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  1. Gunner

    Evilution vs. Plutonia

    Evilution uses tougher monsters more sparingly in the first levels than Plutonia. To me, that suggests a friendlier introduction. Just a theory though.
  2. Gunner

    Evilution vs. Plutonia

    I think Plutonia was made for multiplayer, while Evilution was made for singleplayer. It's a good wad suite considering the popularity of both markets at the time, but maybe they should have called Plutonia "Deathmatch" or something more appropriate.
  3. No release date, in fact it may even carry over to 2012. I didn't use my name because my publicist uses my accounts, and if he has to post something using my name, that's misleading.
  4. https://rapidshare.com/files/3601746998/Steve_Rot_s_Doom_Tribute.zip
  5. At the time I used Addictive Drums, but now I have Real Machines and Metal, and some other loop and drum packs. The drum notation is original from the Prince compositions. TNT is one of my favourites, but I don't think I'll be doing that soundtrack. It's too much of a spin-off to the Doom plot, if you know what I mean. I have a couple demos for Dune 2 and Wolf 3D but they were cancelled.
  6. Well, some parts of the collection could have been better, acoustically. Some of the performances could have been tighter. I always wanted a guitar solo in Interlevel Music. I wish the guitars would continue through the second half of E1M9. Etc. The guitars and bass tracks are getting re-recorded with new instruments, and the strings and trumpets are getting re-recorded. It will mostly be the same, just a little better. If anybody can think of any bonus features to add, I might do that too. You can send your suggestions to therealsteverot@gmail.com
  7. Try this: http://www.neuratron.com/audioscore.htm
  8. If you're thinking about producing your own version of the soundtrack, you're going to have to accept the fact that the MIDI notation doesn't match your grid. Re-writing and re-arranging every phrase of every song just so that it's synced to your grid is more work than it is reward. Just deal with it and bash through. This will ensure that original song lengths, and integrity with Robert Prince's original compositions are maintained, for authenticity. This means that, for example, to record the guitars for MAP10 when minimal percussion is playing in the intro, you have to tap your foot and play it by ear. It's strange but a professional should be able to accomplish this and play in time anyway. MAP06 has the same problem with the bass guitar when the drums stop playing during those bridges. You'll have to do your editing off the grid. If you want to copy and paste something and sync it to the out-of-sync MIDI tempo, you have to zoom all the way in to the first note, set the playhead there, switch to your new channel and paste it so that every note lines up to the nanosecond. Another problem is the bass notation. I don't know about anybody else but for me it gets transposed an octave lower, for bass instruments and bass instruments only. Also, it seems the instrumentation isn't always preserved. Say there's a melody on the flute, then a bridge, then the same melody plays on a violin. What happens with old Doom MIDI files in new editors is that it doesn't always introduce the new phrase on a violin channel, and both phrases will be written on the flute channel. Those are some of the other complications I've encountered in my experiences. Look on the bright side. Editing Dune 2 MIDI files is even worse - some songs have 15+ instruments originally, but in modern times the notation gets scrambled together on 5 channels consequently playing non-stop. The MIDI-notation-to-host-grid-sync is off too.
  9. Steve Rot's Doom Tribute was released in 2010. It covered the soundtracks of Doom 2 and Knee Deep In The Dead with an emphasis on preserving Robert Prince's original 1993\1994 instrumentation and style. Doomworld.com and it's users, among other associates and fans, were important in the promotion of this collection. To thank them, it is being re-produced with new audio and performances, and is slated for a 2011 re-release. The re-release will also feature new art. Production has already started but an audio preview won't be available until the collection is released. Like the 2010 release, it will come in the form of a digital album, free for download. However, you are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list and check out my original solo artist project. If you are unfamiliar with this collection, you can read about it here: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Steve_Rot's_Doom_Tribute You can listen to it here: http://www.myspace.com/steverotsdoomtribute/ And: http://www.youtube.com/therealsteverot Subscribe to the mailing list by sending a blank e-mail to: therealsteverot@gmail.com
  10. Gunner

    Doom Automatic Wad Maker

    There was a program that automatically made 32-level mega wads. I remember that a lot of people didn't like it because they could be tweaked with and published as originals, even though it was dishonest. What was the name of it again? And then there was a website that automatically posted a new .wad made by this program every day. Anybody remember the link?
  11. Gunner

    Doom Tribute Complete - DOWNLOAD FREE

    I always thought that guitar and flute MIDI instruments were the worst. If you want to hear Doom music in MIDI I suggest using Roland instruments. I don't know about you PC guys but Mac sounds like it has Roland MIDI, stock. It's actually not that bad compared to the Soundblaster version. If you want a real audio version, it goes without saying.
  12. Gunner

    Doom Tribute Complete - DOWNLOAD FREE

    Real audio, sometimes synths like in E1M3 and E1M7 Aren't you sick of hearing MIDI?
  13. Gunner

    Doom Tribute Complete - DOWNLOAD FREE

    I don't know how the Doom MIDI sounds to you PC guys, but if it sounds anything like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSsfjHCFosw), what you're hearing is reverb, not echo. That means the notes aren't being repeated like in a cave, they're just being sustained in a certain way. I use an Epi Les Paul Custom with .013 ga strings tuned to B.
  14. Gunner

    Massive Doom Music Tribute Released

    Relax hot shot, I was making a joke. Please, save your hostility for someone who gives a shit.