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  1. hey dude you made the map E1M6 from HYMN: A Heretic Community Project right ? excelent map ! pls can you tell me what song you used in this map ?

    1. A.Gamma


      Thanks! I have no idea about the track tho. I used to have a folder called MIDIS where I just dumped every MIDI I liked (I eventually organizaded most of it but some tracks eluded me). You could try posting a thread with hopes of someone knowing it.

    2. koke


      I found a way to extract and convert the midi file to mp3,i uploaded the song to youtube here:


      thanks for the reply anyway ! let me know if you remember where you find the original song.


    3. A.Gamma


      No problem, and if will let you know if I manage to find/remember where I got that tune from.