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  1. Might be a question for some of the older guard - I've been trying to locate and old Doom comic. If memory serves correctly, it was kind of a Beetle Bailey-style comic with an imp and revenant going through a bootcamp with other forces of Hell. Can't remember many of the specifics, but it got a couple of good laughs out of me back when I was a college drunkard. Does anyone else remember this? You are also welcome to dismiss as the ramblings of an old man. My mind may be slipping, but I swear this was a thing...
  2. Snakes

    Looking for a Doom Comic (No, not that one)

    That's the one - thank you! I remembered Green being in the name, but was never able to piece the whole title together. Much appreciated!
  3. Snakes

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Oh my God, I'm back again! Congrats to all 2021 Cacowards winners! I will continue to open Doombuilder and cry between sessions of enjoying your magnificent work
  4. Snakes

    Top 5 Star Trek Episodes

    Five is tricky, but I'll do my best (but am counting two-parters as one): The Drumhead (TNG) Chain of Command (TNG) Tapestry (TNG) All Good Things... (TNG) In the Pale Moonlight (DS9) Wow... this is super-TNG heavy, but I like DS9 more as a whole. In the Pale Moonlight is one of my favorite episodes of TV ever, though, so there's that, I suppose. OS and VOY both had some really good episodes, but I'm not sure I'd put any of them in my top 10, let alone 5.
  5. Only one pwad is needed to no longer be considered to be a poseur, and that is end1.wad
  6. When I was in the early stages of discovering new wads, HR13's blue key trap murdered me a few dozen times for sure. That's my first memory I have of really feeling stuck
  7. Snakes

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Terribly mysterious
  8. Snakes

    Doom Streams

    Very self-indulgent (and likely short) stream for Doom's birthday as I try and put a mental hurdle to rest. Playing Unholy Realms and talking about influences, ideas, and a shitton of self-criticism: https://www.twitch.tv/snakesyafilthyanimal
  9. Snakes

    The 2020 Cacowards

    Yeah man, I tell ya what man. That dang ol' Doom, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about I-D-K-F-A. An' lotsa demons on there man. Click. Click. Click. It's real easy, man. Congrats to all and to the game of Doom for being 27 and still kickin!
  10. Snakes


    Awful news - hurts that much worse when it's someone so young. My condolences to all his loved ones.
  11. Snakes

    What are you listening to?

    Yo, why didn't anyone tell me this song is so good?!
  12. Snakes

    Possible goodbye to lootboxes?

    Read the Ars Techinca article on this and the whole thing focuses on age groups under 18, which is far from a majority of the gaming community, and quite frankly, something parents need to lock on down as opposed to the government (or they need to follow Belgium and define it as gambling). The language also feels far too broad to gain any real traction in its current state. Also describing it as "monetizing an addiction" is a ridiculous notion. I get that microtransactions and lootbox designs in general suck big floppy donkey dick, but the idea that gamers don't enable this shit by constantly buying into it is kind of laughable to me. If you don't like the practices, don't support the product. I know it's challenging because something you get excited about is suddenly saddled with bullshit, but if gamers want to see any real, significant change, maybe they should bite the bullet and pass on the latest hot-shit title instead of expressing outrage, kinda-sorta settling/caving, and then forgetting the whole ordeal when the next new hotness comes about.
  13. Snakes

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Oh yeah, like you’ve ever playtested anything good before dew
  14. Snakes

    The DWIronman League dies to: SIGIL

    This month, we're all survivors!
  15. Snakes

    WADs to 'Git Gud' with that also look good.

    Scythe isn't pretty per se, but it has a great difficulty curve with a third episode that will really test with only a pair of slaughter maps (26 and 30). Scythe 2, though you may run into a wall starting at Map23. The first 22 have a good difficulty curve that gets quite challenging before transforming into a rather brutal wad towards the end. If you play these back to back, then you'll kind of quietly grind your way up in skill without even noticing it. Plutonia 2 and Plutonia Revisted are both quite difficult while staying true to the original's style of difficulty (and both are slightly harder as well). Valiant changes/replaces a lot of the base monster behavior in the game, but it's gorgeous and only has one or two slaughter-styled maps while remaining quite the challenge.
  16. Snakes

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    Visions of Doom Not sure exactly how I came across it. I think I was trying to find a site with sad reviews to figure out what the “best” wads were and that popped up. Got me to try out Memento Mori, and the rest is history. So, y’know, thanks Andy
  17. Snakes

    New guy on the block

    Hello! You are on "Everything Else" right now. Turn back now before it's too late.
  18. Snakes

    TNT 2: Devilution (Semifinal beta released)

    Same. Especially considering Done. and WIP. are some of my favorite mappers - I look for their names on every project thread.
  19. Snakes

    Introducing my Girlfriend to Doom

    I don't know about Doom and stealthiness, but read up on and celebrate Bastille Day. Bonus points if she gets out on July 14th!
  20. Snakes

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Now you'll get Map11, but with silent teleports throughout the map that send you to a random location
  21. This is very cool stuff and has some interesting potential. Great way to simulate a conveyor belt with minimal risk to player health, which is something the classic barrel + voodoo doll technique lacked, and with a frictionless twist as well!
  22. Snakes

    The future of robotic humans is nigh

    Yeah, that sounds pretty fucking weird, dude. Wouldn't want anyone doing that to me that isn't family, an SO, or maybe a really close friend. I don't think respecting personal space is going to lead people to being human robots. Terrible topic name btw.
  23. Snakes

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Thomas van der Velden??! Holy shit, I am hype!
  24. Snakes

    Cursed Doom Images