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Status Updates posted by Snakes

  1. Seriously, i've spent 5 years of my life as a member of this godforesaken toilet? Damn...

    To recap shit that's happened:
    -Released first wad
    -Graduated college
    -Started getting noticed for some pretty okay maps
    -Got first 'real' job
    -Got second 'real' job
    -Won Cacoward
    -Got a new comp, car, and even lazier than before
    -Turned 27, starting to realize I'm losing touch with the young'ns

    It's kind of mind-blowing to think that I've been hovering around these boards for 5 years without any truly long breaks. I guess I don't hate some of you guys as much as I thought I did!

    In all seriousness, you're some cool dudes and I've never lasted more than like... 6 months on a forum without unceremoniously leaving the community. Good work, everyone!

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    2. Snakes


      It is and I'm glad it didn't go unnoticed :)

      That's my favorite Bowie song.

    3. SyntherAugustus


      Heh you just reminded me what this place was like 12 years ago (and hell, what I was like).

    4. Catpho


      And then snakes leaves unceremoniously,what a vicious cycle :P

  2. Yo Doomworld. Been while since I did one of these blog thingamajigs, but there's been a few fun events going on in my life of late... Well, mostly just small-scale stuff, but whatever. Activities a'happening:

    -Firstly, I've been partaking in a podcast known as In the Name of Game, which is basically a couple of gamers getting together and shooting the shit about the latest 'n greatest of videogame news. I've become something of a 'substitute host' for whenever one of the normal 4 aren't available, and it's a good time. Feel free to listen if you want. If not, that's cool too.

    -I'll be taking a vacation to my hometown of St. Louis, MO from May 25th to June 2nd. I'll be hitting up all of the craft-breweries that have sprouted up in that area that weren't there way back when (Civil Life, Perennial, Urban Chestnut, etc.). Should be fun.

    -Progress is happening on UR, but it's happening at the pace of a snail in molasses. Hope it's done around mid-October. I'll make it happen.

    -Started playing System Shock 2. I've never played this whole way through before. Very promising start though, to say the least. Looking forward to getting through this game and finally having the experience I should have had years ago.

    -Editing my screenplay draft for the final time. I don't have unrealistic expectations about making money from this, but it's something I've always wanted to do and am satisfied to finally done so. If anything were to come from it, it'd be the whipped cream on my morning coffee.

    Soooo yeah, that's my life of late. Last I checked, there were no STL Doomers, but I do know there are System Shock fans out there and I'd like to politely request you don't post any spoilers.

    Like I said lots of little, but for me personally, interesting things going on. Feel free to comment on anything. I'm sure I'll have plenty to babble about during/after my trip to STL.

  3. Woke up this morning to the realization that is my quarter-centennial. Yippie. This also mean I'm nearing 3 years on this site (INB4 "get back to me when you've been here 10").

    Spent the weekend chilling with the family and took a day off of work today. Good times abound.

    UR isn't done yet. Goddamn it.

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    2. exp(x)


      Hooray! I'll drink some beer for you.

    3. Mechadon


      Happy 25th Snakes! I'm right there with ya for now :P

    4. Snakes


      Thanks, everyone! Except maybe you, Joshy :P

      DoomUK said:

      What's UR btw?

      Just some dumb wad I've been working on for the last 30 mont- 30 months?! Holy fuck.

  4. Thursday I'll be flying out to Washington D.C. to visit my former roommate, terrible Doomer, and general cool-person Valerie (yes, her) and will stay there for the weekend, flying back Monday afternoon. At the moment, there are many set-in-stone plans, but I'm sure I'll get a good look at all of the surrounding area and taste various beers I've never had the pleasure of sampling before!

    I also have cousins in the area up there that I haven't visited in about 10 years that I'll probably wind up seeing at one point or another. They're a relatively insane bunch whose idea of enjoyable company is someone who is good at taking shots.

    It'll be interesting.

    I'm not sure if there are any Doomers up in the area (Kirby?), but if you have any advice on what to do/want to grab a beer or something, feel free to let me know.

    Here's to a good trip!

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    2. Snakes


      Short version at the end.

      Okay, so here's a long summary of the trip:

      Started off in LAX, and I really hate that airport. Even setting aside from the obnoxiously long security lines and absurd volume of travelers, it just looks and feels bland. Luckily, I flew Virgin America, which meant I flew out of Terminal 3 instead of the main terminal for a nice change of pace. Lines were much shorter, but I got there super-early and the only option to eat in that terminal is this really awful sandwich stand, Starbucks and a Burger King. So it goes.

      The flight actually didn't suck for a change. I'm so used to flying Southwest and other major airlines that Virgin America's plane blew my mind. Every seat had a television that also functioned as a way to order food/drinks without having to use a call button or anything of that nature. You could pay by card right there, WiFi was absolutely free, and the music/movie/tv selection actually didn't suck. Sweet.

      Got to DC, met with my old roommate and got a good buzz going before passing out to get an early start while she went to work Friday. Checked out the Smithsonian museums (mostly Air and Space/Natural History) and took a gander at the memorials before meeting up with her to go to a highly-recommended bar called Church Key. Fantastic food and epic beer selection, which meant I could do 4 oz. samplers the entire night (though I only did it for the first couple of drinks) and try lots of beer that I've never gotten to before. Got super-drunk, went back to the apartment, we played some Doom and then I passed out on the air mattress while she watched Game of Thrones. Pretty typical way for us to end a night, TBH.

      Saturday brought her friend's birthday party in Maryland, about 2 hours from D.C. Bought a couple of sixers of (Belgian IPA and regular IPA, Flying Dog(?) brewery) met a lot of really cool people and incredibly drunk. One girl bit my arm hard enough to bruise it, definitely chilled in a hot tub, memory goes a bit shady here as someone wanted to drink me under the table, but was also about 70 lbs. lighter than me and female. She had incredible tolerance for her size, but wasn't nearly as drunk as I was when we started (most of my beers are gone at that point). Think she won, regardless.

      Had a major hangover Sunday, but Korean BBQ fixed that almost instantly. Pretty eventless day, though I did hang out with the same people for a good while before heading back to D.C., which brought on a bunch of ridiculously silly moments (I rode with 3 girls who pretty much love Asian cultures, so you know what kind of people they are), and a car ride in which Toxcicity and I Get Wet both got played at loud volumes. Of course, they all love karaoke, so singing long in as comedic fashion as possible was mandatory. These are the kind of people I like to listen to that sort of music with. Got back to the apartment after a long metrolink ride, got some delicious Peruvian chicken for dinner (incredibly juicy, meat you could use a fork to separate from bone, etc.). I could do a whole blog on the food I ate, but will pass on that. Played a lot more Doom and drink a couple more beers before finally calling it a weekend.

      Dulles was a pretty good airport and easily accessible thanks to great public transportation in D.C. (something L.A. seriously lacks). No line at the check-in, friendly TSA people, though the full-body scanners that Dulles uses feel remarkably invasive no matter how many signs try to reassure you otherwise. Terminal B has great food selection, including Five Guys. They also have free WiFi, so I could pass the free time I had quickly. All-in-all, it was an entirely painless process.

      TL:DR - Great food, great beer, great people, great museums, great flight. Best vacation I've ever taken (perhaps in-part because I went on a true vacation by myself for the first time since high school). 5 days just didn't last long enough.

    3. Hellbent


      sounds like a lot of merrymaking was had and with a great crowd of fun peeps. I love karaoke and general debauchery. Did you eat peanuts between beer tasting or is there another way to cleanse the palette before trying a different beer? If I am ever in DC I'll have to check out that bar.

    4. Snakes


      Hellbent said:

      sounds like a lot of merrymaking was had and with a great crowd of fun peeps. I love karaoke and general debauchery. Did you eat peanuts between beer tasting or is there another way to cleanse the palette before trying a different beer? If I am ever in DC I'll have to check out that bar.

      Crackers, actually. Anything of that variety does an acceptable job of cleansing the palate. If you ever wind up going, I recommend you purchase the disco fries.

      Oh God... those disco friesssssssssss

  5. DeatevokatioN turns 24 today. Everybody say cruel things about him before he thinks he's all cool. A birthday roast? I'll start!

    Hey, you purist elitist fuck! Your pc_cp map was like, sooooo mediocre. Now release RoD already because it'll suck no matter how long the production time. What was darkreaver thinking?

    1. darkreaver


      DeathevokatioN is the most gullible pretentious elitist I know =) HAPPY B-DAY MAN!

      RoD will most probably be released in 2666.

  6. Yep, August 27th marks year number 24 for this dude. Let's review the last year:

    -Drank more beer (including Firestone Walker Parabola, which blew my mind in an unthinkable way)
    -Uploaded a demo I actually think is pretty good (sc11-140, for those wondering)
    -Made some maps I actually think are pretty good (UR, for those wondering)
    -Received a BA in History (Medieval emphasis, for those wondering)
    -Saw the B-52s for the fourth time (free this time)
    -Moved to California (LA are, for those wondering)

    Quite the good year, especially after hell-fest 22. It starts with Brats, beer, and a trip to Koreatown. No Nitro this time around, though :(

    Snakes on the up, bitches!

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    2. esselfortium


      This is the worst birthday thread you've ever given me for your birthday.

    3. Snakes


      Thanks duders. Essel, don't say I didn't warn you. You knew what was coming when you clicked your way in here.

  7. Yes, I have finally turned off my degrelessness mode, and after only 5 years of college!... Blegh. After coming to college as a physics/math major, I decided to say, "Fuck that noise!" and get myself a degree in history (hence, the 5 years).

    Guess I felt pretty happy about myself, though I'll be going back after a year-long, self-prescribed break from schooling. 18 straight years of learning full-time without much of a break off is enough for now.

    On a side note, the event also brought what may be the only normal picture that my sister and I have ever been in. I do hate that fucking cap, though.

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    2. bytor


      :::grabs DRM off of your sister's leg:::

      Congrats, Snakes.

    3. Joshy


      DuckReconMajor said:

      P.S. I hope by 'normal', you mean 'non-pornographic'. If so, *high fives*, and also "show me the others"

      That was one of a few interpretation I thought of based on his description. :P

      Still mate, congrats; can't wait until I graduate, which will be like another 2 years, blah.

    4. Snakes


      How I didn't see those responses to the photo coming a mile away, I don't know.

      Thanks, fellas.

  8. Yes, the weather here has gotten pretty bad. University of Missouri system cancelled classes today... and already said "fuck it" for tomorrow, because if anyone tries to drive to campus, they'll probably die.

    Seriously, anyone else here getting psychotic winter weather? It's making me want to bang my head into the wall.

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    2. Hellbent


      Snakes said:

      Overnight low of -9F makes this the coldest I've ever seen it in this state. On the flipside, all of my classes this week have been officially cancelled. Broke a university record with 3 days in a row.

      And which state and university, pray tell?

    3. stewboy


      Welp, you guys got snow storms, Australia gets a category-5 cyclone.
      I hear it didn't do too much damage, luckily. Though I bet banana prices around here (NSW) will be up again, much like a few years ago.

    4. Chow Yun Thin

      Chow Yun Thin

      Weather's been a bit warmer than usual in the SF Bay Area.

  9. So, after catching some flack from family and friends over my Dooming, I finally decided that I needed to explain to them this wasn't a complete waste of my time. So, I wrote this series of short "essays" on why I map for Doom. I hoped to post it here tomorrow, but I have a final and work, so I wouldn't have time to write the final part. Thought maybe some of you would be interested in another person's perspective. Anyways, you can find links to each part below, should you be so interested.

    NOTE: I don't actually expect you to read these. They aren't really expertly written, and were done more for a personal reason than anything else. I thought it'd be cool to share my thoughts with other Doomers, though.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

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    2. Snakes


      DuckReconMajor said:

      I was expecting a philosophical argument...

      Ha! How silly of you!

    3. 40oz


      Snakes said:

      I actually think this was the point that they were missing.

      I think, at a glance, a five page essay can complicate things for someone who wants to be convinced that Doom is simple.

  10. I think I may or may not have managed to 1-up Hellbent, here. When I get drunk, I occasionally do post, but largely manage to keep them short and with as little supidity as I can. However, that particular night, I got so drunk that I apparently uploaded a wad to /idgames archive.

    I don't remember doing this, though I do remember the process of the wad's creation. My old roommate and I were joking about what a wad would be like if she built it, and I took those jokes, and turned them into actual maps... sort of. They aren't all that different from what I normally do, but uh, there's also some inside jokes thrown in there. The titlepic, map names, the fact that there are 2 separate textfiles (the one in the .zip and the one shown on the archive) and gfx replacements (such as "I can strafe now!" instead of HMP) are all such things. At the point that I started adding those, my head was spinning.

    On the positive side of things, the maps are fully functional and even kind of fun to play.

    I'll go ahead and apologize for this.

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    2. 40oz


      Hey I played that the other day before i read this post. I really liked it!

    3. DuckReconMajor


      It's fun. I guess this is one of those rare cases where vagina helps you play doom, instead of being a distraction.

      edit: and by that I mean map02, not your roommate LOL

    4. Snakes


      I was about to say, naughty naughty DRM!

      Guess I'll have to ask her for more ideas in the near future. The disparity in the archives is, as always, a source of entertainment for me. Goddamn kids ruining Doom.

  11. Right now, I'm sipping on Trappistes Rochefort 8. It's incredible. The 10 is better, but this is still fantastic. Very sweet beer... kinda like cinnamon bread in a bottle. Drinking good beer is one of my favorite hobbies. So I have to ask:

    What's your favorite beer? Why? And most importantly: Where can I get it?

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    2. SYS


      Well you can always incorporate a low calorie lager or two into a cheat day or something like that. You know, the ones pimped on TV having only 75 calories per bottle.

    3. Snakes


      Actually, Sam Adams Light ain't all that bad.

    4. exp(x)


      My friend and I drank a bottle of Sink the Bismarck this weekend. It was surprisingly delicious for a 41% ABV beer. If it didn't cost me ~$120, I'd drink it again.

  12. OMFG Burfday, etc.

    I've never been so happy to see an age disappear. Fuck you, 22.

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    2. 40oz
    3. Snakes


      Thanks a bunch! Cyprus Hill... ain't heard that song in a while. Did a crappy UV-speed demo. I'm still getting used to keyboarding again, but I did exploit a shortcut! 'Twas fun!

    4. 40oz


      Glad you liked it! I enjoyed making it

  13. So, I'm moving on Saturday. At least, I'm moving out... whether I have a place to move INTO, on the other hand, is still up in the air. Here's the rundown:

    My 2 roommates have both moved out, and all I'm left with is my comp, turntable/speakers, CD player (via PS2), and a bunch of packed shit... I've spent about 90% of the week on the internet. That's not the good times, though.

    What's really making my week stressful + boring is that, after a month of searching, I found a person in need of a roommate via Craigslist. Set it up, turned in the application, good to go... Right? Well, turns out this girl is from Minnesota (I'm in Missouri), and she's absolutely disappeared off the face of the Earth. So now I'm in dire need of a roommate, or else the rent/deposit goes up $150 each, which I can't afford, and as such, won't get the townhouse. Shit.

    Well, yesterday, the other guy (Jake) found somebody who was looking for a place in Columbia, and offered him. This guy (Wes) gets the application, fills it out, aaaaannnnnd.... never faxed it. He's not local either. So now, I have to hope that he faxes the damn thing tomorrow and gets approved so we can sign the lease and move on Saturday. If not, then I'm pretty much fucked unless I can find someone to let me crash at their place for a couple of days while having at least $1000 worth of equipment sitting in my van (one guitar, amp, turntable, receiver, and 2 speakers). I only know one family that could squeeze me into their place, but I'd feel like a burden. Basically I'd be homeless and hope no one steals everything.

    Basically, ever since May, this has been my life.

    On a side note, I have some beer and I'm drinking it starting: now.

    1. Use


      My advice, swallow your pride and hit up the family. What else they good for.

    2. bytor


      Snakes said:

      Set it up, turned in the application, good to go... Right? Well, turns out this girl is from Minnesota (I'm in Missouri), and she's absolutely disappeared off the face of the Earth.

      You didn't send a 'fee' with that application, did ya? :O

    3. Snakes


      No, I didn't. You see, I had to drive 30 miles to turn in the application, but the leasing office was closed for the day.... 1 hour before they were supposed to be. So they waved the $20 fee that I would've had to pay.

      Now all the apps are in, the landlord is processing the last guy's (Jake and I are set), and it looks good. On the flipside, the checks I ordered from the bank 3 weeks ago never arrived at my house. Today they tell me that they never placed the order... What. The. Fuck?

      They're giving me a complimentary money order, but it took a good deal of hassle and "embarrassing myself in front of the customers" which actually means "making them look bad." So now tomorrow I have to:

      -Go to the bank to actually make the order.
      -Meet up with the landlord, and sign the lease.
      -Move, which will probably take multiple trips

      This passed the point of ridiculous a while ago.

  14. Over the past couple of months, my hours at work have been dwindling. This isn't surprising to me, as it's a parking lot job for the college and hardly anyone lives here during the summer, but it's an entirely inconvenient time for that to happen. Now there's the odd fact that, in spite of several dozen phone calls and applications being turned in (near 30, by my count), no one seems willing to hire me in Columbia... Fuckers.

    Oddly enough, the first place that called offering me an interview was a job I didn't even apply to... some company in California I've never even heard of. This entirely confused me, but I was intrigued regardless.

    As it turns out, my parents turned in an application with my name on it. Normally, this sort of thing would annoy me, but seeing as we're all flat broke and I'm desperate for a job (my dog just had to get $4,000 surgery after being struck by a car, plus see: this blog), I began to sorta think, "Hell, maybe a change of scenery is just what I need."

    So, as Walter would say, "Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling." I'm taking the philosophy in stride. The span of time I'm going to stay there is... er, very broad. I could be there through the 4th, or the end of July. Hell, I dunno... maybe it's time to leave this sack of shit state behind me for good. The number of friends I have around here has progressively shrunk to 4, and it'll be down to 2 before long. There's pretty much nothing left for me here but school. I could probably finish that up somewhere in California.

    TL:DR - Going to southern California. Maybe moving. It's the first time there's potential for big change in my life. I need a job. Blah blah blah.

    These past couple of months have been bizarre for me to say the least. I'm knida drunk, so yeah, sorry if that all reads like ramblin'

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    2. 40oz


      California really is exactly as fun as it sounds if you've got money. I visited my brother for a week who lives in Simi Valley with his fiance, and we had something exciting to do for every day of it. Went to the Amoeba record store in Hollywood, went to Venice beach, Los Angeles, sequoia National park, and saw a punk show in Oxnard. It was easily the best vacation I've ever had.

    3. Snakes


      Yeah, well, it isn't exactly as "jumping into the fire" as I might've put on. My family has lived there for the past couple of years (my sister for about the past 8). I'll be staying with one of them for the time being. I've visited the state regularly for a long time, and know the LA area relatively well.

      On the flipside, I switched from "intrigued" to "suspicious" and that was a good move on my part. The company that called me was Vector Marketing. I thought I'd heard of it before, googled it, and the second option on the drop-down menu was "Vector Marketing Scam." Turns out there's been several settlements and an active class-act case against them. I'm really not that shocked by any of this, as the "too good to be true" sign started going off in my head.

      Hasn't really dissuaded me yet, though. Funny you guys mention, but the place I'm staying (for at least part of the time) is Port Heuneme, which is halfway between Oxnard and Malibu. Alternatively, I'll be in San Pedro around Long Beach. I haven't decided yet.

      Amoeba Record Store is the shit, definitely. Hopefully this all plays out well. We'll see.

    4. 40oz


      Snakes said:

      Vector Marketing.

      I made the same move. Google saved my ass. It seemed really shady anyway, since all the site was telling me was how well they were going to pay me and not tell me anything in specific about what it is I would be doing. Any legitimate place that offers employment opportunities isn't going around screaming the the starting pay before they tell you anything else.

      Snakes said:

      Amoeba Record Store is the shit, definitely.

      Got all my discharge cds from there, and my toxic holocaust shirt.

  15. Normally I don't post personal stuff here, because shit, I'm sure you all have the same day-to-day BS going on that I do. Yesterday, however, seemed to be cursed for me and anyone I've been talking to for more than a year. Here's the rundown:

    1) Woke up with a slight hangover to here the news that we apparently owe the landlord $400. Except instead of we, it turns into I owe the landlord that amount. Why? Well, that's the fun part. Apparently I was a day late on my January payment (which I was not informed of until that morning), and as such, they placed a $25 fee on our balance. Here's the kicker, though: for each day i didn't pay this fee, they charged me $3. So this fucking $25 charge ballooned into this bullshit.

    2) As a result, I'm probably going to have sell me guitar and amp. Now, I haven't played the thing in a couple of years, and am admittedly not very talented, but it's something I enjoyed and was hoping to get back to in the long run. So that sucks.

    3) My parents, who were going to send me $200 in support, realized that they didn't file the proper paperwork on time (my dad is a truckdriver, my mom rides with him), so they aren't getting any money for another week. So they're at risk of running out of money as well.

    4) Later that day, my sister fell and dislocated 2 fingers. Now, that sucks, sure, but easy fix? Nope. First there's the $100 charge that her boyfriend didn't pay for whatever fucking reason, so there goes more of my parent's money. Now, on top of that, it turns out she's going to have to get fucking surgery, adding to the obnoxious BS that's already occurred.

    5) My sister's roommate's cat died, and then at 7 o'clock, another cat was found under their house with a huge gash in its side. They take it to the vet, and it has to be put down as well.

    6) My roommate blew a tire. Then her spare also flattened while she was driving and she ran off the road. The car took a little bit of damage, but nothing serious. Of course, all of this happened the day after she decided to sell her car because she needed the money to move to Washington DC.

    7) My best friend and his girlfriend broke up. This one's a bit more comical and really predictable as they've broken up 3 or 4 times over the past 3 years. Still, I had to listen to him bitch over the phone for about an hour. That wasn't fun.

    Lastly: I received payment from work, but I was short-changed 13 hours, which is $130 that I really really really need. Apparently they split the pay period on sunday, which just makes me want to bash my head into the wall.

    tl;dr - May 27th? Yeah, fuck that day. I don't think it can get any worse than that. I just needed to vent somewhere.

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    2. 40oz


      printz said:

      So basically when I move out, I'll really have to stay with someone else?

      If you're willing to save about 85% of your paychecks to buying a house on your own you should be alright.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Depending on location and income, living on your own is an option. When I lived in a small town, I rented a 2 bedroom unit from my mother for $100 a week. It was 1500m from my work and obviously cheap as. Now I live in the city, the same sort of place is $450 a week if not more. I still could afford that, I just choose not to.

    4. Use


      Bucket said:

      I'm currently trying to eBay half of my personal belongings.

      I'll take those Genesis vinyls.