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  1. ShapeShifter

    So its true ? :\

    The beta can't be more buggy then the Quake 2 when it first came out.
  2. ShapeShifter

    So its true ? :\

    quote: ________________________________________ dsm said: I don't want to get my hands around the beta/alpha because it'll spoil the fun of playing the full game for the fisrt time. _________________________________________ so would a demo/tech demo press realease.:)
  3. ShapeShifter

    So its true ? :\

    can we still talk about what's in the leaked beta? and I bet this Moderator downloaded it.
  4. ShapeShifter

    So its true ? :\

    exactly what was leaked? beta, screenshots?
  5. ShapeShifter

    Well, Is'nt this interesting......"Phobos, Hip deep in powder"

    My Mom mentioned to me once that it was either Phobos or diemos she couldn't remember. But one of them had scientists asking themselves weather the moon rock was artificial or not because one of them orbits mars in a perfect circle while every other moon orbits in on oval. She's said that she was pretty sure it was phobos. In a book about Space I have it mentions something about scintist's sending signals to phobos an their machiens got all messed up. ?????????
  6. ShapeShifter

    Scans are up

    Well they did mention him earlier in that article to say that the friendly face of Serge buts in giving you orders. On the other hand all Sargents have a petty generic looking face of a sqare chin,flat top and cigar with a slighty pissed off attitude. Soo I guess we'll have to look for matching scars and details to see if they are the same guy.
  7. ShapeShifter

    Scans are up

    Who said that doom 3's Serge is the same Serge from Q3A? maybe they are both just called Serge because that's short for Sergent. And thay are not the same character. Has anyone seen a picture of the Serge from Doom 3? I think he's the guy wearing no helmet from the first batch of screetshots.
  8. ShapeShifter

    How many Pink Demons?

    I read somewhere that there will be 2. one half robotic and the other completly organic.
  9. ShapeShifter

    Lookin for an old Wad

    Yes only the lava guy melted like the load sceens, when killed of course. but he had a human shape to him and was about the size of a former human now it was about eight years ago, and it wasn't as complex as the load screens but same idea.
  10. ShapeShifter

    Lookin for an old Wad

    A long time ago I witnessed a guy play a doom level that had a lava monster emerge from a pool of lava, when killed he melted just like the load screens, and I'm not sure becasue the player killed them pretty quickly, but I think it fired blobs of lava at you with it's hands. The level looked very hellish having no ceiling and reminding me of that Hell Mario Cart level it had lost souls. and I saw it around the time that a super mario game for the SNES featureing mario with a magic hat and magic wand came out, which was about 8 years ago So please don't tell me I saw Quake's Chathon Boss.
  11. ShapeShifter

    opinion on favorite doom enemy

    Mancubus I love that fat Fuck.
  12. ShapeShifter

    What's your favorite Episode?

    I am going to have to say episode 1:Knee Deep in the dead although I would have changed those lush beutiful mountains from China for the original rocky mountains displayed in the alpha or beta.
  13. ShapeShifter

    DooM 3 release date

    6/2/2003 don't beleave just read on gamestop.com/product.asp?cookie%5Ftest=1&product%5Fid=644930
  14. ShapeShifter

    Classic Feeling Lost

    Actually somebody reported a face being there behind the closed doors presentation.
  15. ShapeShifter

    Doom 2 secret level (How?)

    How do you get to the secret Wolfinstien level of Doom 2 (not the Supersecret level) but the fisrt Wolf level.