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  1. I'm liking the look of this. Think I'll try to make something for it.
  2. Sounds like you just need a better graphics card. I recommend the 960-970.
  3. Okay People were saying the game would be too short. Now you're saying it's too LONG? You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all the time. And 15 hours? That's nothing. Try playing an RPG some time. THAT is long.
  4. Pretty straight forward bug.
  5. Had the game crash to desktop once. Not sure what caused it. Other than that it plays great. Edit: Btw I'm playing on GTX 960.
  6. This was discussed in another thread. I don't know anything about it really but the general gist is that you can't just switch off the disappearing corpses without impacting the game performance. Something about lingering scripting attached to now dead enemies not going away and piling up in the memory.
  7. Haw. Sounds like you never even played original games. How much skill does it take to shoot a Baron until it dies? Or an imp? Or a Demon? Speed of the originals was so fast the enemies move like slugs by comparison. Most of the time you can circle strafe them until they die or camp them until they die. Real skill amirite? Quit talking out of your ass, kid.
  8. It all makes sense. The demons are homunculi created from failed human transmutation.
  9. >implying
  10. Try the mute button.
  11. Adrian Carmack
  12. I see. You're one of those people. Just wanted to make sure.
  13. Is it just your job to complain about this game?
  14. It's hard to believe how people that played Doom in 1993 could be acting so immature.
  15. Are you going to say "That footage sure looks cool. But wait they aren't giving out review copies, it's going to suck." Stop being paranoid and use your own judgement based on what you've seen. Stop letting irrelevant details sway your opinion so drastically.