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  1. ipaqmaster

    Rain in Doom 2! (effect)

    Thanks for looking at this thread =D Okay, so here comes a somewhat stupid question. I have seen Wad's with rain in some of the maps for decoration/ "setting the mood". How can i put effects like this in my maps? rain and lightning but mostly rain!
  2. ipaqmaster

    Rain in Doom 2! (effect)

    Thank You Very Much
  3. Hello, I have this issue with a weapon,I want it to be a real acting weapon, not one you can just hold the shoot key and auto fire. EG. A pistol that doesnt loop, it neads a second key press to re enter the "fire:" state Is that possable? (kinda like thecall of duty weapons how you need to basicly tap, no matter how fast so simulate squeezing the trigger at the same rate) thanks for all help in advance = )
  4. Thanks to all of you for your replys =D I had to remove like 20 s_skin files from a wad before it worked , but hey, it worked :) Thankyou very much ^.^
  5. Error help!!: The maps in *MAP.DIR* will not be loaded because it has a Skin. You should remove the skin from the Wad to play theese maps. What does this even mean it seams to happen to alot of important wads That I have. What does this mean? And What can i do. Hoorarh for code tags :)
  6. I made a projectile (Woo..Hoo...) I dont exactly know how to make it Fire in the direction of the weapon that i am facing and not to the sides or anything How do i make the bullet fire Infront of me nomatter where i look? Fail post i know but its bugging me alot :\ -Thanks.
  7. ipaqmaster

    How do I make weapons require manual fire? not looping

    Yeah I have tried that but when the weapon gets back to the ready state it refires anyway,
  8. Hello to all :) I have yet another problem with my scripts ..... When this monstor is "Summoned" The Skulltag hangs im not sure why sorry no code function * ACTOR alien { MONSTER Radius 50 Height 400 Speed 45 Damage 45 health 9000 scale 2 Mass 20 +RANDOMIZE States { Spawn: Spri A 0 A_PlaySoundEx("FK/Posessed", "Body", 1) FLAM A 0 A_PlaySoundEx("sa/fire", "Body", 1) Spri B 0 A_Look Loop see: Spri A 0 A_Chase loop Missile: Spri A 0 A_FaceTarget Spri B 0 Goto See Death: Spri DEFGH 1 Spri A 0 Stop } } Edit: hooray for code tags :)
  9. ipaqmaster

    Thes Monstor Makes Game Hang: Why?

    Its actually EVERY SInGLE WEAPON that uses it, They get the error but im trying to find a cheap work around at the moment.
  10. ipaqmaster

    Thes Monstor Makes Game Hang: Why?

    Now my problem is that Most of my weapons all of a suden NOW cannot Find the class name 'Light' Unknown class name 'light' is spammed abouit 30 times and then causes the game to become UnLaunchable
  11. ipaqmaster

    Thes Monstor Makes Game Hang: Why?

    Ok thanks. I didnt know it meant that, and im not the best at doom editing anyway :( * modified Thank you Very Much , i have fixed it now and the Monster runs Perfectly ^.^
  12. ipaqmaster

    Problem Launching Wad in PrBoom

    @Myk Thanks. Sorry i couldnt help :( , I am a (Noob) at doom editing anyway :\
  13. ipaqmaster

    Problem Launching Wad in PrBoom

    Im not entirely sure about this but just curious , Why PrBoom wuy not something else such as Skulltag or something?
  14. ipaqmaster

    I Fail at mapping so one question

    haha im not that stupid to fuse a map etc with the IWAD files ** but im gunna try that doom 1 theroy thing ya got there :) hmm that didnt work.... i guess i will just go with "U.O.D." idea im gunna make the sound and map overtake a map that my server doesnt use :P. but tahnks anyway guys :)
  15. ipaqmaster

    I Fail at mapping so one question

    ok thisis like a speed post because i dont have much time b4 i have to go somewhere::** ok , i made a map , dont ask about it its just a map, but it uses the first song from doom2's first level. the filename is different to the others doesnt begin with MAP## how do i make the music read from a different filename instead of : D_RUNNIN without overwriting any of the other maps or changing the filename of my current one. is it possable or will i have to overwrite a map and the song it loads? i used ^XWE^ to make my lil map its not a pro map just i giant map full of space to make/spawn stuff.
  16. ipaqmaster

    cell charger

    i was looking for a weapon that makes calls * Solar PANEL :DDDDD hai again... im working on my little mod of music and so but i have made them run off cells *like a bettery for them* and i wanted to create a generatr of somesort *like a solar panel* ^.^ to charge them after running outcharging is going to be slow. but how do i make is charge? its all better naow i fook out the stop sound code from the actor* thx 2 those who looked :)
  17. ipaqmaster

    custom bullet halp :) * i sux*

    hi, il jus try 2 make it simple um.. well i have a custom projectile but when fired it WILL not show the bullet *invisible* i know its probly my failed script but can someone look at it for me? thx in advance :) Its in the Decorate File of the wad :) code- ACTOR *weap name* { Radius 50 Height 8 Speed 100 Damage 50 Projectile +RANDOMIZE Obituary "$OB_MPPLASMARIFLE" States { Spawn: ONE0 A 1 TNT1 A 1 loop Death: ONE0 A 6 bright TNT1 A 1 Stop } }
  18. Hai all :D. im ipaqmaster and i registered here cause i liek doom and i script * a little bit...* ok .. im here to ask a question.. is it possable to make a WEAPON that emits COLOURed light? whilst firing? i know u can make light in the level using a gun * eg the flashlight weapon from the ::doom 3 weapon mod for doom 2::* i think it can be done im just not sure ty to anyone with a answer people who say No if possable can u try to tell / explain why? im sure its possable :P :)
  19. well im not sure about the lighting affects, what is easyer? making it serverside... or client side? or something like that, cause its kinda hard to me.
  20. sorry about the wrong fourm.. :\ i mean liek the screen changes or something like that * like when u get shoh the screen flashes red , but i want it to be green and otehr colours when u shoot my weapon btw, ... its a remixed song gun / it shoots invivible projectiles and p[lays music while doing it . i want it to flash etc like a rave party lol ***Skulltag*** using xwe as an editor
  21. ipaqmaster

    doom3 experience mod (relase)

    i have this mod * ive had it for a while* or atleast something like it its got the same guns and all , but the hud is not red , i must have an older version or something like that, wut with the version i have it is alittle buggy, some Weapons are overpowered, and the soul cube can hold 999 souls , if it hits max they follow u everywhere.. cant it just take them into some ammo clip or something? lol the flashlight is fun :P :D cause who doesent wanna 1 hit pwn a demon ? :P and the hud when extended enough you can see the end of the weapon , it needs to be lowered Just that little inch :P but me and my friends really enjoy it :D i would give it a 9.4 /10