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  1. Breadrobber

    You're DOOMED!!!

    I can't believe you guys are fussing so much about a 16 year old game. And I didn't say I could create a HR styled megawad in a week, I said an HR styled wad. That could mean one level. But... I'll go for 9 in a week. Also, this isn't trolling HR. I jut wanted to see if anyone would beat it. I also wanted an excuse to post my very important wad. And the HOM is there because you're not supposed to see it anyways, so why texture it?
  2. Breadrobber

    careful what you wish for

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
  3. That's because they're deaf and haven't been alerted yet.
  4. Breadrobber

    Project Ideas Thread

    I have a really good and original idea in mind that I don't have the resources/time/attention span to complete. It is called Indiana DOOM. Not a remake of the series in DOOM format, but a DOOM wad based off of the general idea. In otherwords, a DOOM wad that's focus is evading traps, puzzle solving, and running through pretty and unique environments rather than combat. If I knew how to script or use DECORATE I might make it myself, but I have no clue how, so this idea will remain in the "good ideas" forum.
  5. Breadrobber

    You're DOOMED!!!

    There isn't any HOM or a broken elevator. What source port are you using? I made it Boom compatible... I also neglected to mention that IMO it's not beaten until you get 100/100 kills/secrets.
  6. Breadrobber

    Question about twitter

    Twitter is the best way to assure that everyone you don't know knows exactly where you are and what you're doing.
  7. Breadrobber

    You're DOOMED!!!

    Mad props to anyone who can beat this stallion. If someone can upload a Boom demo of them beating this without cheats, I'll upload a very special and very important wad. For the record, it is very beatable. I've done it myself actually! You just can't make any mistakes.
  8. Actually, I would change something: the enemies shouldn't always be aware of your position and shouldn't just run around next to the wall in their room that's closest to your position. Not only is this kind of stupid and pointless, it often results in me opening a door to a shitload of monsters that were alerted and waiting for me, which usually leads to me pissing my pants.
  9. Breadrobber


    I hope the people who chose to add "Twittering" to the dictionary get raped by stalkers who are following them on Twitter.
  10. Breadrobber


    This is the kind of thing you get from games that aren't developed in-house, especially if it's an id game.
  11. If you gave the monsters in DOOM any intelligence at all, you'd basically be playing Call of Duty with demons. If you want difficulty, just throw in a billion monsters and give us a rocket launcher. AI is for n00bs who can't take the heat.
  12. Breadrobber


    Well there seems to be a lot of mixed reviews here. I'm just going to wait until the price drops in a few months and get it when it's cheap.
  13. Breadrobber

    ZDoom vs. GZDoom

    I just use zDoom because it doesn't have all those annoying lighting effects =6. What does the "G" in "GZDoom" stand for anyways?
  14. Breadrobber

    Interesting references

    I was playing through DOOM 3 and I noticed a reference to pop culture in one of the PDA logs. It was in an e-mail on "Jack Smith's" PDA. It mentioned some person nicknamed "TorsoBoy" who got de-limbed by the "Albequrck Capacitator." This is an obvious nod to the Weird Al Yankovic song "Albequrque." I was wondering if anyone ese noticed this, and if there are any other references that I haven't noticed. If you find anything, post it here!
  15. Breadrobber

    Scariest DOOM experience

    Heh, I watched my dad play DOOM before I ever played it, so I'd seen all the monsters by the time I was playing the game. Also, until my motor skills were much more developed, I never started up the game without "iddqd" and "idkfa."