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  1. doom_marine666

    The scariest monsters you seen in movies or TV?

    And the doctor taught me something as well... DON'T BLINK, WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T BLINK
  2. So guys what do you think the most scariest monster you seen? if you have some pictures post as well For me it have to be Doctor Who's Weeping Angels, I hate those things stalking you when you looking... made me paranoid of Statues for a weeks..
  3. doom_marine666

    Best Build game?

    Blood all the way, it's fun, the weapons are amazing(Like the Life-leech) and Caleb's voice just pure awesome and creepy :) Quote: "I...LIVE.... AGAIN" - Caleb Blood "it howdy dowdy time kiddes the bad men is here" - Caleb blood 2
  4. doom_marine666

    Harry Potter and the Doomworld Thread About His Latest Movie

    you gotta admit you must been a tiny bet upset when dumbledore died..
  5. doom_marine666


    I might use drd team share site if megaupload is a problem...
  6. doom_marine666


    this my returning map it small, I'll may not do big maps for a while.. here the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CO483IRR no screenshot this time sorry
  7. My disgusting boss battle has go to: the great mighty poo of conker's bad fur day, he is a great poo nuff said... My weirdest boss battle: it go to the skeleton dancing in the game monster party of the nes, they just dance and then die...
  8. my favourite would be: super sonic doom by ultimate doomer... and my least favorite map: NUTS
  9. doom_marine666

    Hell's Massacre

    it sound awsome...
  10. doom_marine666

    Decorate Doom weapons

    Hi Yeah i checked out the gallery but I want to test the weapons you make i might some of the armory later but for now can you send your own decorate weapon in zip files, the first weapons I will be doing is the lazor... Doom_marine666
  11. doom_marine666

    Decorate Doom weapons

    Hi dudes can you guys find some decorate weapon that i can test i'm thinking of making a show out of it. please go find some weapons Doom_marine666
  12. doom_marine666

    Projectile Help

    I need someone to make a weapons that can shoot old computer screen and also make the hand look like it pointing at someone. Doom_marine666
  13. doom_marine666

    Projectile Help

    you know thoose wins 95 screen, can anyone make it shoot like in a straight line. doom_marine666
  14. doom_marine666

    Projectile Help

    Hi guys I need help can someone animate some big computer screen to fire like projectile after the 00:01 wav file and damage the monster and can you also make the marine's hand look like it pointed at the monster. can you help me please. Doom_marine666
  15. doom_marine666

    Music help

    hi hey thanks dude and king of babylon go play super sonic doom it on the Ultimate Doomer's site Doom_marine666