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  1. Super Mighty G

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Put me down for an E4 map.
  2. Super Mighty G

    Responding to GmanLives' Unity Doom video (Removed)

    I've had no time to weigh in on this and I agree. Do not be a part of cancel culture. Especially over something so insignificant.
  3. Super Mighty G

    The Unity Port Thread - PS4/Xbox One/Switch/IOS/Android

    What is the logic here? It's now the best option in terms of convenience and features for today's players. Obviously if you already have an older release you don't need it. But for those who don't there's few better options. To my knowledge the recent ports now have the Wolfenstein SS but the nazi iconography on the textures has been altered. Pills are gone but the crosses a green instead of red.
  4. If you're going to use 'nuDoom' unironically I'm probably not going to take you seriously.
  5. What a classy name you have there.
  6. Super Mighty G

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    This is most of reddit fandom in general. No joke. Look up any subreddit for something you like and you'll see similar content.
  7. Super Mighty G

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    I've always liked Civvie's take. "It's just infamous for being, at that point, one of the hardest mapsets ever created. By today's standards it's nothing. See people make wads all the time now that are unrelentingly difficult because everyone's had 25 years to get good. I tell you what though, we may never have gotten good without the Plutonia Experiment."
  8. Plutomia rips off Doom maps in general. So much so the Abandoned Mines is referenced twice.
  9. Super Mighty G

    What is the point of Doom Eternal infighting?

    You are as exhausting as ever.
  10. Super Mighty G

    What is the point of Doom Eternal infighting?

    It has nothing to do with "liking" it. The concept of infighting probably didn't mesh with the gameplay loop they were going for so they decided not to utilize it.
  11. Super Mighty G

    Can anyone explain the timeline here?

    Doom > Doom II > Doom 64 > Doom (2016) > Doom Eternal Final Doom is in there somewhere and Doom 3 is unrelated to the Doomslayer timeline. As for inconsistencies, the flow of time is convoluted in Lordran Hell.
  12. Super Mighty G

    My thoughts on beating Nightmare difficulty without any upgrades

    Have you tried pressing the refill ammo key? Plus saying a game is annoying when deliberately not using game mechanics is like is like saying swimming in a pool without water is annoying.
  13. Super Mighty G

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    So your argument is there is no evidence. That's fine, but throwing around "that's your opinion" when what you're saying is exactly that is not how you make a point. Also erroneously saying "anti-tamper" when we're talking about someone different doesn't help.
  14. Super Mighty G

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Can I get a citation on this? The game started running worse with this update, so it is reasonable to assume Denuvo is the reason. However id's statement combined with what is just an assumption does not equal empirical evidence. Unless someone did research explaining the correlation, which I am not aware of.
  15. Super Mighty G

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    A Hell Knight is just a Baron with gangrene.