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  1. Amr0d

    Wacken 2002

    Go to wacken-open-air.de its also available in english
  2. Amr0d

    Wacken 2002

    Is here anybody who drives to the Wacken Festival in Germany?? Many Rock- and Metal bands will be there like Rammstein or Blind Guardian etc. Cool if i can meet some Forum people
  3. Amr0d

    Who they resemble

    Thats me in front of the PC
  4. Amr0d

    Doom2/Quake going portable!

    I have Doom for Gameboy Advanced but the Game has one mistake: Green blood i makes a lot of fun to play a little deathmatch on way to school i am waiting for wolfenstein for gba (more on idsoftware.com)
  5. Amr0d

    How the hell...

    How i become a Moderator
  6. Amr0d

    What do your parents think of Doomworld?

    heh. since i am hearing this Death Metal (Six Feet Under etc.) and playing Doom my Mum said "You're on the best way to kill your friends in School" I laughed
  7. Amr0d

    E3 M8 Music Revealed

  8. I love it! Anybody here who looks Mangas and Animes like Neon Genesis Evangelion???
  9. Amr0d


    OW! It hurts! i can't see anymore
  10. Amr0d

    DOOM III Movies

    sorry but don't know that one is illegal
  11. Amr0d

    Doom III Collector's Edition

    -Copy and a bigger Manual as in normal version -Dogtags -Figures of Doom -T-shirt (in black not like the Doom t-shirt on Id Store in WHITE) -Posters -making of Cd -Soundtrack -Including Doom, Doom II but in the Doom III Engine -A Patch(don't know if its the right word for it) you can put on your bag or so -The Marine clothes with the helmet -some gibs of an imp -a cd with sounds of the enemys(for your holidays if couldn't play doom you have some voices of imps and demons :) -A Book in hardcover including the whole story of DOOM -Level Editor, Model Editor -the Gameboy Advance Version when you not at home -The Original Doom Comics (Knee Deep in the dead, Hell on Earth, Infernal Sky and Endgame) -The Doom Weapons -A Bmw Z3 with Doom logos overall -Barbecue with Id Crew
  12. Amr0d

    DOOM III Movies

    How many Movies are out??? A Friend told me that are 2 movies out one i've seen with an interview of the DOOM III Crew (Carmack etc.) and one video with ingame scenes an hole level i think is it true and where can i get the second movie
  13. Amr0d


    speed up???
  14. Amr0d


    thx all
  15. Amr0d