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  1. cardboard42

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    Huh, I have that happening in GZDoom too, in completely unrelated wads. I thought it was a smooth doom bug but it doesn't look like you're using that. It's definitely not a problem with UDTWiD though.
  2. cardboard42

    Exomoon Megawad

    Just finished playing this. I really didn't like the first boss level - the combination of how fast and deadly the boss was combined with the small area to move in was just unpleasant for someone as uselessly bad as I am. Other than that though, this was really good - the first half in particular was basically perfect fairly easy-going dooming. Some really cool architecture later on. I liked the fact that the ammo was tight enough on continuous that I actually had to use every weapon and not be wasteful but not so tight that I had to watch every bullet. Also the soundtrack was awesome, some extremely chill dooming music. The use of items as enemies so you had to pick them up instead of kill them was really clever, I don't think I've seen that before. Congrats on the runner-upitude in the cacowards.
  3. cardboard42

    Hi, I'm making a 2D, ascii art Doom game.

    Please tell me the doomguy face is animated like on the statusbar.
  4. It appears to be GCC 6.1. https://sourceforge.net/p/freedos/news/2016/05/gcc-610-current-djgpp-205/
  5. cardboard42

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jenesis

    Welp. I decided to give this a go and died in the first area of MAP01 :| I'm not even going to disgrace myself by posting a demo. I'm not usually THAT bad at this game....
  6. cardboard42

    Violence (4 map EP)

    Nice. I liked this wad a lot. Recently I was listening to the new Perturbator album and thought that I'd like to play the doom levels that used it as a soundtrack. Dan Terminus is close enough :p
  7. cardboard42

    Violence (4 map EP)

    Sorry for the bump but Map 3 can break, at least in gzdoom. It looks like the purple key shifted off center on its little pole but didn't actually teleport to the pad. Confused the hell out of me until I watched a video to see what was supposed to happen.
  8. cardboard42

    Hadron - The remake of cbspeed.wad

    Just ran into this too. Was trivial to fix myself but this should probably be updated at some point. People do play difficulties other than UV!
  9. Thanks for doing that, now I don't have to maintain my own textureless version!
  10. cardboard42

    Going Down: [bug fix update: 22/08/15]

    I'm not done playing this yet (up to 23 ATM) but the last couple levels made me feel strongly enough to write some words, so allow me to ramble at you a bit. I should note that I'm playing HMP, continuous, saves. These maps are generally quite a bit more difficult than I usually enjoy but the size and the cool/goofy/creative nature of them keeps me coming back. Every now and then I realize that I could have done a map with no saves or UV or pistol start (or all three) and then I play another and realize I am maybe still pretty bad at doom. But I keep going cause I wanna see where this goofy elevator ride is heading. I don't think I've ever played a megawad with such a coherent sense of place and progression as this one, the elevator tying things together is really great. I really love how improbable the elevator is becoming, especially how it seems like it's just been drilled straight down through whatever happened to be in the way and yet still operates (the debris around the shaft in many of the levels is what gave me this impression). I think it's this coherence that made maps 18 and 19 so interesting to me. 18 was cool on it's own, with the level flooding with lava and the weird UFO thing buried down there, but the fact that 19 was basically a weird side trip to get the red key was really neat. I don't think I've ever seen that done before either, and I doubt it would have worked without everything being tied together so well. On the subject of 19, I'm generally not a fan of gimmick maps but the profusion of invuln and cells made it easy. It worked really well as an aside though. The way the elevator splits in half at the beginning of 20 was a cool effect and I enjoyed mowing down the imps pouring out of the mouth, but after I triggered everything under the sun after shooting the eyes I decided to cut my losses and skedaddle. I don't usually do that but I like the change of pace of levels hard enough that I consider it. Thanks for the pistol, random demon! I don't care for tysony gameplay in general but I can appreciate 21 for what it was. Very impressively organic looking! Your odd style of music was particularly effective here as well. 22 was cool and the name made me laugh because I am a child. Meat-filled computers is a theme that is not explored enough I think! The view out the few windows into a huge cavern with hellish something-or-others hanging from it was a nice touch too, really ominous looking. It was nice finding Mr. Elevator again at the end. Jumping back a bit, map 15 was one that gave me trouble. I had quite some difficulty with the spider mastermind until I realized I could bolt into the caco-hole and blast them in the ass with plasma while simultaneously hiding from spidey. A good concept executed well, and possibly the finest doom toilet I've ever seen. 31 was pretty difficult, not much room to maneuver on the stairs. I laughed while assassinating the poor toilet-imp. I'll stop my rambling here. Seriously, this is something special - so many cool concepts! I can't conceive of this not getting a Cacoward.
  11. cardboard42


    HEY hey finish iiiitttt :)