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  1. yoni0505

    How would you improve Doom?

    Anything you'd add, remove or change?
  2. yoni0505

    unable to change map

    i've used the line you gave me, playing alone, and tried to switch map. the changemap still do the same problem the map command works, but isn't it a single player only?
  3. yoni0505

    unable to change map

    I will try it, thanks
  4. yoni0505

    unable to change map

    hi i've made a map and i want to play it online, but im unable to load it! im using GZDoom, starting a server on LAN network, joining, so far so good... now i want to change the map from the original doom 2 map (starting with map01) to my map. i've tried to use the command map "mapname", but the console says its for single player and told me to use changemap... the changemap command only able to change to the original maps (map01~32), when i try to load my map using changemap, it ends the round, showing scores table, and when i press use to go to the next map (my map) it goes back to the last map i've played! how do i load maps that i've made?! PLEASE HELP!
  5. yoni0505

    The funniest thing you seen in any Doom

    funny thing that i can remember is freezing enemies and letting them fall of some high place and break
  6. yoni0505

    out of sync problem!

    hi, I'm new here! I made a map for doom 2 with doom builder with scripting (doom in hexen format) and I've tried to test it on multiplayer with my sister computer using LAN connection. the problem is that only the host start in my map, and others start in the original doom 2 maps, and it says "out of sync with X". I've tried to search about the problem and couldn't find a solution and this is why I'm asking here, how can I play my map online? I got DM and CO-OP spawn and such but the map will load only for the host, and all the others will be at the original map, how can i make everyone start in my map?