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  1. Starke Von Oben

    World War Two Like textures?

    Hey, if anyone wants my stuff I'll just pm them it - no sweat off my sack.
  2. Starke Von Oben

    SimCity 3000 mathematically perfect city

    I made this for SimCimty 3000 YEARS ago when I was younger: Pretty cool eh? Hitler's Volkshalle for re-built Berlin >:D
  3. Starke Von Oben

    Return To Wolfendoom

    Sophie :D Hope everyone is doing well. I am still working on this, sporadically here and there - fatherhood (and the recent hot weather) make it difficult to find an excuse to sit at a computer lol. I've not set myself any deadlines, but do definitely see this project being finished: just don't expect some 32 level megawad. I firmly believe in quality over quantity, and as this is going to be my first public release I want it to be close to perfection never the less. The new graphics, enemies and architecture are all well and good... but it's all in vain if the level design itself doesn't translate into something worth playing. I will be looking for some experienced - don't bother otherwise - level testers for objective and inspiring criticism. I don't want nit pickers, but people who understand the wider picture: people who have an authentic understanding of the theories of level design. If you are an established Doom level designer of good repute I would love to hear your views on my work, and how it can be improved. I believe that your experience and knowledge on the matter makes you most qualified to be my level tester. PM me if you're interested.
  4. Starke Von Oben

    Return To Wolfendoom

    Hey folks, Sorry for not being online for a while I've just had a newborn daughter so have been taking time to adjust to a new lifestyle. Still working on this project, bit by bit here and there. The Castle level is more or less complete, simply needs enemy placement and a few extra areas. Will keep you all posted.
  5. Starke Von Oben

    Poll: Most played video games

    Civilization II Hearts of Iron 1 Doom 1/2 Elite Lords of the Realm 1 Mad Proffesor (Acorn Archimedes)
  6. Starke Von Oben

    Welcome to North Korea

    North Korea is the last great totalitarian state in the traditional sense, complete with a grotesque personality cult that surpasses that of both Hitler and Stalin. Where as Hitler and Stalin were shown as superhuman, the people of North Korea are told that their leaders are Godlike. It's ironic that a country which originally took it's inspiration from Marx, who advocated atheism, would abandon that in favour of forging such a grotesque abuse of brainwashing. I know some people will say it's the same in the West, that we are told what to believe in and so on but really it isn't. In North Korea one single idea prevails, and if you do not conform either through fear or genuine belief in the system you will die for it. There's no room for any individuality in North Korea, everyone has to wear a badge with the Glorious leader's face on their person. It truly is an Orwellian nightmare. North Korea's isolation is the key to the hold which it has on it's populace. I for one believe North Korea will never be free for decades to come, and maybe never will be for longer still - Stalin, Mao and Hitler's personality cults did not last as many DECADES as has North Korea's has, and one cannot simply turn up one day and tell the populace "everything you believe in was a LIE". Even if that were the case most of the population would still believe in it. The only people who have any idea about the truth are those have access to outside information, and they are almost exclusively those working on the inside of the Government.
  7. Starke Von Oben

    Report : 237 millionares in Congress

    The burden of proof is with you now Visplane I'm afraid. If I were you I'd demonstrate to the whole of doomworld the validity of your point, or else STFU in vile expectancy. Simply saying so wont cut it - any schoolboy can do it.
  8. Starke Von Oben

    Report : 237 millionares in Congress

    If I truly wanted to change my government, I would take my inspiration from the French Revolution - I do not believe you can simply bypass the powers that be without a bloody uprising. There is no way they would concede rights to anyone unless it profited them in some way. I personally think that the situation we currently are in calls for more bitching than we are normally accustomed to, but it doesn't go any further than that. Unless something radically bad happens people will just put up with it until the final moment. I do not believe for a start that voting has ever made a difference, and is simply a festival for powerful lobbies to stand before the people as a means of power sharing - it doesn't matter if a democrat or a republican is in power, for both serve the same principle essentially. We were often told that soviet Russia was a dictatorship, that it only allowed a single party system. Personally I believe we have the same system, but we camouflage it the falsehood that there are two opposing parties fighting eachother over vastly diferent things. That's not even the case - both parties aim for the same thing, but speak about it in a different languages. In Soviet Russia there were different elements in the communist party, from reformist to hardliners, who were democratically elected by the populace. People in soviet Russia were given a choice who to elect in a system that didn't radically alter that much, even if they voted for reformists or hardliners. The same thing happens in all so-called "democratic" western countries - our choices are dependant on what the all powerful political bodies decide to allow us to vote for. The only way for REAL change would be for the population to rise up and beat a path to the door of the whitehouse/westminster. Obama gives much lip service to change, but he's only doing so for the people behind him - his personality cult is an utter sham, and I find it personally repulsive that his image can be purchased on T-shirts in Camden Town. If you want real change then people have to stand up and fight for it. I do not believe that moment is now, since no one is starving or of want of anything. But when that day arrives I grantee you there will be a bloodbath, since that is the natural course of any people who genuinely want change - it is never found in the ballot box.
  9. Starke Von Oben

    Report : 237 millionares in Congress

    Speaking as one fellow gutternsipe to another, my advice would be to keep your head down and wait till you die (if you're lucky). Don't bother with politics, there's nothing you can do to change it without an armed uprising. This has always been the case throughout history - voting has never got anything done other than provide a rational means for rational men from a rational background. Only a national passion rearing in strength can defy the enslavement of itself. Such a decision is and remains a bloody one.
  10. Starke Von Oben

    Report : 237 millionares in Congress

    Generally speaking, and I know this isn't a popular view since most people aren't rich, but rich people generally have the comfortable stable and educated background that makes them more applicable to the reigns of government than the "lower class slaves". I don't want "ordinary" people with their petty family feuds, the type of people who watch Jerry Springer and sleep around the estate to be running any form of government. I don't want to sound like an utter dick, but we are guttersnipes for a reason. It's not just our lack of wealth that makes us so, but our small minded perspectives and inclination towards rash decision making. Every time a "lower class slave" took the reigns of government in the 20th century they turned the countries they ruled over into single vast realms of suffering, horror and death - Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein... all came from the lower classes, all pent up with lower class resentments and insecurities that came about only due to their backgrounds and experiences. Lower class people always have a chip on their shoulder, and there's a reason we don't allow people like that to get into government.
  11. Starke Von Oben

    Top 10 Best and Worst Films

    THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ULTIMATE SHIT Heaven Before I Die http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119270/ Described as a "comedy in the vein of Forest Gump", Haven Before I die deals with the story of Jacob, a Palestinian who is "deformed" and walks like Charlie Chaplin. He makes his way to the "promised land" - CANADA, and discovers a talent for imitating Charlie Chaplin and thus utilizes his disability to his own benefit! He becomes rich and famous as a result, but "loses the way" by dancing and getting drunk in a nightclub. The finale of the film involves Jacb going to a special bar where "dead people go before they die, to discuss live before and after" (exact dialogue). There he meets the spirit of Khalil Gibran (played by Omar Sharif, who clearly had some poker debts to pay off). Leonard Cohen' makes an appearance, portrayed by the worst look and soundalike in cinema history. Train to Hell http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107683/ Hugh Grant plays a journalist who catches a train to Venice from Germany. He is hot on the trail of a gang of neo nazis and is going to expose them all in his coming book - along the way he meets up with some random women on the train and sleeps with her, but is constantly being harassed by a group of german neo nazis that look like they came straight out of a gay techno club, who are led by Malcolm Mcdowell. Once Hugh Grant gets to Venice, the plot takes a radically different twist... he gets amnesia in a car crash and forgets everything about the women he shagged in the train (did I forget to mention they've fallen in love by this point?). It doesn't make any sense from this point, and the nazis seem to be forgotten about. I don't know if this film is supposed to be, other than shit.
  12. Starke Von Oben

    Youtube Fan music vids

    Post your fanmade music videos here. I'll begin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpwjgLxFOEU Found this video to the Radiohead song "Creep", and felt I should share it with you all. Very well done.
  13. Starke Von Oben

    PC Gaming is officially dead

    PC gaming has been dead for a while. I personally believe EA is the sole reason behind this, a company that saps away the individual creative worth of every independant company they purchase for the sake of profit and sales over gameplay. You need only look at Origon or Maxis. Both were companies that rated so highly from a creative perspective in the 90s that it is difficult to see how they would lapse into the crass commercial garbage they currently descended into. Carmack recently said that EA games is not the evil empire that everyone paints it as, but I don't think so. Carmack to me is a mere programming machine, and is on record as being a clinical socopiath. It was Romero who gave the creative impulse and drive to ID, and it's a pity that the cold and calculating combined with the artistic parted. Let's be honest, when was the last time you looked forward to a game? I've not looked forward to anything for years. Maxis was a company who'se games were used in schools to educated students - I can't imagine the same being said of the recent incarnation of the Sims. To cut a long story short, the games industry has become much like hollywood - most of it is shit, and when something decent comes along it's quickly forgotten. There are no more golden gems, no more companies like Bullforg, Microprose, ID, Maxis, etc. You'll never see a game like Dungeon Keeper again, or something as unique as Elite.
  14. Starke Von Oben

    Health Care Reform passes US House

    Good post.
  15. Starke Von Oben

    Your best pickup lines?

    Or until you get one of them pregnant :P