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  1. Over the past couple of months, my hours at work have been dwindling. This isn't surprising to me, as it's a parking lot job for the college and hardly anyone lives here during the summer, but it's an entirely inconvenient time for that to happen. Now there's the odd fact that, in spite of several dozen phone calls and applications being turned in (near 30, by my count), no one seems willing to hire me in Columbia... Fuckers.

    Oddly enough, the first place that called offering me an interview was a job I didn't even apply to... some company in California I've never even heard of. This entirely confused me, but I was intrigued regardless.

    As it turns out, my parents turned in an application with my name on it. Normally, this sort of thing would annoy me, but seeing as we're all flat broke and I'm desperate for a job (my dog just had to get $4,000 surgery after being struck by a car, plus see: this blog), I began to sorta think, "Hell, maybe a change of scenery is just what I need."

    So, as Walter would say, "Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling." I'm taking the philosophy in stride. The span of time I'm going to stay there is... er, very broad. I could be there through the 4th, or the end of July. Hell, I dunno... maybe it's time to leave this sack of shit state behind me for good. The number of friends I have around here has progressively shrunk to 4, and it'll be down to 2 before long. There's pretty much nothing left for me here but school. I could probably finish that up somewhere in California.

    TL:DR - Going to southern California. Maybe moving. It's the first time there's potential for big change in my life. I need a job. Blah blah blah.

    These past couple of months have been bizarre for me to say the least. I'm knida drunk, so yeah, sorry if that all reads like ramblin'

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    2. 40oz


      California really is exactly as fun as it sounds if you've got money. I visited my brother for a week who lives in Simi Valley with his fiance, and we had something exciting to do for every day of it. Went to the Amoeba record store in Hollywood, went to Venice beach, Los Angeles, sequoia National park, and saw a punk show in Oxnard. It was easily the best vacation I've ever had.

    3. Snakes


      Yeah, well, it isn't exactly as "jumping into the fire" as I might've put on. My family has lived there for the past couple of years (my sister for about the past 8). I'll be staying with one of them for the time being. I've visited the state regularly for a long time, and know the LA area relatively well.

      On the flipside, I switched from "intrigued" to "suspicious" and that was a good move on my part. The company that called me was Vector Marketing. I thought I'd heard of it before, googled it, and the second option on the drop-down menu was "Vector Marketing Scam." Turns out there's been several settlements and an active class-act case against them. I'm really not that shocked by any of this, as the "too good to be true" sign started going off in my head.

      Hasn't really dissuaded me yet, though. Funny you guys mention, but the place I'm staying (for at least part of the time) is Port Heuneme, which is halfway between Oxnard and Malibu. Alternatively, I'll be in San Pedro around Long Beach. I haven't decided yet.

      Amoeba Record Store is the shit, definitely. Hopefully this all plays out well. We'll see.

    4. 40oz


      Snakes said:

      Vector Marketing.

      I made the same move. Google saved my ass. It seemed really shady anyway, since all the site was telling me was how well they were going to pay me and not tell me anything in specific about what it is I would be doing. Any legitimate place that offers employment opportunities isn't going around screaming the the starting pay before they tell you anything else.

      Snakes said:

      Amoeba Record Store is the shit, definitely.

      Got all my discharge cds from there, and my toxic holocaust shirt.