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  1. Yes, the weather here has gotten pretty bad. University of Missouri system cancelled classes today... and already said "fuck it" for tomorrow, because if anyone tries to drive to campus, they'll probably die.

    Seriously, anyone else here getting psychotic winter weather? It's making me want to bang my head into the wall.

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    2. Hellbent


      Snakes said:

      Overnight low of -9F makes this the coldest I've ever seen it in this state. On the flipside, all of my classes this week have been officially cancelled. Broke a university record with 3 days in a row.

      And which state and university, pray tell?

    3. stewboy


      Welp, you guys got snow storms, Australia gets a category-5 cyclone.
      I hear it didn't do too much damage, luckily. Though I bet banana prices around here (NSW) will be up again, much like a few years ago.

    4. Chow Yun Thin

      Chow Yun Thin

      Weather's been a bit warmer than usual in the SF Bay Area.