the original elements quite well, so having a few colours changed around messed me up a few times! Nothing beyond Golems and Gargoyles were spawning for me, was that intentional? I was playing in the latest development build of GZDoom. Also the DM maps seemed to be inaccessible, but I'm pretty confident I'm the one who made them (eg. Starscream). I could never forget how awful they were for DM.
  13. Pieruskwurje

    Disappearing History (2nd thread)

    I can help you out with that. My brother was the one who made the mod, and I'm pretty confident I still have a million different copies of it buried on my old computer. I'll check soon.
  14. Pieruskwurje

    Winter's Fury Multiplayer?

    It's not possible to play Winter's Fury in cooperative. Many of the scripts and gameplay traps are designed to be for a single player only. A lot of changes would need to be made to make it coop compatible, and I don't really want to put in that effort. You'll have to settle for single player. Sorry.