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  1. I think I may or may not have managed to 1-up Hellbent, here. When I get drunk, I occasionally do post, but largely manage to keep them short and with as little supidity as I can. However, that particular night, I got so drunk that I apparently uploaded a wad to /idgames archive.

    I don't remember doing this, though I do remember the process of the wad's creation. My old roommate and I were joking about what a wad would be like if she built it, and I took those jokes, and turned them into actual maps... sort of. They aren't all that different from what I normally do, but uh, there's also some inside jokes thrown in there. The titlepic, map names, the fact that there are 2 separate textfiles (the one in the .zip and the one shown on the archive) and gfx replacements (such as "I can strafe now!" instead of HMP) are all such things. At the point that I started adding those, my head was spinning.

    On the positive side of things, the maps are fully functional and even kind of fun to play.

    I'll go ahead and apologize for this.

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    2. Grazza


      Funny, after following ArmouredBlood's link, I was looking for a wad called valifda.

    3. Snakes


      Heh... Thanks guys. It was really a silly whim we had that night. We had joke about an entire episode with a storyline built around rescuing hissy. Alas... That may never come to fruition. Maybe if I have a lot of freetime in the distan future.

      The /idgames comments are all very entertaining, as well. The comparisons to Ruba are pretty much what she was going for (and no, I'm not joking).

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Grazza said:

      Funny, after following ArmouredBlood's link, I was looking for a wad called valifda.

      Hahah, maybe I need to work on my naming convention for fdas.

      And snakes, you should make a map or two for the ep every so often between 'serious' maps.

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