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About Me

Hi! It's April 2023, I've been signed up since 09 and I'm only now writing an About Me page. Oops!


I'm a huge doom fan and long time enjoyer of the quality doom community wads be them weapons, full conversions, maps, megawad map packs and general experiences the community have to offer in the doom engine. Let alone the vast sea of doom memes and other outstanding artistic experiences people have made in the doom engine.


Through the 2000s-2010s in my early age through teens I loved playing on ZDaemon with random people all over the world as a kid and through my teens with many awesome wads keeping the game going and even playing Skulltag matches with the lads at home and also on the school PCs through our high-school years.


Today I still have a gzdoom icon on my desktop and love checking the Cacowards every so often for the latest and greatest. I love experiencing new mods the community have to offer and got into mapping myself as a child but that never really took off. I love how my favorite game of all time continues to get open sourced support complete with modern upgrades and the community keep bringing endless outstanding content to the table over and over again. So many outstanding experiences and unlimited replayability thanks to the game's outstanding community.

Since Oct 2022 I've been playing through DOOM1, DOOM2, and Final Doom's TNT & Plutonia with Hideous Destructor on difficulty=3 and oh man it has been a ride - the experience is much slower than regular doom gameplay and if you try other fun wads every so often it's crazy being reminded how qucikly you can move in doom without movement-alterations. At the time of writing this About page, I am on Map20 of Plutonia which means I've only got 10(+2) maps to go before that journey ends. It's been very fun and a lot more like ARMA gameplay than regular doom.


Without `ls`'ing my wad directory - the most outstanding, unique or otherwise memorable doom WAD/PK3 memories I can recall are:


  1. myhouse.pk3 (Just today as I write this!)
  2. lilith.pk3
  3. dead.air and dead.wire
  4. Reelism 2
  5. Hocus Doom (I think)
  6. Void (keep coming back to this one since I were a kid)
  7. Total Chaos (Amazing conversion)
  8. Hideous Destructor (Which had a nice learning curve to get used to)
  9. Heretical Doom which I also did a run of a few years back. Very nice leveling system and design
  10. Armageddon v2 on Skulltag with countless runs of its invasion maps (And that scary spider enemy! I think it was called an Eyesore)
  11. Countless hours of fun running (normally) difficult map packs like Holy Hell and Dark Tartarus with Russian Overkill
  12. dbzone in the late 2000s zDaemon days and with high-school mates. Played many patched releases among other wads remixes of it
  13. Invasion UAC and its many versions as well. Great memories with this and dbzone


Probably missed some great ones.