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  1. MSPaintR0cks

    Need someone to test my awesome wad >:D

    Haha, totally forgot about this thread here :D Just dug up the link for the alpha version which I sent to my buddies here: http://www.mediafire.com/?uhuladyruo2bxk4 Have fun, guys :D Man, just played this early version for the first time in so long... feels like going back to the darkest stone age. :D ...back when this whole game was called Bunker Brawl 3D and you had to save your daughter instead of your girlfriend^^ (by the way, there seems to be some weirdness involving the weapon animations in newer version of Gzdoom) :/ I still have a very early alpha version of Rise Of The Wool Ball with different looking levels. Gonna look for it on my external hard drive if you want me to.
  2. So heeyy, I just released v1.2! This version should now be compatible with newest build of GzDoom... :D Fixes: fixed countless cosmetical things and rendering quirks in the maps and during cutscenes (things that looked fine in Software Mode, but were broken in OpenGL) The helicopter kitty can not be stopped by decorative objects anymore (simply adding a NOCLIP flag to his death animation did the trick!) added a credit screen in which I do nothing but toot my own horn the exit of the littler hallway in E1M2 is not reachable by jumping anymore the "Litter Disposal" sign which could be seen from inside the litter hallway is now removed Scott`s dialogue at the hamster wheel in E3M3 won`t reappear if you return to his cell after pushing the switch Added those missing spikes in E2M2 the little balcony in front of the green building southeast in E3M2 is not an inescapable place anymore removed that leftover testing area in E3M6 the secrets in E3M6 are now marked! Dying by lava won`t print "Player got spiked" anymore got rid of the restricted menu (I will save those for standalone builds) Thanks to you guys for finding these!!! :D
  3. I am so incredibly relieved when reading all your comments... Thanks so much!! :D Really glad that this game seems to be fine the way it is now. :D The problems that you guys posted here will all be fixed in v1.2... funny to see what little quirks still managed to hide in the game. :D
  4. Sooo... just released v1.1. :D Smaller changes may still come in later versions. You won`t believe how nervous I am about this release... I hope I can do these expectations justice.^^" Well, at least I hope I can sweeten your weekend a little with this. Click here! v1.1 The game runs with a standalone executable this time, for... well, technical reasons. Just launch the ROTWB.exe and you should be fine. Alsooo, on a side note... If you enjoyed my work so far and want to help a wannabe game developer (me) survive while he is working on his next projects, feel free to donate a tinyyyy amount to my PayPal. Oh that would so make my day. ^^"
  5. Aw man, I hope I can fulfill these expectations ^^" I am pretty certain that I will release version 1.1 of the game tomorrow. My testers did a great job at finding all kinds of little quirks and bugs (a few of them are not fully finished with it, but they are still doing an awesome job at finding stuff), and I feel a little more comfortable with releasing it. Monks. In tight corridors. With floor traps everywhere. Also... maps like Rocky Plataeu. :x Aside from that, Rott is one of my favorite FPS games. :3
  6. Hey there :D It`s been a while... no, not that song by Staind Shortly after I released my previous Zdoom mod Shadow Of The Wool Ball, I immediately started making plans for it`s sequel and set myself a deadline of one year. Since then, I went all OCD and made sure to make a tiny bit of progress almost every day (my social activities did suffer a little, I am not gonna lie^^"). And some day last week... BAM! I was finally finished with it. Time has passed since the events of the first game. Peace has returned to Scott and Rebecca`s home planet. Just as spring has started to bloom there, both of them awake from their hibernation slumber and start doing what they do after every winter - running happily to the nearby woods, enjoying the beautiful nature and joining some sick moshpits at their favorite metal festival after that. But this time, their routine gets interrupted by Scott... who mysteriously disappears on their way to the woods. Rebecca immediately starts looking for him, and not much later she comes across the reasons of his disappearance... and some familiar faces too. But those kind of faces she never hoped to see again. Furry, green eyed faces with stubby noses. With mouths emitting a stench of canned tuna. Eew. Their stench is not the worst thing about them, though. It`s much more their deeply sinister intentions, which are far worse than last time... 3 all new episodes with 6 levels... in REALLY REAL 3D this time!!! all kinds of cool new stuff!!! 320x200 cartoon graphics that will make your Pentium 1 melt!!! 265 colors!!! awkward english by a non-native speaker, though not as bad this time!!! a new soundtrack using the latest MIDI synthesizer, in the vein of Bobby Prince and games like Earthworm Jim and Jazz Jackrabbit!!! ...at least I tried so horrible puns, they never get old!!! v1.3 (GZDoom compatible) v1.2 (GZDoom compatible) v1.1 (Standalone build with intended Software Mode) As I said at the start of the post, this is the direct sequel to Shadow Of The Wool Ball. This time, I was going more for a Rise Of The Triad-y style, which I am a big fan of. However in the end, the gameplay kinda startet to turn into its own kind of beast. I tried to expand on everything that you guys and gals liked about the first game (thanks so much for all those comments by the way, I never felt so motivated to work on something :D), while removing things I found annoying in Rise Of The Triad. Also, I tried to stay as closely to the original engine limitations of ROTT as possible... which means staying all blocky with 90° walls, only having one general floor/ceiling height etc. I pretty much want the player to feel as if they just discovered an obscure 90s game, with every aspect (graphics, sounds, level design) of it being shaped by the limitations of its time and pop culture. McWaxMax for coming up with a few awesome design and gameplay ideas (won`t spoiler here), for doing voice acting, always being there with an inspiration for creative new stuff, writing an awesome midi for one of the levels and all around being the coolest buddy ever :D Almonds for being super motivating and an awesome person to talk with during development... and for drawing me three beautiful looking decorative sprites :D SanyaWaffles for helping me out with countless scripting issues. This game would have taken 10 years longer without your help :D Captain J for drawing these awesome explosions for SOTWB and ROTWB... I love those :D
  7. MSPaintR0cks

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Made a little ad for my new WAD :D
  8. MSPaintR0cks

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Not long and my ROTT-styled WAD will be finished :D
  9. Ooh, saw this thread a few days ago and wanted to post something, but totally forgot about it the next day :D I feel honored. :3 You can take any sprites or textures that you want for a potential secret level. Maybe I could also do one of the maps... but at the moment I am kind of busy with a newer project of mine.
  10. MSPaintR0cks

    Shadow Of The Wool Ball :3 (v1.3 released!)

    Maybe it also took 1 1/2 days, I don`t remember it that well :D But not much more. Yeah, I sometimes use my own language to find stuff easier in the code. :D
  11. MSPaintR0cks

    Shadow Of The Wool Ball :3 (v1.3 released!)

    Thanks! :D @Manuel-K Any idea what I could change about those two things you mentioned? :3 I found out that the ventilator tunnel could be a little hard to navigate trough at times for some people. @Agentbromsnor I think the intro took me something around a day, during a weekend. :D @Count561 Thx, I am working on something new now and then. Still seeing how it turns out. :3 @Justince Yeah, I posted some early screenshots of the wad sometime in 2012, before I took a really long break from it.
  12. MSPaintR0cks

    Post a picture of yourself!

    @ChekaAgent A slight case of jack nicholson going on, there? :D This dumb picture sums me up perfectly XD Taken by a friend when I was sleeping over at her house, playing Nintendo 3Ds or sumthing.
  13. MSPaintR0cks

    How far can one go before it's considered plagiarism?

    Being inspired and kind of copying other peoples stuff is pretty much part of creating something new. Just think of artists and musicans who are inspired by other artists and implement their styles in their own work, which in the end leads to something completely new, artistically. Copying stuff is not bad at all, as long as you add your own stuff. :D
  14. MSPaintR0cks

    Shadow Of The Wool Ball :3 (v1.3 released!)

    Thanks! :D v1.3 is now released, with only a few, but important changes: NEW explosion animations made by Captain J over at the ZDoom forums! :D Blood on walls is now gone without loading the cfg file! (thx to Captain J again!) Door bug in E1M2 removed... once again Captain J did a great job there, I think. :3: