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  1. Say TAKEI, MKAY No but this is Takei.
  2. I've never bought doom :_: I'M SORRRYYYY. Their physical copies are so expensive. I also don't buy mannnyy stteaam gamess. I still love you id. Even if I have to borrow Doom 4 when it comes out. After episode one I hated the change in landscape the game didn't feel mysterious. I think why people don't play much of the original is how different it gets. Doom2 is a bit more consistent.
  3. I am going to change the thread to make it comics only. Also Sorry I wasn't aware some of these were false. I think things will go much more smoothly if I change the post. Thanks for helping me understand things.
  4. I honestly just wanted to have a reason to post faraz comics. I honestly didn't know all of this stuff either. I found some of the little things interesting. I think I can do something more constructive with the comics elsewhere. I wasn't to sure whether to post these. Hey if you want to delete the thread then ok I can't stop you. On the topic of the comics, has faraz ever posted them here at all? If not I'll just go make a thread about them. Though I bet every ones seen them already. Sorry for troubling you. I was thinking of doing something more constructive with the comics later on though.
  5. Enjoy- Comics by Faraz parsa Use the Url if you want to see more of his comics just search Doom and enjoy. Note Doom guys supposed to be shacking as if he's nervous or has coffee jitters.
  6. About as old as Doom 2.
  7. Crap. My usb mouse died. It says it can't recognize the device. I think this is due to it being dropped yesterday. I have another wireless one somewhere. Yet I can't find it. The only other one I have is a ball mouse for me old pc that doesn't work well. What kind of scrolly things do you guys use? I use a laptop so a wired mouse that's not usb is out of the question. I need to find the other one or I'm screwed. I don't want to use my little scoll pad to play doom.
  8. One word alphaomegasin. That man would rip anyone who says video games kill people a new rectum. find him on youtube and enjoy his metal look and love for games and articulate vocabulary. On the topic. People are ignorant, scared of their own shadow, need to take responsibility for their own actions. I am waiting for a fair amount of generations to die off. Though I do not think it will help.
  9. I joined in 09 I forgot about my registration and then I remebered I had one. I know it's confusing. I am still chugging through the original games. I have beaten the original Episode one of doom 1 atleast 6 times. Though that doesn't count. Final doom is too hard for me and I dislike most of the difficulty. I miss the old crazy colorful invasion maps of skulltag. I hated the hell elevator one and preferred the ones with colorful cyber demons and crazy enviorments. I really want to find those again. Invasion wasn't fun any more after the elevator. I think the colorful one's were made by some Wario Guy on skulltag. I hate ghouls forest I can't stand screamers. I want a non screamer version. I don't entirely dislike ghouls vs humans. I just feel the Ghoul game stuff is like a Fad. I don't feel I am too skilled of a Doom player. I used to have to run Doom with software mode only. When I got opengl I was extremely happy.
  10. I appreciate all the replies. I think on the topic of Far Cry. I think the newest on looks amazing. I have never played many of these new games like Crysis or Far Cry. Hell I haven't even played Doom 3. I didn't know raven software was even around still. I had JK:JO for a long time running on my 254 mb of Ram 1.1ghz Pc I've had ever since I was a kid. Oh and that has no opengl support. Somehow though Doom was a safe haven for me I could play it and enjoy a progressive community. I now have a laptop that's better but in no regard is a gaming pc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I really was excited for Wolfenstein when it came out. I just didn't know of anyone getting too pumped for it. I was excited yet I don't have the money to play all of these games. On the topic of John Carmack I feel id Is very reclusive. To this day on the Id software site it says they're hiring. Does this mean Id is low on man power? Another great company that's gone to caputs is Monolith. After Fear They lost their touch. My main gripe is I want another SHOGO: Mobile armor division. Though they don't focus on being as they were in the past. It's FEAR FEAR FEAR BATMAN I look at it this way. In the end I don't dislike games for their hype. Hell I ave enjoyed playing CoD once or twice. I really loved playing through Halo. Fear I'd play it. Borderlands two looked amazing and refined the already interesting formula of DIABLO the FPS. So what games are you looking forward to in this stagnating game era. Nintendo I love them they're always trying their best. WiiU was ok. 3DS has some amazing titles coming out soon. What are you looking forward to?
  11. Well I just remember the Doom Bible having far more story in it's rendition of Doom and it seemed as if it was a little spookier. Oh and thanks for the recommendations. I kinda feel bad for writing a psuedo article I could of just asked in WADS about what are good Doom wads that use the power of STORY. I really didn't know there were that many. I mainly brought this up due to the review of that one really bad one. I wanted to see if they're were any real good ones. Also I do agree that all of those I mentioned are more like Half Life and implore more or less the players interpretation of the story. I just had not come across and or played many that used it. I appreciate it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other then just the topic of naming off Wads at Random. What's the most impressive cinematic Story you've seen in your opinion. What's in funniest in you're opinion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` A Side note: I came across the unfinished Robotech mod on MODDB. It looks amazing. I really liked Macross and other Robot related things. Did you guys like this. I really don't understand why no one has made a Gundam Doom so far. It's be complicated to do though and the Scale would be massive.
  12. What I'd love to know is what process does doing all this take. I thought it was impossible at first to include voice acting in Doom and was blown away by the Call of DOOty gameplay video and more. So how does it work is it doombuilder or a far more complex process? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yeah I mentioned unloved. I don't remember the wad really making any sense it had a small story and possibly some text at the end. I wasn't aware that those Wads had stories. I know unloved sort of has one. Yet it's kind of told like HL's as you figure it out your self. Anyways "Action Doom 2, Zen Dynamics, City of the Damned: Apocalypse, and Winter's Fury" I will need to look into those. I've played a bit of the ordinal action Doom. Unhinged is a good example I think of one that could use a narrative. I think it's that huge city map that reminds me of Dawn of Reality. Still though I can understand making normal levels is cool and all. Yet making a actual game out of it and giving it a story has a different feeling then just levels. I am trying to correlate the relation of giving doom levels stories to creating rpg worlds in rpg maker and creating a story.
  13. Wow, that is great to know. I typed this up purely out of the unwavering fear of not knowing if anything was really going on. I didn't even know about the chipset thing and rage. Or the fact that Doom 4 might use texturing like that too. I appreciate the information I don't feel so weary now. I mention Valve mainly due to the fact both were pinoneers with the FPS games they made. I don't know much about Zenimax. Didn't they work on new vegas. I really liked that and Zenimax and obsidean really went back to the far more classic Fallout 1 and 2 world in some regards. Yet is Zenimax just a publisher or do they develop games too?
  14. I love Doom 2, It grew up with the shareware, discovered sourceports. got a copy of final doom (never beat that way to hard.) Eventually played skulltag. I've experienced a fair amount. Doom was there for me before I even had a ps2. My friends play Halo and CoD and others. I still play Doom. Ok enough touchy feely I love doom Onto my disccusion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Doomed Narrative. Yet one thing in Doom I've always yearned for is an interesting narrative. Some may say, "Doom already has a detailed story." Well yes it does have a story. Yet it's not much to go by. Originally Doom 1 was planned to have cutsences far more horror and narrative. The Doom Bible tells us this. Yet in the end we got Doom. That's amazing I love Doom it did what it did for it's time and revolutionized PC gaming in some ways. Yet We've been at it for years. One thing I have yet to see is a large Doom map that gives a narrative like games today. Doom 3 for example and Hl2 are amazing examples of giving a narrative in an Fps. Doom 3 has more thing the player finds out about,Hl 2 is more of a Journey with minor stops. An Example is Call of DOOty or the well known Void. They have some or allot of narrative for the good or bad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think here's a few ways story can be told better in Doom. Cut scenes and voice acting. This this this this. I would love to be able to beat a level and be rewarded with more then a score screen. I want to know why these thins are happening. there or possibly something like unloved yet with cutscenes like silent hill Character interaction wise. Now one issue is the generic oh lol SPASS MARUN story. Well some times it works. Not always, I think a remedy for this could be just changing settings. A science lab, a post apocalyptic city or landscape, a man lost in a forest or ghost town. I've seen doom wads that are amazing and would tell an interesting story if given the effort. Utilizing the text boxes using more text. For a simpler possibly easier solution is to do this. Possibly a journal recounting something or inner thoughts of the protagonist. Once again all which can be improved in some ways with proper implementation of voice acting. Lastly the Classic. Words on the wall. This is something I never ever seen done. HL2 kinda innovated this a bit alongside portal dead space and left 4 dead. Doom has the potential to tell a scary story with nothing but mad writings on a wall. Custom hd textures be a bitch though and words are too with doom graphing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is just my opinion. I would love to play a spooky or action doom game with a narrative. So any one know if any other existing wads doom a Good job at this? Please tell me more. What do you think of Doom and narrative?
  15. (Before anyone assumes I have the ability to play the games I am about to talk about I don't the rant is more or less taken from what I've seen of internet articles reviews and how much people talk about it online. I do not own a ps3 or 360 or a pc powerul enough to run things like Rage or Deus ex:Hr I don't play many if at all new brand new pc games) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's come to my attention over the past few years that I personally and slowly resent id Software. In it's hayday it was extremely successful with doom heretic hexen and most of all Quake. (Though I cannot say as I have not played any of the quake games) id is like a sister company to you could say Valve or Valve was the next id. It innovated and did what it did best. Hell it was Gabe Newell who pushed to have Doom on Windows. Though these two companies parallel black and white. Valve is extremely successful. id is just THERE. Every few years releasing a new game maybe a pack of all the doom games. Yet id software just seems to hang there we like it but it's just collecting dust like a knick nack. id has released around 3 games that were prominent in the past 5 years maybe or 4. There's Quake Live, Wolfenstien , Rage, and Doom BFG. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quake live was fairly successful it seems. I haven't checked it out in a long while, but interesting concept. Wolfenstein: Who played that anyone no not me, it was different. I didn't really like the look of it. Was said to be fun, but flew under most off the radar. Rage:In my opinion I disliked the fact they made Rage. They should of worked on Doom 4 and gotten it done first then moved onto Rage. When I heard about rage I was upset I wanted Doom 4. Now Rage is interesting but all I've ever heard about it is it's technical difficulties and problems. I am surprised id is making new content for it. I haven't played it at all, maybe it's fun. Yet I don't ever see anyone talking about it anymore. Doom 3 BFG: rehash as they would call it. I assumed this was graphical upgraded. Nope it's just a compilation with minor changes. I don't hate id for trying to raise funds. Yet I feel this was just for the money. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So yeah id seems to be doing good they hold quakecon each year. A con where nothing happens doom wise or quake wise or anything. My main issue with id is that I am worried they're going to become 3D Realms and Doom 4 will become vaporware due to id not having any money. They never give us a single update on hows it going or if they are even developing the damn game. It makes me feel like id Software is just dicking around not doing anything. It makes me feel uneasy. It's like the Love hate of George Lucas. I love your movies, but I think you're an idiot sometimes. Please do better. id Software is the same way. Valve is slow, but id software is slower. Valve has compilations of games. We don't see a Quake compilation or any sort of classic commander keen pack. id has money to be made and I assume it needs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Maybe I am just butthurt I have no Doom 4. I just fear that it will be in development for so long it will disappear. Hl3 we kinda know valve is working on it, but we don't see anything of it. Doom 4 Well no news no oh and were working on it. Just Rage and rehashes of Doom over and over and over. Give us a new Commander Keen make a platformer. Make a new catacombs. Do something that will raise funds so you can possibly get this stuff done. Sorry, if you dislike my opinion I might be missing some news or something. Please what do you think of the state of id. do you think they're doing enough Or is it the stale donut that has nice icing but for some reason is a little hard. I love id software, but their icing has been licked and we need new content.