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  1. The worst part about mapping for me, by far, is bugfixing. This is especially true if you want to commit yourself to making a vanilla-compatible wad, because inevitably when you fix something, another thing gets hosed in the process. Honorable mention goes to balancing across difficulties, partly because there's always that thought in the back of your head as to whether or not anyone's going to appreciate the fact that you took the time to add a super shotgun on Skill 2 where it's a just good ol' shotgun on higher difficulties.
  2. Pretty sure the only right answer to this question is EVENFLOW.MID
  3. I mean, Musk could always just not pay his workers if all he really wanted to make money, dew.
  4. Wow... I guess pigeons and humans really aren't that different after all. There's a "bird-brained" joke in here somewhere, I just can't be bothered to make it properly.
  5. Over the last 5 years, you've spent 1734.2 hours playing this selection, which includes 183 items, is valued at $2226.8, and requires 502 GB Fun fact: it's missing 573 hours from Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms (mostly via Stainless Steel mod) as Steam merged it with the vanilla game, so the reality is actually 2307.2 hours.
  6. It started getting frustrating after "Scott Temorman Must Die" in the fifth season. People overrated the fuck out of that episode and Cartman went waaaaaay off the deep end. People call me crazy when I say this, but I've always appreciated the first 4 seasons of SP because the kids were still pretty much kids in their actions. Cartman was a fat, spoiled brat with hints of childish racism as opposed to the out and out shitbag he became after this point. It became inconsistent through about the eleventh season. There was a mixture of enjoyable episodes (like the Imaginationland trilogy, Good Times with Weapons, Make Love not Warcraft, etc.), but there were also ones that were either way too heavy handed with Trey & Matt's (libertarian bullshit) politics, or focused too goddamn much on Randy Marsh. I fully credit the latter with killing the show's humor for me. The few episodes I've watched since then have just been awful. I feel like they've become more focused on inserting their views and pushing boundaries than making good humor. I didn't watch any of the last season, but I heard enough to know that it'd just serve to piss me off.
  7. At what point does a map become complex? I must know!
  8. Eh, Weird Twitter is actually fairly entertaining.
  9. Much like anything else you do, Ed, these are excellent. Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone!
  10. Needs more fish.
  11. Phoboslabhappy, for some weird reason, feels like a first draft of the Cure's 'Funeral Party' - that's probably just me though. Thanks for sharing this... and the happy containment area squeals are killing me.
  12. Pretty much anything and everything related to driving. I went out of town for two weeks, and once I got back, I realized that two weeks away from work wasn't nearly the stress reliever that two weeks free from driving was. Granted, I live in St. Louis, the land of the shittiest drivers imaginable, but still... Can't recall ever being so relaxed.
  13. I've developed a certain fondness for Street Fighter over the years, even some of the parts without Raul Juilia (admittedly these are few and far between).
  14. Quake textures