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  1. ipaqmaster

    [Boom/Idgames]Darkest Wave

    Glad I finally got around to playing this one it was great fun and well made. I was walking around map04 trying to figure out where to begin before checking tab and realizing it was an ending level lol
  2. Love the pistol sound was and was tapping it for a beat wasting all my ammo. I had a lot of trouble on map01's 4th switch but with enough loads and strafestrafing at it I made it up there. The map was a good opportunity to introduce the damaging aqua floor texture which made appearances in the following maps either from the beginning or as the map changed. Early map02 I had issues managing ammo despite best efforts. I feel this wouldn't feel so tough if the melee (Axe) did a bit more damage for the sprite. I found myself jumping into dangerous new areas just for the next gun. I can appreciate the map being designed to introduce a challenge only as you enter a new area and activate it. Backtracking the other direction into the was a major improvement but I ultimately had to treat ammo pretty special. Despite the map seeming dead quiet for about 10 minutes, I was unable to find the final trick to open the level exit columns before running out of time tonight.
  3. Awesome. That kind of meta game ending did cross my mind but I wanted to be sure. I opened it in Slade wondering what the empty E1M8 file was about and that was the only conclusion
  4. That was quite the ride. Is it supposed to error and end with `no player 1 start` for E1M8?
  5. ipaqmaster


    Looked through this too with Slade. I can see the skybox you're talking about but was unable to find any references to that SP_FACE1 cylinder skybox. I can only imagine it's a secret which gets activated through gameplay or may just be dereferenced.
  6. ipaqmaster


    10/10, I hope it gets a Cacoward because this experience is surreal. An outstanding tribute to Tom. I heard about this wad recently through Vinny (Vinesauce)'s video on it (A fellow doom enjoyer) and after hearing the backstory behind this one I paused to experience the single map wad myself blind and I'm glad I did. I'm on a decent PC and even my which gave hint to the adventure I was walking into. I've been playing doom and keeping a tab on community wads since I were a kid over 20 years ago and this is the kind of awesome work I still stick check in for. A masterclass map design experience oozing with high attention to detail and subtle behavior. Phenomenally well done with an outstanding use of modern mapping trickery too. I got a minor spook at one point and died noticing even more detail (And maybe a hint to bioshock infinite) as I went along. An outstanding tribute and experience which happens to be in the doom engine. I loved the audio work and especially the later ambience I'd love to officially support the OST somehow. Also loved the custom messages in response to various cheat code toggles but also the undeniable 10/10 comedy if you try to
  7. ipaqmaster

    Rain in Doom 2! (effect)

    Thank You Very Much
  8. ipaqmaster

    Rain in Doom 2! (effect)

    Thanks for looking at this thread =D Okay, so here comes a somewhat stupid question. I have seen Wad's with rain in some of the maps for decoration/ "setting the mood". How can i put effects like this in my maps? rain and lightning but mostly rain!
  9. Thanks to all of you for your replys =D I had to remove like 20 s_skin files from a wad before it worked , but hey, it worked :) Thankyou very much ^.^
  10. Error help!!: The maps in *MAP.DIR* will not be loaded because it has a Skin. You should remove the skin from the Wad to play theese maps. What does this even mean it seams to happen to alot of important wads That I have. What does this mean? And What can i do. Hoorarh for code tags :)
  11. I made a projectile (Woo..Hoo...) I dont exactly know how to make it Fire in the direction of the weapon that i am facing and not to the sides or anything How do i make the bullet fire Infront of me nomatter where i look? Fail post i know but its bugging me alot :\ -Thanks.
  12. ipaqmaster

    How do I make weapons require manual fire? not looping

    Yeah I have tried that but when the weapon gets back to the ready state it refires anyway,
  13. Hello, I have this issue with a weapon,I want it to be a real acting weapon, not one you can just hold the shoot key and auto fire. EG. A pistol that doesnt loop, it neads a second key press to re enter the "fire:" state Is that possable? (kinda like thecall of duty weapons how you need to basicly tap, no matter how fast so simulate squeezing the trigger at the same rate) thanks for all help in advance = )
  14. ipaqmaster

    Thes Monstor Makes Game Hang: Why?

    Its actually EVERY SInGLE WEAPON that uses it, They get the error but im trying to find a cheap work around at the moment.
  15. ipaqmaster

    Thes Monstor Makes Game Hang: Why?

    Now my problem is that Most of my weapons all of a suden NOW cannot Find the class name 'Light' Unknown class name 'light' is spammed abouit 30 times and then causes the game to become UnLaunchable