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  1. Before EDGE 1.34, edge used Lua to control the heads up display. Eduke32 was switching to lua for scripting a while ago.
  2. zZaRDoZz

    First trailer debuts for 'Alien: Covenant'

    Call me when cgi can emulate an actor in a xenomorph suit perfectly.
  3. Hacx and Bastardos both used idtech1 if I'm not mistaken. Ceejay's got a remake of Bastardos around somewhere.
  4. zZaRDoZz

    eDuke32 Mods and Games

    So I'm the only one who fell in love with WGrealms2 siege breaker? The fantasy/scifi mix is absolutely perfect in those hugely sumptuous levels. http://www.moddb.com/games/wgrealms-2
  5. Why, thank you scubasteve, I was hoping to see that very youtube. In the interest of balance, an op ed: How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb: http://youtu.be/6kOU0uusKPE
  6. Sorry if I seem just a tad melodramatic, it's just that the almost non-reaction most Americans have shown to some of the ho-hum statements from both candidates in regards to war are a little alarming to me, especially when contrasted to the near allergic responses during the build up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. EDIT An envasion isn't nearly as bad as an invasion, or so I'm told.
  7. Seeing how the election was going, I thought this might come in handy. Effects of a nuclear bomb 2013 HD: http://youtu.be/Aza-2wopCFY
  8. zZaRDoZz

    F-35 Ready for Combat!

    Sadly, the airforce will be giving the A-10 hog the 'ol "tomcat treatment" just to assure funds for this thing. https://warisboring.com/why-is-the-u-s-air-force-dismantling-some-of-its-stored-a-10s-a0accec8b7ab#.2qrkh07t5
  9. zZaRDoZz

    Military coup in Turkey?

    Time for a minor update on the situation in Turkey- Russian media continues to hint at a move away from NATO. The numbers of people caught in the anti coup round up continues to spiral upward, while Erdogan speaks of bringing back the death penalty. EDIT: fixing some touch-screenisms
  10. zZaRDoZz

    Military coup in Turkey?

    There are several reasons nukes don't make for useful terror weapons, the most damning are technical. Remember that such a bomb requires fissile material- that means unstable matter at the atomic level in an incredibly pure form. The rods used down at your friendly neighborhood nuclear power plant aren't good enough. Fissile also means our material is constantly becoming less pure as time goes on, so our bomb, once made, has a very strict shelf life, usually just a hanfull of years. Also because of that highly unstable material, there is a constant trail of atomic bread crumbs being left behind wherever our pet nuke goes. If any sort of detector comes within several miles of our terrorist science project, all kinds of alarms will go off. seeing as every country with even semi modern hospitals has to monitor and account for the movement of radioactive materials, moving our nuclear terrorist weapon around becomes extremely challenging.
  11. zZaRDoZz

    How do you treat disposable NPCs?

    For me, the best npcs can be set up like sentry guns to form crossfires or to draw enemy shots as bait whilst I get my bead on. Half life had some of the best bots in this respect, as they were poorly armed, but not useless or helpless, were easily controlled, (a single key) and definitely added to the games atmosphere. By contrast, hl2's bots were a complete disaster. They were forever getting in the way, triggering fights before I was ready, and at one point, pushing me off a second floor ledge and into a fire.
  12. -Or you can take the easy way out and just do what chu said.
  13. The sloppy, unreliable way, a.k.a. my way, is to right click/select multiple pwads, then drag them as you would a single wad up to the exe. and drop it. To avoid the ultra rare lump order loading issue, create a bat. file or use the latest zdl front loader. Using the console commands also works, assuming you're not allergic to the console as some of us are.
  14. zZaRDoZz

    2nd tier enemies wad?

    @scifista42: The only thing that gets slaughtered on slaughter maps is me. =D @Johnnythewolf: That sounds like something worth investigating.
  15. Hello Doomers! I'm looking for any wad that emphasizes 2nd tier enemies over entry level (barons over imps, shotgunners over former humans etc.). Surely there is a mod like this?