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  1. Encryptic

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    "Doomguy! What is best in life?" "To immolate your enemies, see them gibbed before you, and to hear their lamentations as they die."
  2. Encryptic

    Mix Of Elements in Maps of Doom and Doom 2

    Well...the demons hired a lighting designer to consult on the best way to light their new home. Unfortunately, the designer was promptly torn to pieces and devoured after a disagreement with his new employers over the safety and energy-efficiency concerns inherent in using open flames for lighting.
  3. Encryptic

    Mix Of Elements in Maps of Doom and Doom 2

    Maybe they went shopping at the IKEA in Hell but the guys furnishing the Deimos base snapped up all the good stuff first so they had to make do with a few crappy skull candelabras they found in the return section - hence the dearth of Hell decorations throughout episode 1. ...and now I'm picturing an imp cursing in demonic argot as he tries to assemble the "impaled marine" kit he bought for his corner of the Deimos base. "Insert dowel A into slot B until you hear a squishy noise? Who wrote these instructions?!?"
  4. Encryptic

    Mix Of Elements in Maps of Doom and Doom 2

    I'd interpret it more as the demonic influence isn't nearly as strong on Phobos as of yet. This could perhaps be borne out by the fact that it didn't share the fate of the Deimos base. Not to mention, you're only fighting the rank-and-file hellspawn throughout episode 1, with the exception of the Barons, who appear to have been left behind to guard the gateway until further notice, perhaps pending the arrival of another Cyberdemon as counterpart to the one ruling Deimos.
  5. Encryptic

    Why the disemboweled baron corpses?

    Sometimes a mutilated Baron is just a mutilated Baron.
  6. Never been a big fan - it has some decent levels but I've never been able to get past the first level without dialing the difficulty down from Hurt Me Plenty to the next lowest skill level (!) - the later levels are still reasonably tough at that skill, especially E4M2 but that's pretty crap that they open it with such a difficult level. I do like the Biblical level names like "And Hell Followed", although "Unruly Evil" sounds funny taken out of context from the line it's lifted from ("But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.") un·ru·ly/ˌənˈro͞olē/ 1. Disorderly and disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control: "complaints about unruly behavior". Makes me expect a bunch of Imps drinking 40s and spray-painting pentagrams on the walls.
  7. Encryptic

    I hate Halls of the Damned

    It's short for "Dis dig" - as in: "You got any dis dig?" "Dis dig?" "He means 'this dick', motherfucker!" Ahem...anyway - I've never been fond of E2M6 myself, mostly because that large dimly-lit area creeps me out, even with the light-amp goggles helpfully placed in and near that area. It gives me flashbacks to when I was a kid. I was never afraid of the dark per se - but I was afraid of being in a light area with a dark area that I would have to walk through in order to get to another light area. I just always had the feeling of being watched by something in the dark waiting for me...something that E2M6 effectively tapped into. Damn you, id - get out of my head!
  8. Encryptic

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Looks pretty good although I might suggest that you mix up the "flesh wall" textures a bit there on the right-hand side of the first screenshot. I like the "torn wall spilling blood and guts" texture but it looks a bit weird repeated across the wall like that.
  9. Encryptic

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Gez: Thanks - that explains it a bit better.
  10. Encryptic

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Probably not the right thread for it, but I don't want to start a new one for one question - is the Revenant's heatseeker a random chance or does it have a definite probability of happening? I just experienced the phenomenon of getting a Revenant fireball to orbit me so I was curious.
  11. Encryptic

    The UAC, the military & the wardrobe

    So they're the guys that disappeared during the testing of the gateways with human volunteers? Maybe they ended up in Hell on the other side. This could sort of explain why Hell has ammo and health scattered around. It could have been dropped by guys who went through or the possessed humans could have brought it back with them since presumably they need ammunition for their weapons (although why they would need health in Hell is beyond me). I kind of played with this idea when I made my last map - I had a few player corpses scattered around with backpacks and items nearby as though they had died while exploring the level. I like to think that the Cyberdemon/Spiderdemon and the Mancubus/Revenant/Arachnotron didn't exist until Hell broke through the gateways in the original game. They could have discovered the military technology on the other side and proceeded to graft it on demons and re-animated corpses. Either that or UAC has a lot of 'splaining to do about trading with the enemy.
  12. Encryptic

    Doomguy and the United States Marine Corps

    If he was Van Damme, you'd be kicking guys to death when you got the berserk pack.
  13. Encryptic

    The UAC, the military & the wardrobe

    That's got to be one toy that provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. "Now with life-like twitching action!"
  14. Encryptic

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Could be they weren't able to get it to look right in the time they had available or the ejecting animation added too many frames for 1994-era hardware to handle smoothly. On a related note: I have to say though after so many years of playing various Doom II WADs that I've grown to like how the super shotgun's power is balanced out by the fact that the reloading animation takes a couple of seconds. It's still extremely useful against powerful enemies but it's too slow to lock them into a pain animation even at point blank range most of the time unless you get lucky.
  15. Encryptic

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    <geekmode> Blue just means a fire is very hot and is burning everything completely, as opposed to the standard yellow or red which indicates incomplete combustion. Of course, blue flames also mean that spirits are present if you're using the occult definition - very appropriate for Doom. As for green - burning copper produces a green flame. If you've ever burned a magazine or newspaper in the fireplace - you'll see a green color to some of the flames since the ink contains some copper. Although, it usually burns with more of an emerald green color as opposed to Doom's eerie pale green color. </geekmode>