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  1. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #428

    Yea, but Communications Center is by far the more quality map, even if the lighting could use a little work.
  2. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #428

    I would like to point out an error in my GLDM review that I didn't catch. withing should be within. Somehow a 'g' snuck itself in there. EDIT: I also just noticed I got frontpaged! Yay!
  3. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #427

    Those were the best possible screenshots I could find. I mean it, and I had to play all...8..levels. One part I didn't mention in the review is that there is no health, ever aside from maybe a stimpack or two.. I kinda had to cheat to be even able to play.
  4. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #427

    You know, if I have a choice for my custom title, I guess it would ether be "Screenshot Fanatic" or ".WAD Photographer" because if you look at all of my past reviews, I take a stupidly high ammount of screen shots (12 for gldm) EDIT:Yay titles!
  5. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #427

    Well have a present then. Just for you I re-did my gldm review.
  6. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #427

    I..can't quite tell who you're commenting about there. My first paragraph usually is my reaction, then my second is the summary.
  7. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #427

    I've actually been writing a review for gldm, but I do this weird thing where I don't claim a wad until I finish the review. Claimed now, and review will be posted tomorrow when I have access to my main PC.
  8. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #372

    In all fairness, It only crashed because I was playing it on my shitty 1999 laptop. I tried it with prboom, but I couln't even get it to run.
  9. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #358

    I didn't take those screenshots because of two reasons. First those screenshots were taken at the BEST possible spots and do not reflect the whorableness of the wad. Second, my router bricks if I upload anything bigger than 100k.
  10. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #354

    I honestly don't think that I was being overly bitter and angry. I actually reviewed the wad about a month ago, during which time I had discovered that my computer had somehow been trashed by a trogan. The wad itself is actually decent, just it has texture errors up the butt and the unforgivable difficulty level just really pissed me off. If I remember correctly, I redid the first level a good 10 or 11 times because of the bullshit chaingunners. I probably could of been nicer in my review, but im honestly not used to playing maps with such low levels of quality.
  11. Eligitine

    Good Custom Decoration .Wads for Doom 2?

    I know a couple of good wads. Probably the best would probably be action doom. You would need Scuba Steve's approval, but that has the best collection of outside props and textures. A close second would be Chex Quest 3. The sprites would need pallate converting, but they would look nice when done.
  12. Eligitine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #353

    Eh, I really don't pay atention to those things. Untill you mentioned it, I never knew the sprites were stolen. I checked the metadata from the sounds and it turns out they were taken form RtCW. I really need to pay more atention.
  13. I would just update one little glitch. With vanilla doom (not doom2) cyberdemons have this very annoying glitch where if cyberA shoots a barrel and the blast dammage hits cyberB. Even though cyberB doesn't take any dammage, it still triggers the code: if ( (!target->threshold || target->type == MT_VILE) && source && source != target && source->type != MT_VILE) { // if not intent on another player, // chase after this one target->target = source; target->threshold = BASETHRESHOLD; if (target->state == &states[target->info->spawnstate] && target->info->seestate != S_NULL) P_SetMobjState (target, target->info->seestate); } Where sorce is cyberA and target is cyberB. This causes cyberB to attack cyberA and continue attacking untill cyberA dies. This is very annoying with some pwads because it effectivly creates a spot where cyberA is trying to kill me, and I can't get close because of cyberB's rockets. Sorry if this didn't make any sence, but im one of those guys who understands the doom sorce code.
  14. Eligitine

    Scariest DOOM experience

    I really don't get scared much by doom now, but as a child lost souls scared me silly. I remember the first time I found them, I started screaming. I also remember having nightmeres about them. Their attack noice just creeped me out. Anytime I got meleed from the back also scared me.