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  1. BlackJar72

    Bug report: Windows 7 crippled by blank MIDIs

    Windows 7 (ie, slightly upgraded Vista) suxs with midi in general -- a lot of professional music software won't even run Vista or Windows 7.
  2. BlackJar72

    Musical plagiarism in Freedoom

    I've have a small collection of music that I wrote for a mod I no longer intend to finish (decided it was more trouble than it was worth). They're not that great as straight listening music (I've done much better) and short since I expected them to be int the background. None of it is gear toward specific maps in FreeDoom of course (I'll let someone else decide where it should go) and the titles are lame, but I have these: (1) Ominous theme #1 -- spooky, and well, impending DOOM (2) Militaristic theme #1 -- a rock march, heroic (3) Eerie theme #1 -- soft and implies a sci-fi / suspense feel (4) Action theme #1 -- I'm less proud of this, its seems too familiar and it too simple and too like militaristic theme (5) Thrashin' theme #1 -- extremely short loop, repetitive; very fast, wild, and aggressive However, I don't have a play to upload them, so I'll have to e-mail them to Mike or someone.