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  1. I come back to Doomworld after months hooked on World of Warcraft and I find the site has been completely redisigned. Ah well.

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    2. A.Gamma


      Well, that really depends on what you liked about Burning Crusade. The endless rep grinding for mounts? It's got it. Hard as fuck raids? The Nighthold is the hardest raid I've ever done, especially in Mythic mode. As I said, this is the best expansion in a long time.

      P.S. I play on Proudmoore if you're interested.

    3. Unholypimp1n


      I loved burning crusade's bg's , arena, and world pvp.

    4. A.Gamma


      Arenas are really good right now, Blizzard is pushing them to become more competitive and is given awards and all that. World PvP is dead unfortunately and BGs are kinda unbalanced towards some classes but mostly fun with a good team.