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  1. Hello!
    It was a long time since I was here.

    Has been absent because I quit my job. started studying. started to work again and been involved in a major car accident and I have moved and a lot of crap so blah broken up with the girl and a hard disk crash, and so on.

    Sometimes I long back to the days when I mapped for Doom in Hexen format.
    Unfortunately, I have had trouble getting started GZDoom the computer when it just stops responding. But now I'm back to try to give it a try and get out my old Doom project.

    Btw Does anyone have some tips on very nice Wad's / Mega Wad's that are as plutunia, Alien Ven Detta WOS, and so on? The best of the best that the inner mass is not Doom 2 monsters or weapons, etc..

    / / Martin

    1. Hellbent


      Sometimes life happens like a side of a mountain suddenly giving way sending gravel and bolders and debris crashing down on the road below just as your car is driving that particular section.

      Speed of Doom comes to mind as well as Scythe X and the rest of the Scythe series. I think another semi-recent quality release is called Sunder.