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  1. Jake250

    Balancing a weapons & monsters mod

    You put a bunch of monsters and weapons and then just ask for balance? I also find it seriously unnatractive (why not add more monsters and make them randomly selected? You could have a lot more. Have all Mancubus be powerful Incubus sounds boring as hell to me). Anyway. My main point is that balancing is a long process. And balancing through a bunch of randomly taken weapons and monsters put together... why? And even if you find out a reason, I don't think no one is willing to go through that balancing process for you. Other than that.. well, uh, you are really just asking for what to TRY and balance. Go in the weapons, monsters, and change stuff. Their damage, health, sometimes speed, whatever. Tweak stuff, and try. Thats all there is to it. Trial and error until you can't take it anymore.
  2. Jake250

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    I just want to say how grateful I am about this. And I hope you don't mind if I include them in my personal weapon modifications. Its not to distribute, its just for personal and coop usage and stuff. Its a big enhancement :) Also, seriously, what the heck is the whining about the pistol is in the wrong hand? Here is a hint for you: get in the Wad and switch them yourself. Nothing easier. Also, do you still plan on ever doing the BFG? I see you just kind of gave up on it. Just changing the flash into something a bit smoother is all it needs. Its still probably pretty hard, but it would benefit a lot from it.
  3. Jake250

    Boss music

    I got that one, and its relatively nice. Not sure it fits with my fights, but I'll see. Its a good boss music all around, thanks. Not sure if its really fitting as a boss music, but I like it. Thanks. Thats a good start. But it could be harder than I thought to find the right fitting midi :/
  4. Jake250

    DECORATE editor

    Look for WhackEd.
  5. Jake250

    Boss music

    I'm looking for boss musics... quite simply. I had a wad in the work for an eternity, and well, even if its not amazing, the problem with it is that I am using MP3 from a the game Megaman X8 as boss music... yeah, well I started that project when I was only 16 and that was 3 years ago. So yeah, they don't really fit anyway, and everyone seems to hate MP3 in wads, and I probably can't even distribute it with them. Sorry, to the point: I need boss musics that would pretty much fit any kind of "doom" fights. Ultimately I need 2 or 3 different ones. Anything that sounds epic and makes adrenaline pump faster would be awesome, but I can't find any midi files that does that... Anyone got anything interesting?
  6. Jake250

    DECORATE editor

    There is no such thing, as far as I know. Editing in DECORATE imply nothing more than making your code in a text file, putting it in your wad and call it DECORATE. Check the ZDoom wiki to learn how to do that.
  7. Jake250

    What Doom sourceport do you use?

    I think this is more interesting when people post "why". Only very few did. I really don't see the point in everyone posting a post about "Hey! I use GZDoom! KTHXBYE!", and no one actually gives a crap about anyone else's post. Does anyone actually like these topics?
  8. Jake250

    What Doom sourceport do you use?

    I couldn't live without GZDoom. I just have waaaay too much custom features of my own I can't play without. I only have PrBoom on the side for demos. And of course, SkullTag, so that I can use my ZDoom stuff to play with my friends.
  9. Jake250

    Licensing question

    Does everyone absolutely have to own a game to use it? I never understood that. And always assumed that no. Giving people access to the game for the purpose of LANs or something... I mean come on, I don't care if its illegal or not here, I'm asking it: Do you think its wrong? I certainly don't. Is it wrong if they get out with the game in their hands? Absolutely. There is nothing gray to me about this, but its really about what lines you want to cross, and what lines you actually -can- cross. I wouldn't hesitate, though.
  10. Jake250

    running diagonal left!

    I never thought wise to use ALT as a key for anything. My keyboard doesn't like for anything either. So I just never use it.
  11. Jake250

    running diagonal left!

    Yeah, its that 3 key limit again or so. In some circumstances, depends on what you press, even 2 is the top, but thats rare on normal keyboard. The real problem here is "laptop". They are known to have problem with directional keys like that. Its a really silly problem. Old keyboard never had that issue, but its like there is some hard limit in the keyboards themselves now. Why the hell would they limit it like that?
  12. Jake250

    running diagonal left!

    Seriously, what? I call that a shitty keyboard.
  13. Jake250

    Coming back to editing zdoom, need help.

    This is ACS, not Decorate.
  14. Jake250

    Coming back to editing zdoom, need help.

    Well, if you search the Wiki you can pretty much gain any information you want on all this. I don't know about any tutorial, so I'll just write some info for you to understand. Hopefully, it'll help you. A simple DECORATE file on any wad (just a text file, call it decorate - you can also have one decorate to load other files with various names, this is technically pointless but needed to organize your stuff when you have a lot - lets skip this). You can have a list of all actors from all ZDoom supported game here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes Say you want to replicate the big trees in Doom. Thats all the code you would have: ACTOR BigTree 54 { Game Doom Radius 32 Height 108 +SOLID States { Spawn: TRE2 A -1 Stop } } Each Actor is really just split in 2. Before "States", you have properties and flags. The tree is simple, and uses sprite TRE2A. -1 means it will never end. You have its height, radius.. +SOLID is a flag, which just means what it says. All you would have to do is make sure to have the TRE2 sprite, and thats it. Really simple, but its just a tree. You would have to name him something else and give him another number (the number is used in the Editor mostly, its the number that spawns this actor), because the name is already used by the original tree. However, lets say you only wanted to use the original tree as a base for a new tree, that also replaces the original BigTree. You could do this: ACTOR MyPersonalBigTree : BigTree replaces BigTree { States { Spawn: MYT2 A -1 Stop } } This is assuming I have some new sprites called MYT2, which is your own tree. The first line means that the actor MyPersonalBigTree is based (:) on the BigTree. From there, I only changed what I wanted to change. "replaces BigTree" means that all BigTree will spawn this instead.
  15. Jake250

    Coming back to editing zdoom, need help.

    Better use DB2. Kinda hate it personally, but its much better. I hate the 2nd because I'm used to the first. :) I'd also recommend not getting used to XWE, or if you do, "make backups". ALWAYS. XWE is perfect for me, but its habit of screwing up my wads over some silly things, or transforming my DECORATE text files suddenly into an IMAGE... well, all of this is rare, but it happens. Dehacked is pretty useless in my eyes now, except for the smaller changes. If you want to create anything new, Decorate is the choice and is limitless. If you get into that, its overwhelming at first, but so easy when you just give it a chance. Also, if you want more than vanilla editing for maps as well, be sure to map for ZDoom. Again, so many possibilities its astounding.