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  1. Well today I turn 22 and...I don't feel any older or younger :P

    Anyway lists of things I'm doing for my birthday:
    -Eat cheesecake!
    -Make a speedmap(which I already did yesterday and upload it to incoming just before making this blog)
    -replay through Ultimate DOOM & DOOM2 on UV
    -replay through as many favorite NES & SNES games I could play in 1 day
    -Eat MORE cheesecake!
    -Eat EVEN MORE cheesecake!
    -...FUCK I have work in 5 hours!

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    2. Philnemba


      Super Jamie said:

      What retro games are on the cards?

      Played Megaman 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Contra 3 on normal difficulty and Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. I manage to played these in about a span of 6 hours before and after work.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Oh nice! I have a mate who's a demon for Mario 3, he knows pretty much every secret and trick, watching him play is like one of those YouTube speed demos but in real life! He can finish NES Mario 3 in about 20 minutes.

      What makes you like CV2 over the others? I've always been a bigger fan of CV3 and Dracula X.

    4. Philnemba


      Super Jamie said:

      What makes you like CV2 over the others?

      Well Castlevania 2 is the first Castlevania game I've ever played and one of my favorites besides Bloodlines.