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  1. Recurracy

    [WIP] [Zandro] PooP: Fartyguns

    This is just a dumb wad I'm working on called Fartyguns. I've been working on this on and off since 2009, and thought I had lost it until, I dunno, say, a year ago, when I suddenly found it in my mediafire account. Since then I've decided to pick it up again, because obviously, it's just too damn shit to let it rot and ferment into jenkem. Some may consider it immature; some may consider it a work of art. Whatever perspective you're looking at this from, I hope you enjoy it. If you don't, that's fine too. I guess it's nothing revolutionary or ground-breaking, as I'm mostly just throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks, but I'm having fun developing this and I'm posting about this hoping someone else will have fun with it too. But mostly to get this shit out of my system. Features include a fart hotkey, farting enemies, farting weapons, farts, farts, fire, gas, and more farts, oh, and a custom HUD. Oh - and I developed it specifically for Zandronum, meaning you can have a complete shitfest with your friends! Bother your pals, your buddies, your frienderinos, your butt-buddies, by gassing the spawn, or setting it on fire, or simply annihilating them with some stupid overpowered shit. Or maybe send them flying across the room with the super shotgun. Or send a baron flying in their face. It's almost done, all I need to do is a few more features before I do an extra pass to filter out shit that is just too offensive, then I'll pump out the first release, after which I'll just trickle more content into it as I see fit. Some media:
  2. can confirm this gamemode kicks ass it's a fresh breath of life zandro desperately needed in the sea of megaman dm
  3. Recurracy

    Project:Doom nukem wolf serious quake warrior

    An absolute masterpiece, instant classic, 10/10 forever, GOTYAY. You should start a kickstarter!