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  1. I will be throwing my hat into the ring.
  2. I want to try this. So the idea is to set a goal and complete it by the end of October?
  3. Super Mighty G

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    I will be dropped out as I'm running dry on inspiration. I apologize.
  4. Super Mighty G

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    I may restart the one I was working on. Can I get some reclarification of the goal for the project? What is the theme in basic terms?
  5. I have an idea for MAP08. I may post something even if it isn't implemented.
  6. I can throw in something for e4m7 if that's all right.
  7. Super Mighty G

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    Dark Souls is nowhere near as mechanically demanding as Doom Eternal. And the Dark Souls "game is hard" meme is just that. A meme. Dark Souls is not mechanically difficult. Stupid people don't used their common sense when they play these games, get punished for it and call it hard. Any sensible Dark Souls player will tell you this.
  8. Something like that just isn't feasible these days with all the moving parts that make up a game. It's another matter when the entire engine was programmed by one guy.
  9. Who's to say modding won't become a thing down the line? The game has only been out for a year.
  10. Super Mighty G


    What's this about a Civvie mapping contest?
  11. Super Mighty G

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    Carmack called, he wants you to stop using that thing he said 25 year ago as gospel.
  12. To be technical no source port reproduces Doom's original behavior completely so using anything but the DOS executable can be considered cheating. See how silly this slippery slope is?
  13. Super Mighty G

    Is a blood floor supposed to damage the player?

    Adding too my earlier comment: do whatever you think is appropriate. But as a rule of thumb at least keep it consistent within the same map to avoid frustrating the player.
  14. Super Mighty G

    Is a blood floor supposed to damage the player?

    Entirely author dependent. But I can't think of many instances where it doesn't damage.
  15. This forum moves fast. Threads get lost under the huge amount of topics. But I feel like cutting you a break though so I recorded an FDA. Please excuse the background music cutting in and out, I'm not used to the recording software and don't record a lot. I'll say the map looks very nice. Nice clean details everywhere. Gameplay is another issue. A lot of it is monsters straight in front of you with few surprises so it becomes a leisurely shooting gallery most the time. There were very few times when I felt truly threatened. This may be a side effect of the map layout which is just a winding line which only splits once at the bridge room. Speaking of which that's a stand out section with enemies attacking you from both sides. That's more engaging. I would first focus on making gameplay more like that in the future. Keep thinking of ways to surprise the player and force them to make decisions. After that think about your layouts. Aesthetics are already good and should improve more over time. Also good job for finishing a level this size.