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  1. MaXiMuMMaXiMuS

    Timidity DOESN'T WORK... But Why?

    Neither of those seem to help either. Thanks though.
  2. MaXiMuMMaXiMuS

    High quality original Doom sfx - updated 01-08-10

    This pack is awesome! Exceptional job with this perkristian.
  3. MaXiMuMMaXiMuS

    Heavy weapons dudes, longer range than Doomguy?

    I've also always found it unfair that their chaingun sounds a helluva lot cooler than your own. They should've switched them off and gave the heavy weapons dude the pistol firing sound instead. No biggie, just my 2 cents.
  4. MaXiMuMMaXiMuS

    Timidity DOESN'T WORK... But Why?

    I seem to have finally gotten timidity to play midi files whether it's using sf2's or patches. So I really do appreciate the help but... it's still not working in doom no matter what I use. Here are the timidity-related variables in my zdoom-USERNAME.ini file in the gzDoom directory if it helps at all. midi_timiditylike=false midi_voices=32 midi_config=timidity.cfg snd_midiprecache=false spc_amp=1.875 opl_onechip=false timidity_frequency=22500 timidity_pipe=25 timidity_mastervolume=1 timidity_byteswap=false timidity_8bit=false timidity_stereo=true timidity_reverb=0 timidity_chorus=0 timidity_extargs= timidity_exe=C:\Program Files\Doom\timidity\eawpats\timidity.exe snd_mididevice=-2 I'm also using Vista.
  5. MaXiMuMMaXiMuS

    Timidity DOESN'T WORK... But Why?

    I actually downloaded timidity for doom awhile ago to use in gzdoom. I did this in order to replace the terrible quality midi samples that are default for my shitty sound card (SB Audigy LS). I gave up on it but I recently found myself trying to get it to work again because the default instruments are horrible! The problem is that timidity just plain doesn't work! I've done everything in my best ability. First of all, yes, I did download the correct timidity that is specified for doom. Second, I replaced the default patch with the soundfont I want to replace the default instruments with (in the timidity.cfg file). It reads "soundfont C:\Program Files\Doom\timidity\sf2\FF3.sf2" . Third of all, I've tried multiple soundfonts; at least 3 or 4. Each one has the same exact issue. Anytime I test timidity in cmd with a midi file, it never fails to give me the same exact error everytime: "Bad patch option". And of course, if the test doesn't work, it also doesn't work in doom. Google has worked to no avail either. I don't see how nobody else has this problem... This is very frustrating and I would be extremely appreciative of any help provided. Thanks in advance!