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  1. Lainos

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    Nominating again Inquisitor 3 by Shadowman, Big Memka, Guest. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/inqstr3e
  2. Lainos


    I really enjoyed this one. Nice design, cool music and fun gameplay.
  3. Lainos

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I want to nominate The Inquisitor 3.
  4. Lainos

    Lilium [V1.3]

    WAD updated to V1.2. Changelog (in russian):
  5. Lainos

    Lilium [V1.3]

    WAD updated to V1.1. Changelog (in russian): Nope. Is absolutly stand-alone map.
  6. Lainos




    This WAD was conceived under very negative emotions and think. And it's absorbed all of that... That's why work on it was very painful. But may be it benefited for atmosphere. Anyway, I glad I finished it. Happy halloween!
  7. Lainos

    Lilium [V1.3]

    Download: http://lainos.ucoz.net/load/0-0-0-103-20 idgaems: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/lilium Maps: MAP01 Port: Limit-removing +OGG (prBoom+ is minimum) IWAD: doom2.wad Complevel: 2 No jump, no crouch *Highest fps in glBoom+ Screenshots: Happy halloween!
  8. Lainos

    THT: Threnody

    0* for title (russians will understand).
  9. Next videos will be under spoiler in this post. PLAYLIST>>> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjihmn1lMUmuNnwRbuhn1PonWHeYi1foh
  10. Good job, I really enjoyed it! (one video - one level)
  11. Lainos

    Somewhere in Time

    Pretty good, I enjoyed it.
  12. Lainos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Project "Lilium". Full resolution and more screens: http://lainos.ucoz.net/photo/