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  1. thanks so much! this solved my problem.
  2. Here's the map and resource file. Interestingly, I have been able to get the texture to appear in Chocolate Doom, but still getting the tutti frutti effect on the flat. And yes, I did convert to "Doom Flat"! Thanks for the suggestions, though. As expected, everything appears as it should in Crispy Doom. MAP.zip
  3. I seem to remember making my own texture resource wads for use with Vanilla Doom using Wintex 4.3/5.0 back in the day without issue, but I've run into an issue when using Slade. I'm using the appropriate markers (I believe?), copying flat/texture resources directly from the IWAD, pasting them into my PWAD, editing them within Slade, and converting to the Doom palette, but I keep crashing Chocolate Doom. I am able to get flats to appear in game without crashing, but they have the "tutti-frutti" effect. No luck with textures, though. Totally stumped and very close to installing Win98/XP just so I can use my old Wintex tools! edit: just realized i posted this in the WRONG subcategory. sorry!
  4. bardcat

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    What is the map that Fuzzball posted a screencap of? I've been looking for that map for ages since I played it years ago. Such a great map.
  5. bardcat

    Knee Deep in... Doom64 EX

    Thanks for your suggestions and the screenshot, Bonnie! I do agree the blue key is going “too far”, and I will remove it. I was on the fence about it tbh. It would probably be ok to do away with keys altogether on the first map. I also agree about the map feeling a bit crammed in terms of monster count/difficulty, and will tone it down. I think I got a little too excited, hah. I will see about creating a better sense of “openness”, bc I feel you on that as well. Thanks again! Also, I have brightness and gamma turned all the way down in doom64 ex, and it looks good to me that way. Brighter than the original game, but not so bright that it doesn’t looks like doom 64. I should have probably mentioned that.
  6. Doom 64 is one of my favorite games, and I was so excited when I found out about Doom64 Ex and Doom Builder 64; thanks Kaiser! I somehow only discovered it a little over a week ago, but couldn't step away from the map editor after I blew through the game in nearly one sitting. So, here is the first map of what I hope will be a complete re imagining of my favorite slice of classic doom, KDitD. Super open to criticism, 'cause I do want this to be fun. If you haven't run a user map in Doom64 EX, open the Launcher, and in the "Other Parameters" dialog box type: -file "KDID64_E1M1.wad" KDID64_E1M1.zip
  7. bardcat

    Laz Rojas

    Yea, there's a lot to unpack here for sure. In the thread fraggle linked, Laz comes off as definitely homophobic and maybe transphobic. The blackface is seriously weird, and it's hard to understand what he was thinking, but it's indefensible in any context. Idk, I was just fascinated by this story, and his absolute dedication to those tapes. Discovering that he made one of my favorite Doom mods EVER, I thought was pretty cool!
  8. bardcat

    Laz Rojas

    Just, wow. Sorry if this is not news to any of you, or has been discussed before, but I was blown away by this revelation. I've know about Laz's video work for years, but it never really *clicked* until I saw this short Vice documentary on him. This is the person behind the original Wolfendoom series.
  9. bardcat

    big(ish) boom map

    yeah, as i said it's not done yet, hah. those switches functions will be evident when it is completed.. thanks!
  10. this is a map i've been working on for about a year now off and on. it's unfinished, but playable. any major visual bugs i am probably already aware of... wanted some criticisms before i wrap it up. it should be boom compatible, but ive only tested with zdoom. it's for ultimate doom, e1m1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/q18yu0rmi05ldb0/cubes.zip
  11. bardcat


    yep! thats the one, thanks
  12. bardcat


    i think jon washburn made an example wad for some scripted rain, but i can't seem to find it. i would like something a bit more pleasing, visually. the underground base thing is a bit of a work in progress, however the maze-ish bit is intentionally underdetailed. things like the ridiculously dark/long room and maze are implied illusions created by that "thing". maybe i should make these areas more obvious? also, in the next part, those rooms are gone and are "normal".
  13. bardcat


    here's the completed (mostly) first "map" of a gzdoom project i'm working on. after playing "unhinged" i really wanted to do something similar, but not so.. corny/jokey. so i guess this is my attempt! http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?t5otizk4tn1j6pb make sure you have sound/music/dynamic lights turned on.
  14. bardcat

    flashlight request

    I believe Rex posted a link to Flashlight_Player_Class. The link does not work, but I was able to find the file from another website after a google search, and it does not accomplish what I'd like to achieve, unfortunately. Also, the flashlight from 6axis.wad progressively drops the framerate of my map until it is absolutely unplayable, so no luck there. Not quite sure why that happens!
  15. I've been trying to create one for a gzdoom project for days now, and I just can't seem to wrap my head around this perceivably simple decorate code. I need hitscan type flashlight, not something that shoots projectiles. does anyone have anything like this laying around? i've had no luck extracting codes from existing mods either.